SSB Properties: Bangalore’s Prime Real Estate Consultancy.

Vishal V Parwani, Founder, SSB Properties

The impact of technology on the real estate sector in India has been mixed, where people are getting virtual tour of the properties but have lost a personal touch there is to facilitate an experience. Although, the digital space has brought on various avenues that have made the work easier for many realtors, it has also taken away the pleasure of assisting clients individually in a tailor-made fashion. Tackling these issues and providing on-point real estate services dynamically to the clients is one company, SSB Properties.

SSB Properties is one of the prominent property dealers in Bangalore. Its team is engaged in offering a wide range of real estate services that includes purchasing, selling, renting, and leasing different kinds of properties in the city. The team consists of specialized and seasoned professionals who provide a palette of services to the clients. These services include activities like aiding in buying and selling of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential properties in Bangalore. “We are committed to render the best investment opportunity for the investors in the hightech city of Bangalore,” says the Founder of the company, Vishal V Parwani.

SSB’s team leverages different resources in order to cater to the clients needs. This team of highly experienced professionals have in-depth insights of the real estate market. These professionals are competent enough to realize the dynamic requirements of clients and strive to serve them to their best extent. “If you are looking for buying, selling, leasing, renting, and interested in a residential, commercial, or industrial property; be it for single or multiple purposes in Bangalore or nearby area, we are the perfect destination for you,” states Vishal.

Professional Realtors at Your Service

Bangalore city has the potential to become one of the go-to destination for every business group on a global level. SSB Properties has kept in mind the cross cultured immigrant population that has been coming in the city and its advantages with respect to the development prospectus. Vishal started this venture for enabling suitable spaces for use on rent. After grasping the market requirements of different segment of clients from various parts of the country and the world.

The company now offers property management services in Bangalore to meet all the needs of the clients including corporate companies that are looking for dynamic workplaces within the city. “Our services start from providing residential properties for rent to company personnel and procuring lands for further development that can be turned into IT parks all over the city,” claims Vishal. The company specializes in understanding the individual requirements and attend the client personally to cater them in a customized fashion. SSB’s team has the ability to get the best properties for its clients at the most reasonable rates. “We are engaged in all kinds of real estate activities like renting and leasing, buying and selling, along with marketing and promoting of residential, commercial, retail outlets, and industrial premises in Bangalore,” describes Vishal.

SSB Properties also facilitates trained marketing personnel for some of the prestigious builders of the city. Its team believes in transparent transactions and thereby it outsources its marketing team for various top builders in the industry on a regular basis. The company also acts as a marketing liaison between builders and real estate companies, wherein its team looks after all the promotional activities of the project on the builders’ behalf. “You can be assured best of the prices and discounts from us,” states the team of SSB Properties.

As a property management service provider, the company handles all the property of NRIs, companies, celebrities, builders, and landlords, etc. SSB’s team works as a bridge between the party and the space user where it enables properties for filling out on rent and if needed, the team even collects the rent from the beneficiary on the behalf of the owner.

Dynamics of SSB

Vishal started venturing into the real estate as a hobby, helping his friends and relatives in buying and renting properties in 2002. “Initially it was just a hobby and without any financial gain. But, later as we moved forward with the sales and renting, me and my family decided to go full time in this venture from 2007,” he adds.

He started marketing and promoting revenue sites and renting out small homes to prospective clients. Then his team (comprising of family members and close friends) started promoting and helping Category B, builders sell their apartments. “Our journey started with meager earnings of just Rs. 4000 per plot that we sold, and our first rental started with just Rs. 1200 as our fee. Started with a mobile phone, the journey is pretty great now and we have scaled up to doing business with the best Category A developers in Bangalore,” opines Vishal.

Having the opportunity to serve the best-known VIPs and celebrities, the company has observed the challenge of accommodating bachelors who move into Bangalore city for jobs. SSB has helped them in giving a home that is best suited to them and provide with a bigger home on rent if their family is grown. “For us being a part of anyone’s family journey is the most awarding moment which we cherish a lot,” describes the team of SSB Properties.

The team at SSB has assisted in establishing countless ATM spaces for banks, offices for companies, logistics spaces for a few organizations, retail spaces, residential renting, sale of projects, selling of bungalows, and now; managing properties of various clients. There are some customers who have invested in multiple properties through the guidance of SSB Properties’ team and Vishal’s directions.

Transforming Realty

SSB Properties provide tailor-made real estate solutions to the clients, right from understanding their budget and financial position to availing them suitable properties. The process includes careful selection of floor plan, assistance in negotiating, along with necessary interior upgradation advice for the property, renting out the property for investor, and getting new tenants for the clients once the tenancy is expired or terminated. “We are an integral part of our client’s real estate journey,” tells Vishal.

The company’s mission is to emerge and grow as the best reliable realtor, property dealer, property management service provider. “I have my family working along with me in my firm, my close friends, my brothers, my cousins, and now younger ones in our family are also assisting me in my work,” addresses Vishal.

Talking about the challenges, Vishal mentions about the problems that he and his team faced in the unorganized sector that SSB is currently active in. There were a lot of issues like the delays in projects by the developers and the difficult attitude of some owners and tenants as well. “Now we have become well-established to identify the clients who have the same ideology that we share,” addresses the team of SSB Properties.

The pandemic had instilled uncertainty in some clients, but now people have realized that only real estate investment seems to be safe and lucrative, and rentals from it is certain when compared with volatile job scenario, the people who were not affected in this pandemic were only landlords who had residential investment with rental returns.

The future seems to be good as the new generation will be riding the mantle which is more aggressive and is more time conscious. “With the zeal to grow, you will see people investing in real estate in young age itself and the new set of buyers also would be the career-oriented females,” concludes Vishal.