Your Office Interiors: Designing An Environment Where Creativity Blossoms

Your Office Interiors
Ashish Agrawal | Your Office Interiors

Your office is your professional home. If calculated, an average nine-to-five office-going working professional spends over 1,00,000 hours or almost one-third of his lifetime in an office. Many of them start working as soon as they graduate and keep on working after their retirements in some or other private offices. Living in your home gives you the best feeling because the house is built the way you wish it to be. Or at least, you buy one according to your comfort.

However, your office space is designed and built by those who are least interested in looking after the comfort of that office space’s end-user, you, the working professional spending his entire days there. Why because, as much as the office management wishes, the interior designers and architects they hire are mostly reputed firms. Hence, they are extremely busy with their other residential, commercial, and many more commitments.

Secondly, interior designers and architects give lesser importance to office spaces as compared to the residential or high-end real estate projects concerned. They have a minimal set of designs when it comes to office ergonomics or interiors. Their imagination, willingness to consider the workforce’s comforts, and time limit set for each office-space designing project are utterly limited. Still, they keep delaying the projects and sometimes leave many spaces incomplete, inappropriate, or uncomfortable.

Is there someone who feels the way you do that office space is where you live your professional lives? That is where creativity blossoms—also, a space of relaxation. An interior designing firm where the team of architects believes that ‘Office Space Planning Is An Art, Productivity Is The Key.

Not only that, but they also promote the wishful thinking that whether it is small or huge, you must plan your office space ingeniously to make the best out of ‘Your Office Interiors’ designing potential. Yes, there is. As the company name suggests, Your Office Interiors (YOI) is in office interiors. Unlike other firms that are into retail interiors, home interiors, and office interiors, YOI is completely devoted to designing only office spaces and nothing else.

YOI was founded by Ashish Agarwal, the CEO, a seasoned professional and a successful businessman. Ashish conveys, “We create the best office interior design in Bangalore for all your office interior design needs. We Design Your Space For Creating, Relaxing, and Working.”

A Unique Route to Office Interiors

Ashish began his career in 2009 as a placement officer at a university. However, soon he realized that job was not his cup of tea. Then, he went to Hyderabad for his post-graduation. There, he started his entrepreneurship in Bangalore to expand his family business of spices in South India. But God had some different plans for him. True to that plan, Ashish launched his first venture by the name of Enzyme Tech Park, a coworking firm, which in turn gave him a hands-on experience in office Interiors.

His experience in Enzyme Tech Park has helped him to venture into office interiors. He has delivered more than a million square feet of office interiors till now. His learning for office interiors in Enzyme tech park has helped him design offices and understand the clients’ requirements.

Ashish states, “We have a dedicated team for office interiors. We provide tailor-made solutions for office interiors as per their industry, founder’s vision and culture of the company. We have designed almost a million square feet of office space till now.”

Your Office, Our USP: Your Design, Our Craft: Your Vision, Our Interiors

Talking about the USPs of YOI, Ashish expresses, “Unlike other companies which have fixed designs and templates, we are 100% tailor-made solutions. We design offices as per clients’ requirement and need. We can help clients to design their offices within time or budget constraints. For example, we delivered 30,000 sq. ft office space in a record span of 29 days.”

Further, speaking about the immersive benefits of the services/solutions that YOI provides to its clients’ Ashish says that they understand the office is not only a space to work but also a space where a person spends 40% of his time. They make an office which is ergonomically designed and usable for all employees.

Plan; Build; Nurture:

Ashish feels, “We believe in providing customers with a piece of fair and appropriate advice. We not only come up with the best office interior designs but also implements them with perfection. But we understand planting a seed is not sufficient.”

YOI provides the best aftercare for your office. It can create the best office interiors in Bangalore for all your office interior design needs.

YOIs many services include,

HVAC, Data and electrical: Not more. Not less. Just perfect conditioning for the best workforce.

Office Space Planning: Small or big, plan them perfect for maximum utilization.

Design and build solutions: Perfect solution for your design needs.

Office Furniture: Build sumptuous over ornamental. Prefer ingenious over expensive.

Office 3D Design: Create opulent more than decorative. Choose imaginative more than pricey.

Turnkey Solutions: Complete office, each uniquely designed based on your Aspirations. Flawlessly executed to completion.

Civil Work: Highly experienced civil workers for all construction needs.

Project Management: We oversee all aspects of a building project’s design and construction process.

Safety and precaution: The interior designer team check the following systems for the safety of use – cooling, ventilation, light, fire escapes etc.

Erasing Hurdles

Talking about many challenges faced then and now in this industry over the years, Ashish says that finding a professional workforce is the biggest challenge in the interior design industry. Vendors believe delaying the work for 2/3 doesn’t matter for them.

Ashish adds, “We gradually started the system of incentives for completing the work on time. Current challenges are inflation and the cost of raw materials. We are overcoming them with advanced planning and precise strategizing.”

Future Tech-Interiors

Being an experienced leader, Ashish’s opinion on technological advancements enabling reliability in interior designing is apt. He thinks that technology helps them from top to toe. “It helps the client to understand the interiors in 2D/ 3D. It makes the communication process faster. It helps in the procurement process or feedback system,” Ashish concludes.