PM Modi invites youth to the September 26 ‘G20 University Connect Finale’

PM Modi
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued an invitation to university students and young professionals who are interested in pursuing further education to participate in the G-20 University Connect Finale program. The event is scheduled to be held on September 26 at the Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre.

On the professional networking platform LinkedIn, PM Modi expressed his deep satisfaction with the G-20 University Connect program, which has been ongoing for the past year. He highlighted the significance of the program, stating, “Over the last year, the G-20 University Connect program has successfully brought together India’s young talent, known as Yuva Shakti. This year-long initiative has proven to be immensely fulfilling, producing highly gratifying outcomes.”

The G-20 University Connect program is part of a broader initiative aimed at fostering greater awareness of India’s G20 Presidency among the country’s youth and encouraging their active participation in various G20-related activities. It has engaged millions of young individuals from schools, universities, and skill development centers across India.

The program’s finale event, which is expected to draw significant participation, will provide a platform for university students and young professionals to connect with the G20 initiative and explore opportunities for further education and engagement.

Prime Minister Modi’s personal invitation underscores the government’s commitment to empowering and involving the youth in shaping the nation’s future and contributing to global initiatives like the G20. The event promises to be a meaningful and productive gathering, strengthening the bridge between India’s youth and the G20 platform.

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