Realty World Kolkata: Assisting You to Find Perfect Properties

Realty World Kolkata

By providing a one-stop shop for clients and allowing them to access a variety of real estate services under one roof, Realty World Kolkata helps you meet your specific needs with tailored solutions. Founded by Late Narendra Jain in 2010, the organization began by catering to the needs of the people of Kolkata, which then expanded across India.

Today, Realty World Kolkata is a trusted consultant to cater to its clients. Its core values of integrity, quality, and honesty help it to lead from the front with finesse to provide affordable housing for the masses and classes.

The company encompasses a wide range of activities, including residential and commercial sales and leasing, property management, post-sales service, and assistance in procuring home loans. It also offers a Guide on Legal Assistance on Property Registration, Mutation, etc., to its clients.

We interviewed Sohyle Jain who shared the marvelous journey of the company; below are some excerpts:

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the industry as a real estate firm?

The inspiration was the City of Joy itself – Kolkata. A melting pot of cultures, traditions, and classes, Kolkata always has something to offer to who-so-ever knocks upon its doors.

From Rickshaw Pullers to Business Magnates, Kolkata has been home to the classes and the masses for centuries. My father, Narendra Jain was inspired to come up with this agency after a heartfelt chat with one such low-income earner whose dream was to own a one-room apartment in the city.

This, coupled with his forays into business circles where even those who no longer resided in the city were constantly striving to own a piece of property that would help them stay connected to the city or not miss out on the next best property deal, made create Realty World Kolkata – an Agency that could cater to all sections of society in providing affordable housing.

With time, our vision spread to other Indian cities while getting further emboldened by the fact that Kolkata is not only the second most affordable Indian metropolis to be in, but if anyone wants to buy residential property, it is also the city that took the slightest hit among all big cities as per a survey conducted by The Knight Frank Affordability Index in the past one year.

Tell us more about your firm’s offerings and what aspects make it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

Realty World Kolkata is an integrated Real Estate Service [Buy/Sell/Rent], Property Management Service and Property Loan Service Provider founded by Shri Narendra Jain.

We provide properties with presales and post-sales service. We don’t just cater to the needs of our customers but also preempt their demands. Being in the knowhow of deals and initiatives by the State Government and Central Government, not to mention those who wish to sell their properties at the best price, helps us come up with lucrative offers that benefit all parties. We believe knowledge is our superpower that almost always helps us tower over our competition. We help our buyers achieve their aspirations of procuring a property with ease, as per their requirements, and investors find the right place to invest in without hassles while taking the onus of being a trusted hawk-eyed consultant from start to finish. We believe a piece of property is not merely a product but an investment that can sometimes even act as a significant milestone in one’s life. We are also committed to consistency and excellence as channel partners of top developers in the country while striving to enhance our reputation developed over the years by my father.

What are the immersive benefits of the services/solutions you provide to your clients?

We offer special presales services as well as post-sales services to our clients. We have a varied range of clients, and each one of them has a specific requirement that might be different from the other. Still, it is the trust and relationship we have with our clients that helps us cater to their needs by having an inventory that comprises multiple options one can choose from.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how technology is transforming the industry and what advancements we can expect in the future.

Technology is transforming the industry at an alarming rate, and everyone should make use of Technology, not just in the Real Estate Market but in any market in the 21st Century. Previously finding a client would be much more challenging using non-technical modes of promotion. However, with social media, search engines, tools, and gadgets, clients find their way to you in just a few clicks, and these advancements are making the businesses fruitful to ones who think of it as a boon. We hope for similar scope and more competition in the upcoming years.

What would be your advice to aspirants willing to venture into the field of real estate development?

Patience, discipline, and honesty should be the foundation pillars as you venture into real estate. To be patient when things are not going your way and to be focused and consistent when things are is what makes the difference.

The Journey of Commencement

Late Narendra Jain was, above all else, a man of principles. Youngest of 9 siblings, he lost his father during his teens and was propelled into his family’s mattress manufacturing and distribution business. But with time, he was driven by his own need for quality space to create an ecosystem that could help others like him figure out the best possible way to live out their lives in their choice of affordable housing in Kolkata.

After his untimely demise on 15th August 2022, the agency is primarily being handled by his wife, Sahana Jain.. Our combined goal is to ensure we continue the legacy left behind by my father to cater to the varied needs of our current and future clients.