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Nirnay Consulting Services
Nirnay Consulting Services

Science says everything can be explained by logic, including our own mind or psyche, calling it psychology–a study of the mind’s logic and finding solutions to the multifarious issues faced by the modern human psyche which differs during the differential ages through the lifetime.

Those who study psychology–the psychologists–the experts who help people by checking their mental health and guiding them to decide on their future course of action, are the truest mind reformers doing a noble cause. The way through Nirnay Consulting Services, its Director, Dr Hemapriya Jayapal (Alias) Dr Hema KarthikMBA (HR), MCA, LLB, MA(Psy), CQM(SixSigma), MDAIT, Ph.D.–is doing for the last twenty three years. Nirnay Consulting Services gives end-to-end multispecialty consultation through benchmark procedures and frameworks for better quality and lessened cost.

Along with being a Senior Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Advocate, National Legal Advisor, and State Principal Secretary Of the India Press Media Association, International People Watch Association, Peoplewatch Human Right Council, Legal Advisor of Tamilnadu Union of Journalist and Public Vigilance Council. Dr.HemaKarthik is currently an Additional Director General of National Crime Investigation Bureau. She has also been posted as Director of Women and Child Protection Department of the International Law Foundation.

Besides being a Senior Investigation Specialist, Presently, Dr. Hema is closely working with Chief Minister Special Cell, Secretariat in Women and Child Protection, Auditing, Investigations, Rescuing and Conducting Awareness Workshops.

Further being a Trainer at Food Corporation of India, she is also a Panel Ground Trainer for UPSC, TNPSC and had conducted lots of mock sessions for various IAS Academies.

An epitome of extraordinary achievements, Dr Hema received many prestigious awards including,

  • Best Leadership Award by National Crime Investigation Bureau (NCIB) in 2022 presented on 11th Foundational Day Seminar
  • The Guidance Council Award on International Women’s Day, 2022
  • Shero Awards 2022 by Jananaayakan Foundation
  • The Real Super Woman Award 2022 by Forever Star India
  • Best Social Service Award for her Service during the Pandemic Period on 15/08/2021
  • Women Empowerment Ambassador Award 2021 by Lakhsyam Educare & Events
  • Women Empowerment Ambassador Award 2021 by The American University
  • COVID-19 Warriors Award from All Media Members Association and Naduvankural Trust.
  • Best Officer Award for 2020 from National Crime Investigation Bureau at Noida on 24, January 2021.
  • Humanitarian Award from Anbin Aram Foundation and from Mr. Jeevarathinam IAS on 30, January 2021.
  • Awarded Lifetime Achievement from SPT International Peace Awards 2020 on World Human Rights Day (12/12/2020) on the occasion of the SPT International Conference.
  • India 100 Women Icon Award by FoxClues in 2021
  • International Peace Award 2020 for her excellent contribution to the Peace of International from Peace of India and World Connect Development Foundation.
  • Thanga Magal Award – 2020 for Social Protection (Human Rights, Legal Aid & Humanity)
  • Iconic Personality of India 2019 Indraprastha Educational Research & Charitable Trust
  • Best Achiever’s Award from Social Protection Legal Aid and Humanity Organization held in New Delhi in 2017 for reuniting divorced couples.
  • Awarded by Lion’s Club for presenting more awareness programs and workshops for downtrodden people.
  • Bravery Angel Award in 2017 by Vertobay Publications Ltd for its active work during the flood and Vardha Storm.
  • Psychological Literacy Award from Governor His Excellency Dr. K. Rosaiah in 2016 for her excellent service in Counseling and conducting over 800 workshops and Awareness Programs.
  • APJ Best Seva Rathna Award from Honourable Judge Mr. Vallinayagam (Lok Adalat)
  • International Woman’s Icon Award from Mastermind Foundation
  • Radhakrishnan Memorial Award for the best teaching service from the International Human Rights Council held at Navi Mumbai
  • Best Seva Thilagam Award from Ex. Health Minister Dr. H.V.Hande.
  • Best Entrepreneur Award from the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA in Tamilnadu Achievers Conference.

While her many certifications include,

  • Certificate of Appreciation ‘GoodMD’ by Lybrate in 2022
  • Mendeley Training Certificate of Achievement by Elsevier in 2022
  • Certificate of Best Leadership Award by NCIB in 2022
  • Certificate of Appreciation ‘Corona Warriors’ presented by Peace of India
  • Certificate of Achievement in the IFS Forensic Science Quiz and, a pledge to adopt best practices for the prevention of Cornorna virus Disease as specified by the Word Health Organization (WHO)
  • Certificate of Commitment for demonstrating her commitment to promote safety against COVID-19
  • Certificate of Training on Medico-Legal Aspects of Forensic Science
  • National Investigation Specialist certificate by Mind Next Organization
  • Life Time Achiever Certificate of Excellence in 2018 by Social Protection Organization

Further, Dr HemaKarthik has chaired International Anti Corruption and Human Rights Council’s Graduation Ceremony as an Honorable Chief Guest.

Further she has re-united 32 divorced couples and ensured that their child get back their parents through Family Counseling which had set a great milestone in her carrier.

Besides she had rescued many children from Sexual Harassment and counselled them to lead a happier Life.

Dr.HemaKarthik has also rescued children from kidnapping. She has also conducted enormous workshops for handling adolescence to children and their parents. She has also rescued Senior Citizens and placed them at their safer zones.

In an interview with CIOLook India, Dr HemaKarthik spoke about Nirnay Consulting Services in detail. Given ahead are the highlights of the exclusive discussion.

Ma’am, please tell us about Nirnay Consulting Services from the beginning.

When I established Nirnay Consulting Services the aim had always been to give end-to-end multispecialty consultation through a group of experts specialized in several fields. We have very examined and benchmarked procedures and frameworks for better quality, enhanced speed, and affordable services. Further, we have over 23 years of experience in various fields.

Nirnay give cordial and expert treatment and evaluations in fields as varied as Audit Strategy Implementation, ISMS IT Implementation, Educational, and Career Consultation, Supply Chain Management- Healthcare, and Psychology–our main area of expertise.

Today the full range of our services includes Supply Chain Management – Healthcare, Healthcare RCM Training, Career Advisory, Development and Marketing Services, Facilitating Workshops, Research Analysis, Solutions and Presentation, Educational Consultation, Quality Implementation and Maintenance, Audit Strategy Implementation, ISMS IT Implementation, Regression Analysis, and Survey Tracking.

Our expert and qualified analysts can help you with treatment when you are confronting troublesome life circumstances. We take pride in your prosperity and can help you with a scope of mental administration.

Since its commencement, the vision of the Nirnay has been to be an organization of brilliance in advanced psychology that persistently reacts to changing social substances through the improvement and use of information, toward making a people-focused, biologically supportable, and just society that advances and secures nobility, fairness, social equity, and human rights for all.

The point of Nirnay is to give quality remedial administrations to people, couples, and families, by helping them assemble more assets inside themselves and their condition. Our aphorism is to spread mindfulness and to be accessible to the general population in require. We are here to tune in to your untold torment. We trust that ‘There is no health without mental health.’

What are the kind of challenges that solve in the field of mental health?

Clinical Psychology– Some of the more common disorders that might be treated include learning disabilities, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. We undertake Clinical psychology that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders.

Occupational Psychology– Industrial and organizational psychology (also known as I–O psychology, occupational psychology, work psychology, WO psychology, IWO psychology, and business psychology) is the scientific study of human behavior in the workplace and applies psychological theories and principles to organizations.

An I–O psychologist researches employee behaviors and attitudes, and how these can be improved through hiring practices, training programs, feedback, and management systems. I–O psychologists also help organizations and their employees transition among periods of change and organizational development.

Child Psychology– Also, as your child grows, their unique personality will develop! Understanding child psychology will help you build stronger bonds and know them better.

Neuro Psychology– Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology and neurology that aims to understand how the structure and function of the brain relate to specific psychological processes. It is scientific in its approach and shares an information processing view of the mind with cognitive psychology and cognitive science.

Educational Psychology– The field of educational psychology incorporates several other disciplines, including developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, and cognitive.

Social Psychology– Social psychology is the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others.

School Psychology– School psychology is a branch of psychology that concentrates on students and how to help them make the best of their education.

Cognitive Psychology– Study of mental processes such as “attention, language use, memory, perception, problem-solving, creativity, and thinking.

Family and Marriage Counselling– Marriage and family therapists help individuals, couples, and families with a special focus on how family dynamics influence mental health. Concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).

What are the immersive benefits of services and solutions that you provide to your clients?

The leadership team of Nirnay Consulting Services has a rich experience of about 15 years in ITES Training and Development. We can cater to intensive and advanced training programs on U.S. Healthcare verticals like Medical Billing, TPA Claims adjudication, Medical Coding, and Credentialing. We also have staff equipped with a high level of skill set to train people on the U.S. Accent Neutralization and other behavioural training areas.

Further, our Career Development program offers a wide array of services to individuals who are coping with change, facing layoffs, or just wanting to explore and consider new options.

We have expanded our program over time to meet and serve the needs of the individual candidates who are confused and discouraged by the ever-changing employment needs of today’s marketplace.

We give guided private assistance in education and career planning, coping with life/work transitions, including career advancement, skill development, starting businesses, self-employment, entrepreneurial ventures, research, and job search strategy. We Help Generate Career Options! Through productive assessments, we help you identify and consider new career options.

Also, our Quality Implementation and Maintenance manual contain guidance for highway agencies in the development and application of a maintenance quality assurance program and implementation of QMS.

What are the USPs that highlight Nirnay Consulting Services?

We are straightforward and moral in all our relationships and have solid good standards. We grasp every individual’s special abilities and respect different life and work styles. We keep ourselves side by side with the most recent information refreshes and create inventive arrangements.

We bring a positive required change, and we work with eagerness and astuteness. We exist as a result of our clients, and we comprehend our client’s desires. The honors and acknowledgment we got mirror our dedication to our customers, our kin, and society.

In our ISMS IT implementation we provide services like Implementation of Information Security Management System, Security Policy, Plan for Risk Management, Establish Security Organization Structure, Implement Risk Mitigation Strategy, Train the Staff and create Security Awareness, Monitor and Review the ISMS Performance and ISMS Documentation.

We further provide Regression Analysis and Survey Tracking–a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables. Tracking surveys allow you to run the same survey at set time intervals. We currently offer biweekly, monthly, and quarterly scheduling for tracking surveys. Our goal is to deliver the details to review the state-of-the-art tracking methods, classify them into different categories, and identify new trends.

No one else offers such a wide array of management consulting services as we do. These are our USPs.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the consultancy niche?

The field of educational consulting has grown considerably in the past decade. Those considering launching an educational consulting practice should begin by assessing their personal qualifications and experiences. Most successful consultants enjoy working with young people and their parents and get satisfaction from helping students reach their goals.

Also, research, data collection, and analysis are critical to effective advocacy efforts and resource mobilization, programme development, policy implementation, and monitoring of interventions.

Analytical results underscore the usefulness of data sources by shedding light on relevant issues. The analysis is the principal tool for obtaining information from the data.

Running a workshop is a great way to share your skills or to help people learn from each other. Doing this means that no one has to reinvent the wheel and it empowers people to do things they want to do.

What are your future areas of focus?

Our main future area of focus is going to be Child psychology which helps in understanding your child’s innate characteristics. Parents often misunderstood their children simply because they do not know their inborn characteristics (curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent, etc.)

Understanding and developing an effective way to interact with your child based on their inborn communication style. To understand and develop an effective interaction method with your child. For adults, this test can be used for self-evaluation and compatibility with your spouse or business partner.

To recommend parents to place their child in courses or pre-school where its curriculum suits the child’s inborn learning style (i.e. kinesthetic learner learns best at Montessori due to its activity-based method). To eliminate the ‘trial and error’ situation when parents send their child to a certain class (i.e. art class or music class) without knowing if the child is capable to comprehend. As for adults, this test will reveal to them the strength they possess and guide them to perform better at work.

Apart from it, the next area is going to be event management.

Corporate and General Events– Event planning including budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, and emergency plans.

Awareness Documentary– We also do Awareness Documentary films for Social Welfare Organizations, education systems, Hospitals, and for Corporate Companies.