NHANCE NOW: Enabling Digital Business Stack in an Enhanced Way.

Ansuman Dani, CEO, NHANCE NOW

No one has not been impacted by the pandemic. It is how they have dealt with it that will define their future. While this has been a massive shakeup, it has also opened many new opportunities that can be leveraged to build sustainable business models and profitable ventures.

The pandemic has shown that companies can be run extremely frugally, people can be trusted to work from home and any geography. Rest is history (one can hire talent from any place and any culture and blend them into their existing workforce).

These fundamental shifts have enabled founders to get creative with their operational and business models. And made them bolder, by re-enforcing the belief that the whole world is out there to be captured. Working with a similar vision is NHANCE NOW.

The company is a SaaS startup building the first of its kind Digital Business Stack to empower the pandemic era B2C, D2C, and internet companies sell and provide service with minimal in-person interactions, on every digital channel. With Covid-19 demolishing all the traditional ways of doing business, digital customer engagement is more important than ever. But with so many digital customer touchpoints, technical challenges and compliance issues how does a business simplify the complexities of growing their digital business? It is frustrating and time-consuming. Nearly every business today faces this challenge.

“Based out of Bangalore (and now everywhere), we work with consumer product and services companies in e-commerce, consumer retail, financial services, hospitality, healthcare, and auto,” says the team of NHANCE NOW. Nhance helps its clientele automate their customer interactions, easily connect to messaging apps, voice assistants, social media and transform into a digital business. In other words, with team Nhance’s contributions, the company’s clients can scale to any number of touchpoints, handle thousands of interactions daily without having to hire hundreds of resources or worry about their customer ’s experience.

“Our 100+ customers are spread across the small and mid – Market segment in India, Middle East, and Africa,” further adds the team Nhance. As a global SaaS player, the company will continue its mission of empowering companies across geographies, in emerging markets, and sectors as they embed Digital First and Digital Only solutions into their growth plans.

Enhanced Offerings

NHANCE NOW’s products primarily focus on helping traditional businesses that are underperforming become digital growth machines. “All our product offerings are designed to help businesses achieve this,” informs its team. The company’s professionally trained personnel are positioned as complete Digital Business Management Services providers which brings all the assets that a business needs to get a Digital Makeover.

The company’s product suite is curated with all the essential tools that a business in the domain or function would need to offer a rich experience to its customers, succeed in the digital space, without overwhelming its users with a technology overdose. Some of the company’s unique offerings are:

  1. Personalized sector-specific conversational Bots to help companies deploy a digital workforce to augment their human workforce.
  2. Digital Experience Cards – The world’s first digital card for post-purchase customer experience.
  3. The world’s first conversational experts’ marketplace to help businesses with tactical advice as they transition their operations to the digital space.

In this cutthroat and volatile market, the way Nhance is staying relevant is through the following measures:

  1. By staying away from the crowded markets and sectors and focusing on emerging markets and sectors.
  2. By getting closer to end-users, understanding new uses. End users are dictating the digital adoption roadmap.
  3. Focus on research. Keep an eye out for new trends. Build future-ready product offerings.

Genesis of Nhance

Imagine this, it is predicted that the next wave of e-commerce is going to be built on Instagram and Short Video sharing apps with millions of ordinary humans as brand ambassadors.

One of India’s most popular daily need e-commerce companies has less than 20 customer support executives for the top 10 Indian cities. 90% of their customer queries are handled, resolved, and audited by their Customer Service Bot.

The world is taking rapid strides in adopting new technology. Some of the new technologies in AI, voice, and machine learning are enabling a generational shift in both consumer behaviors and the way business is conducted. For any business to stay relevant today, they must be aware of not only the new developments but also what is gaining traction amongst the masses. Businesses need to align all their plans around it. “We recently helped a finance company launch their Neo banking function entirely on WhatsApp,” says Ansuman Dani, the CEO of NHANCE NOW.

“We started 3 and half years back with a vision to help companies bringing messaging into their customer experience culture, as the world was undergoing a generational shift,” Ansuman adds further. People had shifted to messaging to run their personal lives and it was only a matter of time it became mainstream in business. Positioned as an aspirational product the journey encountered a huge roadblock when Covid hit in February 2020.

Like scores of startups, the company ‘pivoted and persisted’ while using its previous learning and technology stack to help with a one-stop-shop to build, manage, and transition into a digital business, with a conversational backbone. Under the NHANCE NOW Reboot program, the company is focused on helping a million SMB and Mid-Market companies transition to digital business to stay relevant in the new normal.

“With the world entering the digital age we envision creating a ‘digital-only’ customer engagement culture for business and consumer communication,” states Ansuman.

Advising budding entrepreneurs in a conclusive statement, Ansuman expresses, “Build a company, product, and sales follow-up system. Build for customers, not for investors. Be an employee first – happy, and valued employees keep customers happy while taking the company forward. Always prioritize and keep your focus on less as less gives more.”