Niyesh Sanghi: Enriching Businesses with Modern Capital Management

Wealth Munshi

For quickly growing businesses, their leaders find it challenging to manage their finances, investments, savings, and wealth. Timely actions pertaining to specific assets, monitoring the market scenario, planning short-term and long-term goals, and similar things need a lot of research, time, skills, calculations, analysis, and practice. Hiring professional wealth managers and financial planners to manage the financial portfolio and support growing wealth through smart and logical financial planning becomes imperative.

Understanding the concerns and requirements of business leaders, Wealth Munshi has emerged as one of the most reliable and effective wealth management consulting companies. Offering the best financial services under the leadership of its eminent FounderNiyesh Sanghi, Wealth Munshi is the professional catalyst. It has enriched thousands of businesspeople, individuals, and professionals in achieving wealth management goals.

In an engaging interview with the CIOLOOK India team, Niyesh elaborated on his professional journey, early inspirations, benefits offered, challenges countered, and vision for the future.

Sir, please describe your Firm in detail. 

Wealth Munshi, a Hyderabad-based Fintech Firm, has been built on the strong foundation of “Service”. At Wealth Munshi, we believe in the future of digital wealth advisory and strive to deliver financial services that empower individuals to reach their financial goals.

I founded Wealth Munshi in 2017. We approach every client with a ‘win-win’ mindset and the trust that their money is safe in our hands. With our commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction, we aim to help them secure their financial future and reach new heights,

Brief us about yourself and shed some light on your professional tenure.

I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University and a post-graduate diploma from NIFT, New Delhi. With performance as my passion, I have been privileged to have joined the Million Dollar club each year. I observed the finance industry closely. It included the sectors of Banking, Insurance, stock trading, commodities, and real estate.

I have trained many advisors who made a beeline to learn from a high-profile performer. All trainees wanted to take lessons from the horse’s mouth rather than get trained under a theoretician. I nurtured the practical approach of looking at business finance and offered solutions that helped the clients check the unnecessary stagnation of funds. Developing a reputation in the insurance field of Hyderabad. I slowly expanded my services to incorporate a complete gamut of wealth and finance management.

What USPs make you stand out as a leading Financial Advisory Firm?

During my initial days, I focused on each customer and worked with dedication and care, giving them good returns. Slowly with my success in offering visible returns through safe planning, I could garner trust steadily. Trust, since then, has become the watchword of Wealth Munshi.

Trust in giving the right advice to the customer. Trust in projecting the precise financial growth based on economic forecast, correcting and redesigning the portfolio, and continuously monitoring the portfolio. Our scientific approach to the client’s requirements and detailed discussion in understanding their risk appetite has made us customize financial solutions for our customers.

What are the immersive benefits of your services to your clients?

Wealth Munshi’s multidimensional services include preparing the financial portfolio and analyzing income, savings, and present plans. We identify their financial goals and create saving and investment solutions. We help them reach their objectives.

Moreover, our scientific method scrutinizes their expenses. We help them identify the unnecessary leakages happening unknowingly due to a lack of knowledge or not taking timely actions. We have offered safe and rewarding solutions. We delivered to our clients the most required peace of mind and the satisfaction of growing their wealth steadily.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the Financial Advisory field, and what are the challenges now?

There were several challenges in my journey. The competition was very stiff. For a single individual with limited financial resources was set to compete with a Goliath of Banks and large institutions. The credibility of a new businessman was extremely low. The general belief was that the larger the institution, the better the service.

It was difficult to convince the first customer that I would put my heart and soul into their service. It was a matter of survival for me. My future largely depended on how well I will make the wealth growth of the first customer. The first few customers accepted the challenge. They gave me the opportunity. And I had taken the challenge and gave them rich rewards.

There was a time when all investments, whether in Insurance, Mutual funds, FDs, or succession planning, had to be done manually. It involved long hours of work. Several customers had to be serviced at one time. The team of Sanghi Consultancy had a tough job at hand. All customer orders had to be completed on priority. No customer likes to hear that his order has been delayed. We made every customer believe they were the only client Sanghi Consultancy was working for. This feeling of priority did create lasting bonds with the customers.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how technology is transforming the Financial Advisory sector and what advancements we can expect in the future.

With more than 2000 customers in different categories, it wasn’t easy to manage all the requirements. I undertook the herculean task of developing independent software, which today stands out as superlative customer service. Any specialized software takes much effort with very stiff challenges of time and cost. There was a clarity that growth would come only from service. Service comes only with software technology.

An annual report is given to each client on the performance and growth of their investments. Wealth Munshi also gives them a projection of the financial Status in the next 20-30 years. And advice on where they have to tighten their belts for a smooth flow of fund requirements in future.

Today, Wealth Munshi has further advanced into Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, which they hope will give the customers a new Portfolio management experience.

For speed of communication with all clients of Wealth Munshi is managed by ZOHO. All replies to customer queries are made at breakneck speed. It is an incredible experience for every customer. Wealth Munshi has already commenced Cloud computing backed with blockchain partner experience, where all the client documents are secured, stored on the cloud, and can be retrieved at any time.

Now Wealth Munshi boasts of speed, accuracy, and trust. Today there is paperless working. Every investor, however big or small, is given the same priority and dedicated service. Every investor is a lifetime friend. The members are a part of the large and growing family of Wealth Munshi.

Wealth Munshi is continuously scouting for new technological developments. There is a desire to lead the Fintech tech race in this financial sector advisory services.

What would be your advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of Financial Advisory niche?

I advise all young professionals to learn about all the financial instruments and avenues in the market. Understand the benefits and limitations of each thoroughly.

While dealing with any customer, first listen to what they have to say and their financial goals. Please get to know more about their current provisions. Then customize your solutions in such a way that will help them reap decent returns on their investments. Update and inform the clients regularly on the developments happening in their portfolios.

How do you envision scaling the Firm’s scope and offerings in future?

The mission was clear, bringing technology to the doorstep of every customer. Give him the luxury to review his portfolio regularly and deliberate with Wealth Munshi on how they can improve.

Today. Wealth Munshi is servicing more than 3500 clients for all their investments in Alternate Investment Funds, Focusing on Fintech, Equity Investing Via Artificial Intelligence, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Purchase and sale of Real Estate assets and succession planning.