Mr Vishal H Vora:  Helping the Dream Home Come True

Mr Vishal H Vora | VHV Designs

Every individual has a dream to own a house for themselves. But they don’t consider interior design to be all that important. It not only stands with looks and beauty, but it also inculcates accessibility, comfort, and efficiency.

One such organization that has helped people gain this comfort is VHV Designs.

VHV designs was launched in the year 2003. Since then, it has scaled new avenues with each project endeavoring the previous one. It has catered to many luxurious residential homes, bungalows, commercial offices, apartments studios, corporate offices, retails, and hospitality services. The organization is perfectly suited for niche cliental with a specific taste.

It believes that simple and easy taste, love for nature, and a minimalist tinge of colors are what add to the glory and appeal of space.

The organization’s primary aim is to fulfil the client’s requirements and satisfy them by offering unique designs and services. The company keeps in touch with the client even after completion of the project because maintaining a special bond, understanding and a friendly relationship is a key to their work.

To be precise, interior designers are all about transforming the way people live and helping their space be better. One such person who has made people’s dream home come true is Ar. Vishal H Vora, Principal Designer and Director of VHV Designs. He is a qualified designer and possesses extraordinary skills, practices, and examinations that have helped enrich the quality and utility of the interior space.

Coherent Leadership

VHV Designs is led by Ar. Vishal Vora. He holds all the strings for perfect output, execution, and timely deliverance. He has been in this field for more than two decades with experience that speaks out in every aspect of his discussion, designs, and behavior. He was a bright student who topped all five academic years in the London Institute of Interior Designing.

He was offered his first project while he was studying, and there wasn’t looking back ever since. Being a speedy learner, Vishal grasped knowledge from a couple of architects in a few months of practice.

Vishal is a core art lover. He believed that art and music run in his blood and therefore was sure about his career in an art-related field. He always found a lack of interest, liking, and understanding towards other subjects. He gives credits to his father’s liking for arts along with the years that were spent renovating his settings.

Vishal comprehends knowledge about the work agencies by observing and sitting around the place. He was flabbergasted and excited after the final output, which made him choose designing as a career choice for his future.

Vishal has a stronghold of the design elements he implemented in the organization. He is an expert in creating spaces, improving textures, patterns, scales, and many more. He has made the company setting fully capable in the following way.

  • Clean straight-line work
  • Spacious feel and grandeur
  • On-time hard work

Apart from these, the client’s perception of Vishal is that he is a clean and transparent personality. They often adore his behavior and willingness to listen to clients’ likes and choices and convert the requirements into a fantastic space. He thus makes the dream space of clients come true.

Enabling Extraordinary Services

Whenever there is troubleshooting or help regarding material, services, or vendors, Vishal believes in quickly responding to the clients and helping them be at ease. This is a very strong attribute through which their client is pleased even after years.

This has helped the company bag back-to-back projects as an appreciation from its clients, which has further helped the firm reach the cliff. Vishal states, “Repeat work from previous client or their friends, references through our work done is the goodwill of our work.”

Incorporating Technologies for enhancing Lifestyles

Technology has helped VHV Designs to scale new perseverance in designing. With many new products introduced in a fleeting period, it has had helped the company incorporate and upgrade its designs.

This has helped the organization gain an upper hand in showcasing something new and unique. The use of wireless automation with other devices has played a significant role in changing the ways of ‘use and handle,’ ultimately enhancing the client’s lifestyle.

A Challenging Pathway

In the initial days of the company’s physical work, Vishal had faced one major challenge – Theoretical v/s Practical. Major work seemed perfect in design but lacked practical incompetency.

Another hurdle that Vishal and his team faced was negotiation with clients. Along with this, in the very beginning, due to a smaller number of projects to showcase and less experience, clients benefitted with a good reduction in its fees which is no more an issue.

With the change in time, there is a change in challenges. There is a surge in the number of corporates and unicorns in the social market. Therefore, competition has reached new heights. But for the organization, it doesn’t make a lot of difference as it caters to a niche segment. Any which way, the rate, and budget comparison stay afloat.

Note to remember

Vishal when addressing the aspirants, expressed, Do what you are passionate about – if your passion and love towards a subject are true, you can scale where you wish to eventually be accompanied by hard work and smart thinking, of course. No doubt, competition is in every field, but if an individual works the work, he or she loves, then the output surely would be better.”