New Feature has been Adding for Quick Replies on WhatsApp PC App, also Testing Out, Extending Time Limits for Deleting Messages over iOS Platform

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PC WhatsApp is assisting with its new feature for quick replies and testing out the increasing time limit for deleting messages on the iOS platform.

The quick reply may be one of the best features of WhatsApp that will be introduced on its interface, with more stickers. The app started the feature around the end of 2021, which made it easy for the users. With this feature, you can immediately send a reply on the spot when you receive a notification.

It has become an essential app and observed that the app is primarily used on PCs and smartphones, but quick replies can be made only on smartphones. Now, the users can also send quick responses on PCs through its latest beta, 2.2227.2.0. The beta can be accessed via the Microsoft app store and functions like the smartphone iteration features.