Thakur School of Architecture & Planning, Mumbai: Providing Trailblazing Architectural Education Through Innovation 

Thakur School
Thakur School

What amuses us is music, poetry, nature, technological advancement, mysteries of history, and architectural miracles created by humans. From the marvellous Havelis and intricate unique temples to Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa, these aesthetic architectural marvels have impacted cultures through artistic innovations and scientific inventions.

For such astounding work, architecture education is vital and intertwined with aesthetic practice. Apart from that, students pursuing architecture education, need to focus on sustainable designs and implementations with the consideration of today’s styles, as well as requirements.

An architectonic educational institute, that is set to provide an excellent education in architecture with a holistic approach is Thakur School of Architecture & Planning (TSAP) Mumbai. Adhering to its values, the institute is a master player in providing sustainable, yet aesthetic architecture education, through its excellent curricula and other value added practices.

A Visionary Leader 

An education institute like TSAP with a holistic approach to architecture learning, is guided under the visionary leadership of CEO Karan V. Singh.

Mr. Karan Singh has a strong background in Construction Industry, with vast exposure to international trends. He provides agility and dynamic support to the Institute, to reinvent itself with the latest technological advances, in tune with the best in the industry.

His vast expanse of industry connections with a rich resource of industry experts, facilitates Institute-Industry collaboration and exchange through Seminars, Workshops, Field trips and stellar advisory panel members.

A Distinguished Institute

Established in 2014, TSAP strives with a strong vision and mission, to emerge as a distinguished institute, known to facilitate and nurture Competent, Innovative and Creative Professionals, that are Socially responsible – through Value-based education. The institute is approved by the Council of Architecture (COA, New Delhi) & affiliated to prestigious University of Mumbai (NAAC A++), under the aegis of Thakur Education Group (TEG). It serves a clear objective of providing Quality Technical Education, in tune with International Standards and addressing global needs/ challenges. Moreover, it is dedicated towards providing state-of-the-art ambience and maintaining a dynamic equilibrium with Industry-Institute Connect.

State-of-the-art Institution 

TSAP has been a private self-financed linguistic minority institute, since its inception. The Institute is located amidst the serene neighbourhood of Kandivali (E), in a self-contained well-planned residential township, well connected with public conveyances. It has implemented Holistic Multidisciplinary Education to groom Smart and Environment Conscious Professionals. 

Management’s commitment to excellence and relevance in technical education, sets TSAP as an Institution apart from any of its peers. It is reflected in the marvellous infrastructure, comparable to the finest institution of its type in the country. The world-class infrastructure at TSAP is equipped with state-of-the-art computer laboratories, ICT-equipped classrooms/ drawing studios, workshops, a material museum, a permanent exhibition, a library, seminar halls, recreation rooms, medical facilities, dining, and student support areas.

Excellent Performance: Source of Inspiration

Thakur Education Group (TEG) have an esteemed presence in the industry for more than two decades, as a prominent player in developing Township projects. This scenario projected an idea to venture with a School of Architecture. TEG envisioned an institution, that stands to create Industry ready professionals, as a service to the neighbourhood and society at large,as an extension of the philanthropic vision of the group’s trustees.

The positive feedback from the industry, about the performance of Graduates from the Institution, has been a constant source of inspiration to forward this journey and invest more freely. The institute looks at design, as an emergent domain of knowledge in the context of India, as a leader in producing Industry ready professionals backed with ancient wisdom and advanced technologies.

Unique Educational Enrichment 

TSAP believes architecture is an aesthetic practice and should be taught in artistic and technologically equipped way. The institution has focused on delivering quality education and has adopted ISO 21001-2018, to ensure the same. It has several MOUs with Institutions and Industries that facilitate cooperation and exchange. Moreover, as some of the notable Industry collaborations, the Institute has a student chapter of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Fire Safety Association of India (FSAI) and Ethos ARCAUSE (Architects for a Cause).

Additionally, TSAP has several Certified hands-on training programs with top Institutes imparting training, such as CEASID, Hunnarshala (Bhuj), IIT-Kharagpur (Makeintern), etc. These Value-added Programs, conducted by the Institution in collaboration with Industry experts to deliver the best practices, are the unique enrichment that TSAP offers its students. The Institute is a chosen destination by many outstation students, as they find the homely neighbourhood and the accommodation facilities provided safe,hygienic, and comfortable.

Tech-Incorporated Curriculum

While talking about the impact and incorporation of technology in architecture, Mr. Karan Singh explains, “Being tuned with technological advances is the need of the hour, and all such advances lead to ‘optimization’. Instead of seeing any new technology as a threat, the Institute introduces ‘Value Added Programs’ as enrichment to the existing curriculum to ensure that this help bridges the Industry-Academia gaps,” He also adds, that the culture of Plan, Do, Check & Act (PDCA) cycle has been practised diligently in all endeavours to ensure the institute can track its progress in a dynamically rising spiral.

Staying Ahead of the Curve 

Challenges and difficulties are important factors, that constitute a journey to success. Likewise, the education sector has its fair share of struggles that must be conquered. TSAP sees every challenge as an opportunity by adopting the policy of ‘Risk-Based Thinking’, ‘Agility’ and being ‘Change Ready’. The syllabus of University of Mumbai offers flexibility in 25% of the curriculum & the institute ensures to explore it, to the fullest.

The dynamic of course structure, advancements in digital technologies in the form of ‘Hybrid Learning Models’, ‘Outcome-based education’, focus on ‘Environment Consciousness’, ‘Climate Change’, use of ‘Advanced Softwares’, ‘AI & VR’  based training, etc., have been some of the areas, that Institute has taken up aggressively, to ensure the Institutional Graduates stay ahead of the curve.

Nurturing Aspiring Architects

TSAP advocates, the practice of being ‘Environment Conscious’ in all endeavours as a master key, that is in addition to the ‘Knowledge, Skill and Attitude’ attributes that completes the education goals. Mr. Karan Singh expresses his thoughts about nurturing budding architects: “Adaptability’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Preparedness’ to learn without inhibitions as the key to master success.

Setting Future Offerings 

Apart from its complete academic courses and arrangements, TSAP envisions scaling its programs and courses in the future. TSAP considers itself, the Global Centre with International Connect and as a connecting node of the worldwide family. The institute emphasizes, that the ability to provide solutions must be contextually relevant as well as completely immersed, while being globally relevant and environmentally appropriate. For that, TSAP is shaping its Graduates to be competently ‘Smart and Environment Conscious Professionals’ that are prepared to address future challenges, by working on them today.

Appreciation and Awards 

For its exceptional academics and excellent education in architectural curriculum, TSAP has received appreciation. Some of the notable achievements, are as follows:

  • Best Institute for Architecture in Mumbai, for four consistent years (Awarded by Times Education Group).
  • The ‘MUST WATCH’ Architecture College of the Year 2023in India (Higher Education Digest).
  • Certificate of Excellence for Makeintern Initiative, for the fourth consecutive year (IIT Kharagpur).
  • Membership of United Nations Academic Impact (In recognition of commitment towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, in all its endeavours).

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