Perpetuuiti : Simplifying Enterprise Automation for Augmented Business Resilience


An organizational heart throbs in its people. If processes and technologies are the two halves of that heart, then in modern times, data is the heartbeat that keeps a business thriving. The real organizational power lies in its pulsating heart and that heart’s perpetual functioning.

In increasingly stressful situations of unprecedented disasters happening at any unfortunate time, it is imperative to fortify the integrated force of people, processes, technologies, and data. It means guaranteeing organizational resilience the way Perpetuuiti does.

Founded in 2011, Perpetuuiti is focused on enabling digital transformation for organizations by creating innovative software products that transform how businesses operate.

Perpetuuiti offers two comprehensive platforms that deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies. Perpetuuiti has pioneered innovative products that have been well accepted and trusted by their customers and partner ecosystem comprising ‘Fortune 500 global organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals like banking, insurance, telecom, government organizations, high-tech, BPM and service providers. The Chief Operating Officer of Sales Operations, Sudish Kumar, informs about the firm’s mighty achievements, “In 2013, Perpetuuiti Technosoft PTE was the first among Asian technology firms to be funded by Intel Capital Ltd.”

Perpetuuiti’s DR Automation suite – Continuity Patrol™ (CP), is a globally patented and Gartner-recognized market leader in DR Automation. CP has been residing in 400+ datacentres and 3 Lacs+ VMs and Physical Servers. Also, Perpetuuiti conducts 7000+ DR Drills in a year for their clients, and these numbers keep on increasing.

A Disruptor without Disruptions

Sudish Kumar, a highly-experienced Senior Sales Professional, serves as Vice President of Sales and Solutions for Perpetuuiti. He is responsible for Perpetuuiti’s Asia Pacific and India sales and sales operations.

Sudish brings over two decades of executive leadership experience in Enterprise Sales, Channel Sales, Global System Integrators, Business Development, Subscription and Aggregation Business, International Sales, and P&L Management. He has significant experience leading large global sales and sales operations teams across India, APAC, and the US. He has extensive knowledge and experience working with leading Cloud Service Providers, Datacentre Services, MSPs, OEMs, System Integrators and ISV across India, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.

Prior to joining Perpetuuiti, Sudish was associated with Commvault Systems Inc., Mumbai. He has also held senior positions with companies like Mphasis, an HP Company, Trimax IT and Infrastructure Services Ltd. etc.

He is an Alumnus of IIM Calcutta and has completed his Global Business Management and a PG in General Management from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Redefining Enterprise Resilience

According to Sudish, brand Perpetuuiti’s USP making it a market leader in disaster recovery management solutions provider is its comprehensive resiliency automation suite–Continuity Patrol™ (CP)–the industry’s most comprehensive, most-modernized recovery automation suite that enables organizations to recover from disruption or an outage with the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the industry, dramatically limiting the data loss and downtime. CP is unique in the BCMP/ ITRO market as it can help CXOs make well-informed business decisions by enabling real-time visibility into the financial impact of a critical business service, unplanned outage or degradation of service and their cascading impact on dependent business services. With CP, user organizations can perform what-if modelling and make a better business case for the cost of downtime. Furthermore, Continuity Patrol™ has been repeatedly recognized by Gartner as the only DR Automation suite that supports all 9 IT Resilience Orchestration (ITRO) automation capabilities (as listed by Gartner).

Sudish elaborates, “Organizational Resiliency has as much dependency on People and Processes as it has on Technology. Perpetuuiti has been focusing on attaining a mix of both for the benefit of the Enterprise. Solutions developed by Perpetuuiti empower people and businesses alike. Also, we have spent nearly a decade perfecting our own Intellectual Property with feedback from some of the largest customers, including Banks, Financial Services companies, Insurance companies, Telecom Giants etc. What enterprises get today is a technology that has been tried and tested to its core. Which is why our biggest achievement has been our customer retention.”

Besides, the two platforms offered by Perpetuuiti are by far the industry’s most comprehensive automation platforms spanning all the offerings in unified platforms to drive exponential efficiencies. Avoiding silos and multiple touch-points, these all-in-one integrated platforms offer seamless and hassle-free automation solutions.

Eliminating the Risks and Costs of Disruptions

Speaking about the early challenges, Sudish shares that initially, enterprises were focused on meeting compliance as their primary target. The process of Business Resiliency was a journey of knowledge for the customers themselves. As Business Processes matured, so did the focus on attaining Zero Data Loss, which for a large part of our initial go-to-market, was only something that was perceived as achievable by only the largest organizations in the country.

Today, no matter how small a business is, Resiliency is of utmost importance because of increasing competition and compliance and adopting technology that can augment their teams’ efforts. As technology adoption has evolved, so have the complexities of hybrid models of deploying applications and infrastructure. “So instead of focusing on just the Datacentre, we have to work on a holistic architecture with the customer to simultaneously ensure availability and productivity in People, Process and Technology. All this while still ensuring we can better the RPO and RTO,” he mentions.

Making Digital Transformation Possible

Being an experienced leader and sharing his expert opinion on how technology is transforming the industry and what advancements we can expect in the future, Sudish says, “The biggest transformation taking place is in the type of dialogues that we have with Enterprises on a day-to-day basis. These discussions now involve in-depth data gathering around specific business use cases because the Enterprises also have teams that are mature and know exactly what they want. Since the discussions are more objective, we can also showcase clear Business Benefits that the enterprises would derive by deploying our solutions. Sales Cycles have become more realistic as we are bringing in Automation right from the stage of proof of concept to helping in deploying the solutions faster.”

It’s all about continuous availability, i.e.,24×7 access to your data and applications without almost any data loss or downtime. User organizations are looking forward to comprehensive solutions without any complexities and vendor excuses. “Through Continuity Patrol™, we enable organizations to manage, protect, recover, and move data and applications across on-premises or any cloud. Through CP, we offer simplicity at scale – CP delivers continuous availability, enabling your organization to keep applications running 24/7 against any disruption or threat,” adds Sudish.

The Vital Factor

His advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of the disaster recovery management niche is vital. He says that Disaster Recovery is a vast field that is the focus of every C Level executive in every Enterprise. The application and infrastructure landscape is getting more complex every day. So are the business use cases. “At the same time, discussions are becoming more mature as we involve not just the IT Teams but all critical members/ stakeholders from the Business side as well,” he says. Along with good technology understanding, one also needs to understand the core business processes of your customers so that the discussions are more relevant to the customers with quicker solution turnaround times.

Innovating Intelligent Enterprise Automation

On envisioning scaling Perpetuuiti in the future, Sudish shares that they keep innovating to ensure they are abreast with the latest technological advancements. Their business strategies, go-to-market strategy, product scope, and features are all defined and redefined to ensure they are with/ahead of market trends, technological innovations, and requirements.

He adds, “We have been very successful in delivering the Best-in-Class enterprise automation solutions by adapting ourselves completely to the changing business environments and evolving technologies.”

“As an enterprise software products company, we will continue to focus on how to diversify the scope of our products and solutions in the space of Intelligent Enterprise Automation for modernizing resiliency management and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies,” he concludes.