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Netcom System

Businesses today thrive on the human-tech integrated Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Furthermore, the robustness, planning, seamlessness, security, and continuous upgradation of their IT infrastructure are critical to their health and viability. As a result, information technology has become a high-priority issue in executive offices and corporate boardrooms, prompting top management to ensure continuous IT access, security, upkeep, compatibility, and availability. Netcom Systemsspecializing in integrated technology solutions–is a pioneer in giving IT administrations and answers for associations of various sizes–from new businesses to industry monsters.   

Based in Mumbai, India, the organization is headed by Founder, Mr Rajesh Goyal. With more than 29 years of experience in the field, Mr Goyal has led Netcom systems to its current standing in the market.

A Focused Functional Excellence

Since its inception in 1993, Netcom Systems has been focusing on providing IT services and products beneficial to clients using its team’s domain knowledge and expertise. He informs, “We pride ourselves on our operational effectiveness.” They have a specialist group with over a time of industry involvement in conveying systems and innovation-based answers for rising as a standout amongst the most focused suppliers of IT arrangements. Their most prominent quality lies in their group of employees constantly accessible for client inquiries, needs, and discussion.

The organization has been offering its expertise in the area of planning and deployment of technology-based solutions to clients within strict deadlines and has garnered a reputation as one of the top firms in this industry. “We understand that many critical business operations require timely support and solutions and we endeavor to provide this within the committed timelines,” says Mr Goyal.

Stating their vision, he says that there are a few significant reasons which will make you feel confident in them.

  • Giving the best to the clients.
  • Dealing with IT foundation.
  • A technological pioneer in the field of data innovation.

Fostering Flawless Answers

“Our administrations are gone for giving altered answers to help customers accomplish business objectives and permitting them to concentrate on center business ranges while we flawlessly satisfy their IT prerequisites in an auspicious way. To this end, we consolidate remote arrangements with on-location arrangements keeping in mind the end goal to convey the best outcomes practically and productively,” he insists.

Over the 29 years of its journey, Netcom Systems has achieved expertise in various sectors, including Marking AMC Contract, settling server issues, Overseeing client accounts, OS redesigns and fixes, Reinforcement of servers, Fault Management, Servers and Storage, Manpower, Firewalls Installation, Web Security, Email Security, Data recovery, Information conveyance, Secure remote Access, Storage and backup management, and Anti-virus management.

According to Mr Goyal, their services include,

Annual Maintenance Contracts:

Computers have turned into a basic piece of each association. It fills in as the main thrust for every security business. Along these lines, for its smooth working, appropriate nourishing and support are essential. Computer equipment’s are bound to fail at any given purpose of time, and this disappointment influences the procedure, work speed, and execution of the whole association. Since associations are relying upon innovation and IT foundation, it is imperative that the whole IT framework ought to be “up and running.” By marking an AMC contract with, the accessibility and determination time is guaranteed according to the client’s prerequisites. The administration division is accessible round-the-clock to determine any issue confronted because of the breaking down of hardware. He adds, “Our organization guarantees to give the best ACM administrations to making your framework free from any infections and bugs and to illuminate any specialized issues that emerge every once in a while.” Netcom System gives its customers the alternative of picking between Comprehensive AMC and Non-Comprehensive AMC.

Server administration: Various server administration services provided by Netcom Systems are organized server start-up and shutdown of servers Monitoring CPU use, disk space use, and so on utilizing server administration devices in inherent the server OS.

  • Settling server issues like framework ‘hang’, hard disk crash, and so forth.
  • Overseeing client accounts – making/altering/erasing clients and gatherings.
  • Establishment of OS redesigns and fixes as and when discharged by the OS/Server seller.
  • Re-introducing OS on similar servers if required.
  • Reinforcement of servers – as stipulated in the AMC.


The IT bureau of any organization is confronted with this obstacle. Dealing with the whole system of a firm can be a troublesome process. A slight mistake can prompt correspondence breakdown and will bring about the loss of a few workdays. “Shield yourself from such circumstances. Netcom Systems will help you in building up a system that is solid and with each passing day will add to your business development,” ensures Mr. Goyal.



Today IT assets have become widely distributed and less visible. Many organizations are spending a very high portion of their technology budget on ‘soft costs’ like purchasing, installing, managing, administration, troubleshooting, training, recruitment, etc., for supporting the IT Hardware and Software. So if your systems are critical to the operation of your business, downtime can have a disastrous impact on production, customer satisfaction, and revenues.

He conveys, “We are in the business of helping customers to use their equipment better. Our Facilities Management Services are a comprehensive set of services that helps customers fully utilize their IT investments by improving availability, reliability, and performance. We achieve this by offering a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and design to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, telephone support, and on-site hardware and software fixes.”

All of this helps customers in deriving maximum value from the investment in IT hardware and software.

Security services:

Securing information is more imperative than putting away them. What utilizes is an equation that is gotten to by all organizations. Mr Goyal says, “We help you secure the information utilizing the most developed and refined innovations which are utilized by not simply the Fortune 500 companies but rather all levels of business across industries. Our team of expert security specialists is always ready to help our clients efficiently manage the security risk.” These are some of the services offered in this area:

Firewalls: Protecting your data from online hackers and data thieves require strong firewalls. Their complete solution will provide you with Application Security, Virtual Private Network, Network Security, Gateway Antivirus, Bandwidth management, URL Filtering, multiple ISPs, Load Balancing, Auto failover, Monitoring, and Reporting. With such a sophisticated and hi-tech system, your business is protected and guarded from all possible threats.

Web security: Securing your business while online is important as online connectivity is a major reason for all failures be it data loss or system crash. Netcom Systems specializes in managing your web traffic by cleaning all the malware threats and even blocking URLs that may cause harm to your business. “We will even help you prevent loss of confidential data,” he ensures.  

Email Security: Secure communication is key to a successful business and with Netcom Systems, by your side, you can be 100% sure that your communication channels are secure from all spam. He says, “Our experienced professionals will help you protect information from all the inbound and outbound threats. We even filter all your communication and protect them from all types of viruses.”

Protection from Hackers: Unethical hackers are 24*7 working from different parts of the world to ruin your business. It is not just a need but a want to protect your computers from them. Netcom Systems has hundreds of hours of experience in handling projects of such nature that aim to thwart off all challenges posed by hackers to your business. “We do this by a combination of impenetrable firewall and anti-virus system,” explains Mr Goyal.

Secure remote Access: Being able to access your business from anywhere in the world gives you an unlimited advantage and this is the prime reason why companies can globalize seamlessly. He further, “We help you in setting up a system that will be useful in protecting your data while you access your data remotely.”

Data recovery:

Loss of vital information can be extremely risky for an association. In any case, the information recuperation virtual products which are conveyed by our specialists are very easy to use utilizing which the customers can undoubtedly and advantageously recover their information. Here are our information recuperation administrations:

Consultation: The information recuperation group will evaluate your information misfortune circumstance and will recommend the most financially savvy arrangement.

Analysis: “Under this progression, we use reinforcement and reestablishes innovation in which the database moves to an overhauled server, which can be utilized as a part of a specific time,” reveals Mr Goyal.

Information recovery: “Our proficient specialists will utilize most recent innovations for a wide range of information recuperation needs,” he says, adding,

Information conveyance: “Our group of specialists is unmistakably equipped for recouping information from servers, hard plates, tablets, messages, and so on.”

Storage and backup management:

Envision that all your imperative documents are put away in one single hard disk and on one grievous day the framework crashes and harms your hard circle extremely. What will you do? Odds are high that you will go for information recovery. It is a choice yet you won’t have the capacity to recover every of information and in the end, it will prompt business misfortunes.

Netcom Systems has successfully helped organizations setup a safe and dependable reinforcement framework. Every one of the information is refreshed routinely and scrambled utilizing the largest amount of security. “With the Backup Management framework given by us you can make sure of tremendously required true serenity,” adds Mr Goyal.

Anti-virus management:

Updating the anti-virus tool on all PCs/Laptops once in seven days or more frequently in case of a specific threat, in conformity with the client organization’s contract with the anti-virus tool vendor. Netcom Systems provides at sites with on-call support. “We shall monitor the working of the tool periodically. Diagnosing and rectifying any virus problems that can be fixed by the anti-virus tool supplied by the client organization,” says Mr Goyal.

Netcom Systems partners with leading vendors in technology like Google, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Linux, SAP, etc., combining their investment in forward-thinking ideas, “With our talent for delivering advanced solutions and commitment to provide flexible, accessible support services,” he adds.

Some of Netcom Systems’ clients include,

  • CWE (Army), Chief Engineer (Navy)
  • Gardler Manufacturing & Tech Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Balmer Lawrie Van Leer Ltd
  • Drums Food International
  • Torrent Power,

and many more like…    

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