NiKi Data Recovery Services: Enhancing Business Potential Through Data Recovery

NiKi Data Recovery Services
Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services

Most organizations working in this competitive business environment function in an advanced digital ecosystem with modern software, applications, and web services. Heavy workloads across different platforms at multiple levels are subjected to unexpected disruptions due to certain uncontrolled and unforeseen circumstances.

There arises an immediate need for data recovery for the crucial data that gets trapped in the systems and pauses the process. The data recovery is required to be conducted in an organized and fastest possible to get the workflow back on track.

The organizations specializing in the exclusive process of data recovery from the affected or damaged systems through their clinical process. The role of data recovery organizations has helped numerous organizations recover precious data to save precious work information worth millions. This process of data recovery is priceless for an organization that is affected due to sudden system failure.

NiKi Data Recovery Services is a reputed organization that has created its reputation in the niche of the data recovery segment. It has been providing data recovery solutions globally to a wide variety of customers under the able leadership of Kishor Gorasia, Founder and Head of Operations, and Nitesh Goracia, Head- Finance and Channel. Its diverse customer base comprises individuals, systems resellers and service providers, IT distributors, corporates, government organizations, and its data recovery partners.

Understanding the Story

NiKi is the pioneer in data recovery services by continuously evolving new methods of retrieving data from a comprehensive list of data loss cases. It has also observed and classified data loss based on broader categories like causes, corruption, etc., and strategic categories like environmental cases, virus behaviours, statistics, patterns, etc. This helps it to analyze data recovery cases quicker and provide appropriate solutions in time. Because it understands that when data is lost, uptime matters most.

As a pioneer, the company already has tools and software functions that ensure the best results out of the recovery process. NiKi carries a wide variety of hard drive inventory that consists of all interfaces, capacities, and conditions.

NiKi has a proven record of accomplishments of providing 100% data recovery results for many companies. In addition to all this, it will be starting soon in the coming times to provide data loss prevention consultancy so as not to acquire data loss costs in the future. NiKi provides in-lab data recovery services for both software as well as hardware failures. NiKi has state-of-the-art labs and personnel having expertise in head replacements and media transplant techniques. Its lab also has a large stock of old and rare hard disks and spares. In the case of head replacement and media transplant techniques, it has well-equipped facilities to handle such cases.

The organization tries its level best to give the best possible solution for living up to customers’ expectations and standards. The company draws on a wide variety of engineers and specialists chosen to meet the specific requirements of its clients. It matches data loss problems to the right specialist, and it provides the customers with ongoing updates and access to the assigned service representative, so they always know what is going on.

Glimpses of the professional Journey

Kishor Gorasia leads the Organization’s technical team, who specializes in all aspects of data recovery. With an Engineering degree in Industrial Electronics, Kishor specialized in the field of data recovery and forensics science. He has around 15 years of rich experience, the prominent reason the company now has an endless list of successful recoveries for domestic, commercial, and government customers to its credit. Since its establishment, NiKi has been progressing under his guidance and is focused on providing its best to fill the gap in the rapidly growing data industry.

He is responsible for advancing the strategic vision of NiKi Data Recovery Services and growing the company’s business lines through continued investments in technology innovation and service enhancement. NiKi, with its efficient solution, has now become one of the leading providers of cutting-edge data solutions to a wide range of industry sectors.

The next featured person is Nitesh Gorasia, who leads the organization’s Finance and Channel departments. He is responsible for advancing the strategic vision of NiKi Data Recover Services and growing the company’s business lines through continued investments in technology innovation and service enhancement. Nitesh brings deep proficiency to NiKi data recovery service in organizational strategic planning and implementation, process improvements, accounting, auditing, and financial management, among others. Nitesh holds extensive executive experience with more than 15 years in the IT industry, leading teams across all functional disciplines.

Gamut of Services

NiKi Data Recovery Services, founded in 2000, has been providing data recovery solutions to a wide variety of consumers. The customer base consists of end users, its data recovery partners, systems resellers and service providers, distributors, schools, corporates, and all government agencies. With numerous years of experience, its team has the technical expertise needed for all storage applications, including desktops, laptops, servers, and all types of storage devices.

NiKi specializes in data recovery from IDE, SCSI, SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, and SSD hard drives, tapes, USB, digital, and other storage media. With many years of experience and countless successful recoveries for domestic, commercial, and government customers, NiKi is the trusted solution provider when a disaster strikes.

Surpassing Challenges

NiKi has been a unique company since its beginning and has filled a gap in the rapidly growing data industry. It has grown so far as a leader in providing cutting-edge data solutions to a wide range of industry sectors. It constantly strives to reach new heights in both customer service and service delivery by exceeding its customer’s expectations.

Immediately after entering the data industry some years ago, it realized that due to the huge price tags offered by other data recovery companies, data recovery solutions were not feasible for small to medium enterprises and non-commercial customers. NiKi had been, and remains to date, one of the few companies offering a no recovery-no charge policy for its data recovery work, as well as free media analysis.

Anytime enterprise users need reliable, fast, technologically advanced, yet affordable data recovery services, they have chosen NiKi repeatedly, as its services and success rate are higher. It can almost always rescue any mission-critical data from any type of failed drive when other companies have failed in the same.

The Resilient Approach

The company developed its goal to offer the fastest and the most reliable data recovery and data protection solutions to restore any data loss that has been backed up and brought in running in no time as if nothing had ever happened.

During the pandemic, the organization shifted its lab to a safe location, worked with minimal staff, and ensured their safety as top priority. It also offered an online recovery solution, which was possible only in less damaged media storage devices.

Valuable Guidance

Replying to the guidance to the young industry professionals, Kishor said, “Come out of your comfort zone, manage time, build a strong network, find a gap in the market and do what you love to do.”

Gearing For an Ambitious Vision

NiKi has embarked on a mission to exceed the expectations of each client by delivering a comprehensive set of solutions with increased flexibility, outstanding solutions, and greater value. It aims to provide specialized data management solutions to the global client base. These solutions will be delivered professionally, ethically, and safely by motivated and well-trained staff committed to excellence in quality, service, dedication, and innovation.

NiKi’s vision is to be the leading data recovery solution provider, serving the needs of computing technology worldwide.

NiKi Data Recovery Services will achieve its vision by following a set of values that is built on a solid foundation of honesty, fair business practices, and respect toward colleagues, clients, and vendors while striving for professional excellence.

With data recovery being the company’s core focus, NiKi ensures data recovery back in any complex situation. A prime focus would be to offer data loss prevention solutions to the companies and providing data quickly after any disaster without any data loss is its priority.