OutworX: Enhancing Technology Capabilities of Business.

Rohit Ranjan | Vice President - Customer Success | Outworks Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Solutions that make a difference…

Technology has emerged as one of the foremost drivers of resources in any industry. It drives multiple resources that a business needs to successfully function and operate right from the raw materials to qualified personnel and modern equipment. Everything runs on or with technology. It has integrated in our lives so deeply that without it, we can hardly imagine our present let alone our future. Technology in business is not the new guy in town, but surely it has a new purpose today. That purpose is to take the way we do business in the current times to the next level. For that to happen, not only we need to fully understand the concept of technology, but also find ways to efficiently and effectively harness or leverage its capacity to do more. One such company helping in cracking the code of technological implementation and leveraging its power to upgrade the businesses is Outworks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (OutworX).

The company is headquartered in CA, USA. Its team works closely with the clients to understand their needs and apply best practices to implement, manage and support their technology needs. “We are certified partners of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, FireHost, and different technology leaders, who understand our responsibilities and hence follow the best practices to deliver on-time services for you,” says Mr. Rohit Ranjan, Vice President – Customer Success.

The team of Outworks is on a mission to assist business leaders get the most out of the technology investment where it stands by their values of understanding the urgency in the service they are delivering. The team grasps the requirement properly instead of jumping to conclusions all the while valuing the time of the clients.

“We are a global provider of web and mobile app development, quality assurance, e-commerce and HR outsourcing services.”

The company is 17 years old and the people it has are leaders in IT staffing, consulting, and managed services. It has international offices across UK, Malaysia, and HongKong. In India, the company has presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Dehradun, and a corporate office in Noida.

Offerings that Stand Apart

Outworks’s Core Services include:

  • Developing Mobile Apps
  • Quality Assurance
  • E-commerce
  • Manage Resources
  • Frictionless Parking Solutions

Outworks specializes in mobile app development. “We have developed more than 150 high-performance, secure and user-friendly mobile apps compatible with all the major platforms like iOS, Android and Windows,” says the team of Outworks. Its team of engineers ensure that the clients’ app remains App Store-listing friendly and can get easily ranked among the respective categories. The company also provides App Store/Google Play Optimization assistance and services to app owners for them to attain top positions in respective app stores.

Outworks is a leading mobile application development company facilitating 360 degrees application designing, development, and consulting solutions. “Our talented, experienced, and creative developers transform our clients’ business idea into reality,” expresses Mr. Ranjan. With its innovative custom application solutions for businesses, Outworks helps boost productivity and profits of its clients.

Right Partner for Your Business

Outworks serves businesses across all the industries facilitating numerous of annual talent acquisitions worldwide. The company is a global leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions. Its team works with a customizable and scalable talent delivery model which can be an extension to the client’s business. This arrangement is so robust that it possesses the power to provide benefits from day one.

The dynamic leader of Outworks, Mr. Rohit Ranjan, offers a history of Profitable, Market Centric, Process direction and Revenue Strategy credited with taking Outworks Solutions to a fast-growing International IT service providing company. Rohit is with Outworks for around 12years and his efforts shaped fast revenue growth and Global Business Development. Rohit is responsible for company’s increasing development and expansion effort into high growth, emerging markets both domestically and internationally.

He earned his Bachelor of Science (Statistics) and has an MBA in HR and Marketing. Rohit has vast experience in IT Staff Augmentation, Project Management and Client Success and Retention. He has built his career on foundation of Relationship building with all the Stakeholders touched by the organization he has represented. Its importance has guided how he works with clients. It had an important influence on the type and approaches of services he creates for his consulting clients.

A Pinnacle of User Satisfaction

“I have been working with Outworks for many years now and the talent has been better than any other outsourcing firm that I have worked with in the past. In addition, I have been delighted with the level of communication and leadership among the team members assigned to my team. My Outworks team has truly become a seamless extension of our company. I would recommend Outworks to anyone looking to bring their products to life or anyone looking to enhance existing products.”

– Chris Moher, Director of Software Products – TCS an ARI company, PA, USA

“It was great working with the Outworks team, they were very quick and professional with all the work submitted as well as very understanding and quick to communicate with any problems. Overall, I am very satisfied with the App and I highly recommend Outworks team to anyone who is interested in having an App written.”

Michall Gryntakis, App Owner – KeyFinder, UK

“Outworks have gone above and beyond their call. Great working with the team. Look forward to working together on other projects. Delivered on time and on budget. Very happy with the service. Great work by the Outworks team.”

– Emile Harmel, Co-founder – Digitalhobo, UK

“Outworks were very professional in their interaction with us. They lived up to the timelines and got the requirements spot-on. They went the extra mile and ensured all the required design and functionality changes were accommodated. Looking forward to working with Outworks in the future!”

– Karthik Srinivasan, Solutions Lead (BI) – Zyme Solutions, India

“The Outworks team helped us in articulating our requirements better by their curious and helpful feedbacks and queries. They worked together with us, most of the time very patiently. Most of the times, their first cuts presented were the ones we had in our minds. What I liked the most about them was that there was a readiness to share and take knowledge and work as one unit, instead of vendor-client binary. The goal of quality output and one which is good in the long run was shared hence by both of us. I recommend them highly for such projects.”

– Aditya Rikhari, Co-founder – AnnSatya Organic, India