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P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects | Design & Arts (PAI VEDA)

Reflecting the universal visuals, designs, and arts in its virtual realm, by its sheer design, the mind is as deep, dense, and at the same time as everything eternal and infinite as the cosmos itself. Moreover, just like the universe, the mind evolves and expands continuously with the help of our plastic brain and elastic thinking flowing on the force of imagination, exploring the novel vistas of unbounded curiosity.

This is uninterruptedly creative design thinking. In the concurrent eras of pragmatism, the universal force of mind’s innovative design thinking must be chiselled by guiding lights to make it shine like diamonds on life’s horizon.

Quoting the President of P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Arts (PAI VEDA), its DeanDr Rishi Aacharya, says, “It gives us the greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the College of Visual Effects, Design & Art (VEDA). Again, I’m quoting our beloved P.A. Inamdar, sir, “As you may be aware, the economic scenario worldwide is changing rapidly. What was modern yesterday is currently obsolete. Our industry needs a trained workforce who can innovate on their feet rather than merely following the crowd.

At VEDA College, we aim to produce this kind of talent, which is also a thorough professional besides being young and dynamic. Our students are trained and nurtured in an atmosphere that is creative, harmonizing and challenging to tackle the intense competition at home and abroad. My firm belief comes from our experience that once our students set about achieving their goals, they are next to none in achieving the success they aim for.”

Fostering a Knowledge Community

Being a Dean, I, too, believe in our aspirations of positively impacting the lives of students, teachers and the education industry by creating a conducive environment that fosters learning, growth and innovation. Similarly, a wonderful culture of art, animation, creativity and the teaching-learning process will be unfolded to you.”

P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Arts is one of the leading colleges of higher education in Maharashtra, India, and in 2015, it became an ISO 9001-2008 accredited institute. The college attempts to synergize this into the education process with an efficient teaching staff that ensures academic excellence.

PAI VEDA contributes to making an Artistic India with the new Digital India initiative. It is a ‘Knowledge Community’ which encourages partners, faculties, students, past students and parents to fully involve themselves in all aspects of college life and identify with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Achievement. Dr Rishi shares, “Our college is large enough to provide a broad and differentiated curriculum that caters for varied interests and abilities in the area of Art, Animation, Design and Visual Effects.”

Nurturing Exponential Wisdom

In Oct 2019, India’s one of the biggest Brand Survey Agency, Image Planet, Bengaluru, recognized VEDA College as India’s 2nd Best Animation, VFX and Game Designing College. The survey was based on their brand research, including the most prestigious institutions like NID, IIT-IDC, FTII, Arena Animation, Frameboxx etc. The college has also received honour from various educational bodies with titles like

  • Institute with Best Faculties – All India Rank 2.
  • Institute with Best Infrastructure.
  • Institute with Best Placements.
  • Institute with Higher Degree Course Admission in Animation.
  • Institute with maximumAdobe and Autodesk Certified Students.

Moreover, VEDA College is internationally acclaimed as one of the foremost multidisciplinary colleges for Design, Animation, VFX, and Game Designing. The college is a part of one of Pune’s oldest educational campuses, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, popularly known as Azam Campus.

For pursuing degree courses in Animation, VFX, or Gaming in Pune, VEDA College is the student’s first choice. VEDA College is also an Adobe Creative Technology Academy and Autodesk Certification Testing Centre.

Inculcating Boundless Learning

The academic life at college is designed not to limit learning in classroom boundaries. The students involve themselves in hosting PAI VEDA’s flagship programs like Akhil Bhartiya Kala Gaurav Puruskar, Pune Animation Film Festival, the annual cultural gathering “Kalotsav”, and many more. These co-curricular activities allow students to learn management, life, team building, cultural ethics, planning, and, most importantly, leadership skills.

Dr Rishi says they expect high standards in all that they do at VEDA College. They encourage students to aim for excellence in whatever they like to do, work hard and learn life skills to be a real asset to the country.

A student-focused and multidisciplinary approach, flexibility to change, and belief in learning beyond the classroom are major factors that have led to PAI VEDA’s success today. The college ensures students’ welfare in every decision its management make and is always open to change, as its sole motto is to benefit the students in every way possible. Dr Rishi adds, “I also stay abreast with the latest trends and happenings in the industry and constantly update myself by attending conferences, reading the latest research papers and networking with like-minded professionals from our industry.”

Offering a Wealth of Pragmatism 

As the leading college of animation, VFX, gaming, and design, VEDA College is well known for its excellent services that have significantly impacted the education industry. Its carefully created, industry-relevant curriculum guarantees students the most recent information and practical skills required to succeed in their chosen industries. The college’s knowledgeable faculty members bring a wealth of practical knowledge from the industry into the classroom and offer individualized coaching and mentorship to help students develop their talents.

Additionally, VEDA’s cutting-edge infrastructure and modern technological resources create an ideal learning environment, giving students first-hand exposure to industry-standard hardware and software. Dr Rishi adds, “We also take pride in our solid relationships in the business, forging partnerships with top studios and agencies to offer beneficial internship opportunities and practical experience.” It enables students to develop into well-rounded professionals prepared to flourish in the cutthroat environment of animation, VFX, gaming, and design by emphasizing the development of soft skills and a holistic approach to education.

Bridging the Skill Divide

Dr Rishi says they are working on creating an online platform to bridge the skill gap in society. The platform is www.veda-edu.com, and it is in its beta phase. This platform will be the biggest multilingual skills-based education ecosystem in the country in which the future of students, learners and trainers will thrive due to an integrated and Symbiotic Mutualistic Relationship among the stakeholders.

They are trying to bridge the wider skills gap between academia and the industries. He states, “I firmly believe that the time has come when we stretch our neck and look around the options we have to enable better education for all.”

www.veda-edu.com will be the most significant breakthrough of online skills-based education in the continent. It started with only two mentors, but now the diaspore of like-minded trainers and learners are there with Dr Rishi and team VEDA College.

Imbibing Influential Optimism

As a part of its expansion plan, VEDA College has built a new Art Wing at Azam Campus under the MCE Society. Shikshan Maharshi & Member of the Planning Commission of India for Higher Education Shri P. A. Inamdar laid the foundation stone for this campus. It consists of a Fine Art and VFX Studio, Graphics Design, Animation, Film Editing, Bridge in Art, Art Teacher Diploma, GD Art and BFA Painting courses.

Dr Rishi furthers that he’s justifiably proud of the fact that, in a short span, their college has grown from strength to strength. In addition to a steady increase in students, they have an ever-increasing number of subjects and courses at both the UG & PG levels. Universities and Autonomous bodies of repute recognize these.

Their degree program in Media Graphics & Animation (Graphics Design, Web Design, Animation & Visual Effects) is affiliated with the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. PAI VEDA’s students pursue their interests and achieve their personal best. “We are proud of our record and our success in helping students achieve their dream placements once they leave VEDA College,” says Dr Rishi.

Ensuring Students Their Dream Design Future

VEDA College’s Training & Placement Office (TPO) is very active and assures 100% placement assistance to all its students. Being the best Animation and VFX College in Pune, Dr Rishi states that they are committed to offering great placements to the students once they finish their courses successfully. This Animation College is proud to claim 97% of placements in the last seven years. Dr Rishi adds, “We are associated with many national and international level studios for recruitment help and internship opportunities.”

As a leading Animation and VFX College in Pune, VEDA offers its students a state-of-the-art Visual Effects Studio, Editing Lab, Fine Art Studio, and Super-speed Workstations. Students who wish to pursue a BSc Animation Degree course from the College get hostel facilities in and around the campus. A mix of excellent teaching, the right infrastructure, a beautiful campus, and contacts with top employers have borne fruits, with VEDA College being designated as one of the most sought-after animation colleges in Pune for undertaking Degree and Diploma level courses in Animation, Design, Gaming and VFX in India.

Dr Rishi reveals that as a charitable Institution, they are committed to providing the best animation, VFX and design education to the students at a very affordable fee. “We would be happy to offer our guidance to the talented students looking for the right animation in Pune to pursue their dreams,” he concludes.