Jewels of Excellence in the Limelight!


The year 2023 will be remembered forever in the real estate industry as the year when the entire sector collectively rose like a phoenix from the ashes of devastation brought on by the global healthcare crisis and the subsequent threat of economic recession. When pushed to the wall, with a choice to either become a part of that wall or fight back, the real estate sector chose the latter. It was not like that everything was hunky-dory before the pandemic, but there was some sense of semblance which evaporated with the coming of the biggest threat to entire humankind including every industry. However, the fastest rise and swiftest flight have been taken by the construction and engineering industry.

The industry collectively looked at the wounds (read problems and issues) laid bare open and accepting that things must change, decided to transform everything they had been doing so far and every way they had been functioning till now. From now on, they will not take everything for granted and won’t say no to positive change which is the only way to cope with unprecedented times and unforeseen adversities lurking in the future land. To construct tomorrow’s skyrocketing monuments, it is imperative to reshape our present blueprints of perception, outlook, mindset, and perspectives. We must predict precisely that times are going to change no matter what, and every time we will have only two choices: to adopt the change or wither away in the winds of evolution. Natural selection will do the rest.

The architectural industry not only adapted to the change with aplomb, but they have also shown resolute strength and indomitable willpower in doing so. In this regard, the lion’s share has been contributed by ‘The Most Prestigious Companies in Real Estate.’ These firms keenly sensed the urgency of the situation and astutely grasped the altered expectations of sustainability and holistic acumen demanded by global consumers, society, communities, and nations.

Akin to their rising true to the occasion, CIOLOOK INDIA too decided to grab the nerves of this shifting scenario by bringing out this edition with apt stories of creatively ingenious architects and adding our own two pieces of wisdom-full articles, to give a bird’s eye view into this transformation. Wishing you all the joy while reading ahead, so please, dive in! It’s an astonishing read, we promise.