SegWitz Sdn Bhd: Empowering Businesses with Tailor-made Tech Solutions.

Mukesh Maran | Founder | SegWitz Sdn Bhd

The fast-paced world of today demands technology to serve as an essential ladder that helps organisations reach their goals and manage their tasks easily. In Malaysia, organisations are increasing year to year, such as banks, colleges, universities, and other establishments. However, they need IT products and services for support to run their businesses all the time. Due to this matter, it is also implied that the market opportunities for IT products and services are high. A new and emerging company-of-the-future that thrives on riding this tech-transformation tide, is SegWitz Sdn Bhd.

SegWitz Sdn Bhd is a privately owned IT support and IT services business formed in Malaysia. They are a proud bunch who boast a strong team of developers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving their customers’ problems with technology and meeting their business needs.

Humble Beginnings

SegWitz’s journey in the Malaysian tech market can only be described as tremendous, both on an individual level as well as a collective level. In January 2019, SegWitz started as a small web design and development company with its earlier prospects being small business owners who were either struggling to sustain their businesses with the traditional sales and management systems or wanted to scale up using the latest technological advancements.

“We don’t just pull together some pieces of code that look and sound good but bring a promise

They soon gathered enough experience in the consumer market and reinvented themselves as a large-scale software development agency in web and mobile app development services that targeted and helped SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and start-ups. After just a few months of initial establishment, SegWitz started developing software, and have ever since been working tirelessly to produce web and mobile applications that make running and managing businesses a lot more convenient and easily expandable.

The company also has integrated and provided a set of profitable services like AI, blockchain, IoT, video game development, IT consultancy, and much more.

Leading the Charge

Mukesh Maran is the Founder of SegWitz where he leads a team of 14 developers. SegWitz is a software development company that helps businesses and startups to make their web and mobile apps. Owing to Mukesh’s leadership and the hard work of his team, the company has served over 60 clients in 9 different countries and completed over 60 projects.

As a kid, Mukesh was a computer geek who loved making things work, little did he know that it would one day become the very purpose of his life.

“Growing up, I was always fascinated by the idea of creating a platform that helps businesses function online and minimizes the friction by optimizing my web and software development skills,” says Mukesh Maran.

Mukesh self-taught himself the nitty-gritty of business and set his foot in the tech solution industry back in 2016 with his first company SpyWood Technology that basically dealt with cybercafe installation and provided the required support.

He then founded SegWitz in January 2019, with the ambition to change the Malaysian tech industry with a relatively small team. SegWitz, despite not being too old, is growing at a rapid rate and has become a symbol of trust in the software industry.

Care for Clients

SegWitz offers a variety of services and assistance to their clientele earning them some well-deserved reputation and trust. The most exclusive services include web and mobile development that enable SMEs, startups and corporations to operate, improve and expand digitally.

The mobile applications developed by SegWitz’s expert developers blend in with the traditional business models and require minimum effort from the client’s end. The company strives to always keep up with the ever-changing tech market and are well capable of crafting user-friendly mobile applications that automate business operations and establish efficient sales channels. Their web and mobile app development services are hailed in the entire south eastern market for one big and defining reason – quality. “We don’t just pull together some pieces of code that look and sound good but bring a promise of growth to the businesses we work with,” states the team over at SegWitz, triumphantly.

The Shades of Change

The SegWitz team does not just see themselves as developers whose mere purpose is writing pieces of code, rather they project their skills and determination as the tech enabler that changes the entire game for the businesses they cooperate with and increase their sales by digitally elevating them. Each division of the company is dedicated to shaping some part of the industry anew.

Cultivating such an environment helps them push beyond their limits, boosts creativity, and maximizes productivity. Hence their ability to produce amazing results and stay competitive in the market in their own way.

As the famous saying goes “The first step is always the hardest”. SegWitz too had its fair share of obstacles. Initially, SegWitz had a considerably small team, and whenever they took on a large project, they had to quickly recruit new developers and experts. Scaling the business with an unstable team was a great challenge but team slowly overcame it as a company.

It took Mr. Mukesh long enough to build a well-structured and organized team of passionate souls who never compromise on quality, but now, as they have the essential systems ready, all it takes is a bit of direction to generate great results. The global pandemic has affected every industry, and the tech solution industry was no exception. Some small companies who could not foresee what was coming, came to a halt; while at the same time some other companies could see right through the chaotic scenario and achieve great feats regardless of the pandemic. Evidently, SegWitz was one of those companies that foresaw the upcoming obstacles and took proper measures to not just survive but dominate the industry.

When we first sensed the shifts in the market due to Covid-19, we made sure we have enough cash flow to sustain our business for the few upcoming months and minimized our business expenses.”

Numerous businesses were struggling for their survival since their traditional business model was failing, the demand of having an online business skyrocketed, this opened the gate of opportunities for SegWitz as they broke their own sales and production records many times during these difficult times.

This sudden increase in demand required sudden recruitment, so the team took on this challenge enthusiastically by conducting online interviews and hiring extremely talented and experienced employees from all over the world. Crowd gathering was not safe anymore, so the SegWitz team including Mukesh Maran worked remotely to take care of their client’s needs and helped many businesses to reinvent themselves to sustain and even flourish amidst the global pandemic.

The Future is Calling

When it comes to SegWitz Tech, there is nothing better than technological advancements as they tend to benefit the company’s growth. Innovation in the IT and software industry means the ability to improve their services and produce better results for their customers. “We as a team have always cherished and embraced the change that our rapidly evolving business brings and if something can help us better adapt to it, we wholeheartedly welcome it,” says Mukesh.

To scale its business, SegWitz has made some interesting plans to be implemented this year. One of the most exciting ones is cultivating a purely educational blog that would provide value and help SMEs, startups, and corporates learn how the mobile-app development industry works. They aim to educate and nurture as many C-Level executives, SME owners, and startup founders as possible.

“We have enormous visions for SegWitz, by 2023, we want SegWitz to become one of the front faces of the mobile app development industry in Malaysia and thrive to help 300+ companies digitize their businesses by 2025,” added Mukesh.

Achieving these goals would require the company to expand their team to different continents of the world. SegWitz is planning to expand its production offices in India and the Philippines while opening business and sales offices across Europe and Asia.