Raisal U: Empowering Businesses with Perfectly Digital Pixbit Solutions

Pixbit Solutions Pvt Ltd

Businesses in a variety of industries have embraced digital transformation modernization. Digitalization has increased business potential by raising quality standards, reducing errors, developing excellent control, and accelerating growth.

Software development professionals have played an important role in assisting global corporations in their digital transformation process by providing software solutions, web applications, mobile applications, digital marketing, e-commerce solutions, and other services. Raisal U, the CEO and Co-founder of Pixbit Solutions Pvt Ltd in Kozhikode, Kerala, has been the key differentiator in enabling several companies in customized software solutions.

Raisul shared his professional journey of taking Pixbit Solutions to new heights, its services, and its USPs with the CioLook India team.

Please brief us about Pixbit Solutions, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of Kerala’s most prominent business leaders.

Pixbit is a leading software development company based out of Kerala, with its main development centre at Gov. Cyber Park, Kozhikode. We are mainly into custom software development services like Mobile Application development, Web Application Development, E-commerce development, etc.

We have extensive experience of more than eight years in building custom software solutions for our partners across the globe. Over the past years, we have served over 100 clients across 15 countries by delivering them top-notch customized software solutions.

We are currently one of the fast-growing software development companies in Kerala. Beginning with just three members, we have grown to 30 plus dedicated member team. We are also diversifying our offerings to the latest technologies like AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain.

Our constant vision and adaptability to change have led us here. We had only one motto: we would provide high-quality solutions to our clients with no room for complaint. It is this quality of ours that drew clients to us. We were always looking for changes in the real world because we don’t believe in beating around the bush. Because the information technology sector is always prone to changes and new advancements, we are growing alongside it as the quality of our work should be at the highest level.

Even though it was a significant challenge for us to achieve this level of perfection, it was our vision to be one of the world’s leading software solution providers. We have clients from all over the world, including the Middle East, the United States, and others. Our current working space is entirely in Kerala, but in a few months, we will open a new office in Dubai to expand our services to more countries.

Tell us more about your organization’s offering and what aspects make it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

We offer all types of custom software solutions like:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web application development
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Business intelligence software solutions
  • ERP/CRM Solutions

We focus on providing high-quality solutions and have always met or exceeded our clients’ expectations. Several players appear in the IT industry and end up closing their companies within one or two years because they fail to fulfill the promises made to their clients. With over eight years of experience, we have worked with a wide range of clients worldwide, successfully delivering products that exceeded their expectations. As I previously stated, you can start a business and run it for one or two years, but to stay in the industry for more than eight years, you must add value to your customers.

We’re also working hard to make our team more productive and skilled. For that, we hire people with the necessary skills and knowledge and provide them with intensive training although they are qualified. With this, we have established a solid foundation upon which all other factors can be built. We have grown as a well-known software solutions provider solely due to our strong determination, focused vision, and desire to dare and achieve.

Our ready-to-go approach, expertise, and high-quality work enabled us to collaborate with world-class organizations such as “MediaLink,” a leading US-based strategic marketing solution company, “PayTabs,” a leading payment gateway provider in the Middle East, and others.

Tell us about Pixbit services’ immersive benefits offered to its clients.

One of the most difficult challenges in this industry is training resources and providing clients with high-quality solutions. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing our global partners with high-quality professional solutions within their budgets. To accomplish this, we hire highly skilled resources and train them to bring them up to our high-quality software development standards, even if they have prior experience in their respective fields.

Aside from making our clients happy and satisfied, we guarantee them high-quality, goal-oriented work. One of the clients’ main concerns would be their timeline. We value our clients’ time and concerns above all else. We consistently work on projects with no excuses and deliver them on time with their requirements. Making our team efficient at the highest professional standards, we never fail to deliver things on time.

Being only focused on work and professional standards, our clients won’t have to fear about their budget. Apart from that, we assure them of the top-notch quality of our products so that they do not have to worry about it too.

As we are always adaptable to new changes, our clients won’t have to be concerned about the adaptabilities to the changes too. We are constantly working on getting adapted to the latest changes and advancements so that we can ensure our clients fulfill their all-time requirements.

Please brief us about your journey and contribution to ensuring Pixbit IT Solutions excels in its niche.

I began my career as a software developer after receiving my BTech from Calicut University in 2012. I started developing web applications and later expanded my knowledge to include mobile application development.

During this time, I had the opportunity to manage projects and communicate with clients to collect project requirements and provide proper updates at each stage of development. Business leaders, I met and worked with frequently complimented me on my communication and entrepreneurial abilities. It was then that I began considering myself a businessman. I always had a bigger picture in mind and was willing to go to any length to achieve it.

In 2014, I co-founded Pixbit Solutions with Mr Shafi (CTO, Pixbit solutions) and Mr Nidhin (COO, Pixbit solutions). As CEO, I oversaw forecasting and executing the business. I utilized my business skills to help the company to bring in high-potential clients and attract steady growth over the years. My software development background helped me communicate and understand client requirements and suggest best-in-class technology solutions to clients, which allowed the company works with innovative clients like ‘PayTabs,’ a leading payment gateway provider in the Middle East.

Molding the team at the right level and managing them with the other co-founders, I was building the best quality software solution provider company of my dreams. My skills in dealing with clients have attracted the organization to the company and its services.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the business sector and how Pixbit adapts to the change.

Large corporations invest heavily in research, particularly in modern technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning (ML). Open AI, a leading AI company, recently launched a solution called ChatGPT, and everyone is talking about it and looking for new opportunities by utilizing this new technology. We are also broadening our solutions to these modern technologies and investigating opportunities to assist business owners in improving their businesses and offerings. We are currently working with a leading Middle Eastern company on a Real Estate project that will use AI to provide advanced data-driven solutions to their clients.

As I previously stated, one of our visions was to be adaptable to changes and advancements. By this, we assure our clients get the most advanced version of products. As modern technologies like AI and ML are in their initial stages, we are in constant research of how we could implement this to our level of work. Planning strategies and research on how to implement them technically are going on. As advancements like AI has taken over many sectors, we are researching utilizing its capabilities like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, etc., and we believe that advancements like AI and ML will play a crucial part in everyone’s life in the coming years.

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive Pixbit to overcome them?

Hiring skilled resources was the main challenge that every technology company faced in the last one or two years, and COVID played an important role in this. We overcame this by onboarding good resources and providing highly curated training, which played a significant role in our company’s growth over the years. Our welcoming work environment attracts highly skilled candidates, and we hire high-potential candidates and train them to ensure that we do not face a skilled resource shortage. We provide high-quality training and resources to those seeking personal growth. A field like IT requires people like these.

Another issue is the unexpected increase in IT spending. We needed to cut costs and expenses while maintaining productivity and effectiveness.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Kerala business skyline?

To excel in business, you must be eager to learn about the latest market trends and be enthusiastic about what you do. Without passion, it is impossible to be fully committed and achieve high-end goals. So work with love so that your heart is present in everything you do.

Lack of focus is why many entrepreneurs fail on their journey. When you look at all successful entrepreneurs, you will notice that they are very focused on what they do and constantly learning about current market trends. If you stay focused, set attainable goals, and work toward them, you will succeed in your journey.

Another thing to remember is always take calculated risks and have a backup plan for every new step. Everything will not go as planned, and it may fail. Always look for alternatives. Learn from failures, correct your mistakes the next time, and get back on your feet.

Kerala is an excellent place to launch your business. Many startups have begun their journey in Kerala. The Kerala startup ecosystem, promoted by the Kerala government, gave birth to Open Financial Technologies, a Unicorn and Asia’s first neobank. Startup ecosystems, such as Kerala Startup Mission, promote startups and provide funds for implementing innovative ideas, as well as mentoring young entrepreneurs to start and run their businesses.

How do you envision scaling Pixbit’s operations and offerings in the future?

We recently opened a larger development center in Gov. Cyberpark, Kozhikode, with a capacity of 60+ members. We also exhibited at GITEX Global this year and had a booth there.

By attending GITEX, we made many contacts from the Middle East and Africa region. We are opening a new office in Dubai to expand our services and offerings to our partners in the Middle East and Africa, onboarding new clients to our portfolio.

In addition, we have received interest from leading investors in Kerala and the Middle East in investing in our company and promoting our offerings and services to additional markets such as Europe and Africa. We are close to closing these deals, which we hope to do this fiscal year.