Preeti Tyagi and Atul Tyagi: Nurturing Immersive Fun Learning of WOWKIDS

Preeti Tyagi and Atul Tyagi

Only parents know what their kid/s needs from preschool. The safest, most secure, caring, compassionate, hygienic, healthy, immersively fun learning and holistic environment. A space where the moment kids and their parents enter and feel WOWKIDS–an American Concept preschool born out of the passion of parents for early education for children in the year 2014.

WOWKIDS was Co-founded for their own kids by Mrs Preeti Tyagi and Mr Atul Tyagi, who understand what it is to be the most caring and compassionate parents who want everything perfect for their children.

Preeti shares, “Our Inspiration to establish WOWKIDS was our children.” When Preeti and Atul became parents, they learnt the importance of many little things that hugely impact a child’s growing years. As they learnt and implemented their learnings with their babies, they understood that acting early and consistently on activities and teaching with your children is crucial for their holistic development.

The WOW Factor

By the time their children were approaching their 2nd birthday, Preeti and Atul started looking for good preschools around. It was disheartening to see that there were hardly any choices, and they have never compromised on quality. “That was the trigger when we started working on the idea of WOWKIDS, and within six months, we had launched our first preschool in the city of Panjim, Goa, in 2014,” informs Atul.

What helped them immensely was the clear thought process where “WE as parents knew what new parents might look for in a preschool from the safety, hygiene, security and learning point of view. We took every feedback from a parent in the most positive way and kept working to make their and their child’s experience truly WOW,” reveals Preeti.

A Fun-Learning Home-Away-From-Home

While Atul says that being parents themselves, they appreciate your concern for your toddlers as they leave the comfort of your homes to prepare for the challenges of attending school. “For the transition to be smooth, we made facilities available to make the school environment a–home–away–from–home,” assures Atul.

As you choose WOWKIDS schools for your Child, You are assured of your child’s safety with the team. Preeti adds, “As your toddlers leave your loving arms for school, they are received into the embrace of our affectionate teachers. Our environment is serene and highly conducive to learning, allowing children to explore, discover and develop their potential easily. We bring them up to be creative and to love adventures to equip them for a fulfilled adult life.”

The duo appreciates the concept of individual potential in children. It is set to prepare every child to face future challenges confidently by providing the best learning and loving environment in the form of WOWKIDS Preschools. They genuinely believe in the phrase–Catch them young!

A Welcoming Environment

At WOWKIDS, Learning is Serious fun, and the team ensures that from the moment kids join WOWKIDS, they feel safe, happy, loved and cared for.

Atul conveys, “Our Unique offering called the 5day-WOW Experience gives every new parent a preview into the day-to-day classroom routine, playtime, mealtime and how the teachers make each and every child feel WELCOME and loved.” This program has been offered to new parents from the beginning and has absolutely no cost.

It gives parents visibility and transparency and helps them make the right decision, “We are proud to say that WOWKIDS has a 90% success rate,” expresses Preeti adding they, as parents, understand that for every new parent, the most difficult task is to find the best preschool, which is hygienic, safe and affordable. WOWKIDS has the mission to make it possible. WOWKIDs helps parents access quality childcare and

An Immersive Play-Learn Experience

Everything children learn and practice at WOWKIDS is a part of its curriculum as the team completely believes and implements learning through Experience-Play and Learn as Play is the only language children understand; they enthusiastically open their minds and heart to something that makes them happy and curious. “We design activities that are Simple and relatable to children in their day-to-day life at school or home as it ensures reinforcement and strengthening of the basics,” divulges Atul.

At WOWKIDS, children acquire skills through play-way methods. Kids are exposed to a series of fun-fair activities that enable them to settle down quickly in school and make school life enjoyable. The kids are brought up in a social environment stimulated to accommodate independent discoveries yet encouraging teamwork among them. Further, children are prepared for adult life by involving them in activities to build their self-esteem and confidence.

To make their curriculum child-centred, they focus on creating interesting learning experiences from their rich holistic curriculum, anchored by their well-experienced and passionate teachers.

Preeti promises, “We achieve our goals with the co-operation we receive from our partnership with parents. As soon as you step inside our schools, you will feel the WOW difference!”

Compassionate and Caring Guardians

Preeti Tyagi is an industrious and purpose-driven woman. She is passionate about children, and it gives her immense happiness to see when young parents feel delighted as they see the apple of their eye learning and playing happily in WOWKIDS preschools. The children see her as a mother; little wonder they cluster around her.

A senior-level industry Executive and an entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience, Preeti manages the day-to-day operations of her schools and mentors the new teachers and Franchise partners. The school has benefited from her wealth of experience in curriculum formulation and implementation. She has worked for many years with leading Companies like GE and IBM in leadership positions. Her positive contributions to these establishments have been a point of reference for WOWKIDS.

Mr Atul is a dreamer who will not allow any challenge to stop him from actualizing his dream. The birth of WOW Kids schools is a testimony of a dream brought to the limelight. He completed his studies at the prestigious IIT Roorkee in 2001. He has over 20 years of experience in senior management profile with leading companies like WIPRO, AIRTEL, VODAFONE and IFB. He has been instrumental in running large Franchise retail operations and turning around business in North India for the world’s largest telecom player Vodafone.

He is the winner of Nine Prestigious National level awards for performance excellence, with the latest Award being “MOST TALENTED RETAIL PROFESSIONAL OF INDIA” 2014-2015, which was given by ASIA RETAIL CONGRESS for FASTEST expansion of Retail Operations in INDIA. He has also been awarded “Entrepreneur of Year-2016” by World leadership Federation for Make WOW KIDS Preschool an overnight sensation. No doubt Mr Atul is an icon of repute.

Atul is a key strategist in expanding WOWKIDS preschools across India. He has the intention of taking WOW KIDS concepts across the globe.

A Trusted Loving School

Revealing the USPs that make WOWKIDS stand out as a leading pre-primary educator, Preeti says that it is difficult to find a preschool except for WOWKIDS, which offers a FREE 5-day WOW experience to every new parent. “We Do, and Parents LOVE it. It is just a way to show parents we DO what we say. We deliver what we promise,” she states.

Atul adds that they train their teachers regularly and ensure that every teacher spends enough quality time knowing every child in her class in the first three months.

Knowing them well helps gain trust, which is the first thing you need if you wish a child to listen to or learn from you. They have frequent and regular communication with parents about their children. As parents are the first point of contact in a child’s life, to know them better, they must have clear and honest discussions with parents at a regular interval in the form of Parent-Teacher meetings or an informal chat on the weekend.

At WOWKIDS, their focus, energies and efforts are committed to children. Parents totally acknowledge and support this by listening and helping them follow certain processes and activities that will eventually help grow their child into the happiest, safe and loving environment. “We keep the communication channels free and flowing,” mentions Preeti.

They at WOWKIDS ensure that every child joins an age-appropriate classroom and is not pushed basis social expectations. It ensures that each and every child feels comfortable amongst their peers and enjoys the learning process.

Academic Excellence and Life Skills Benchmarks

At WOWKIDS, their focus is equally divided into developing all the necessary life skills in a growing child. E.g., For them, knowing different colours is as important as showing kindness in class or Caring for your friends. Sports and Music are equally important for every child as their academics.

They create opportunities in their classrooms where these young minds can understand concepts like kindness, sharing, waiting in a queue for your turn, saying Thank you and please, and so much more.

Preeti says, “At WOWKIDS, we truly believe that excellence in academics is as important as excellence in Life skills. We use Music Extensively to teach our little ones. Being Certified with the “MUSIC with Mar Program” by Maryann Harman (USA) has helped us immensely instil the love for music.”

Brain Booster Teaching

Brain Booster exercises are a part of their daily routine. They are privileged to be certified by the Late Mr Enrique Feldman from the US on Brain boosters for Children.

There are multiple immersive benefits of the preschool franchise that Preeti and Atul provide to their partners. Taking any preschool franchise is an easy thing to do, but what is really important that you choose a partner that will guide you step by step during the initial phase and then provide quick and regular support whenever you need it, and all of it must be affordable enough. WOWKIDS fits the bill perfectly.

The Simplest and Most Transparent Franchise Model

Atul assures that their Franchise Proposal is extremely simple and transparent for anyone to understand, irrespective of whether you have been in business, are a homemaker or have a private job.

They ensure that if anyone has decided to start a preschool, the entire journey from the day they get associated with WOWKIDS should be smooth and must help them learn new things every day to run their business effectively and independently in future.

Atul adds, “We provide them with entire pre-school set-up material required to run a pre-school.” Training session for the teachers and the Franchise partner is done before the launch so that they know how to implement the curriculum and conduct day-to-day operations.

A few other features are:

  • Ultra-low-cost of the establishment (₹4-5 lakh), including material franchise fees, training, GST,
  • Zero royalty lifetime model,
  • 24×7 support in day-to-day operations,
  • Franchise can approach the director for any support,
  • Full transparency modus operandi. No hidden cost, no false promises,
  • Onsite or online training as per request of the franchise,
  • Full end-to-end ownership.

Atul further says that to get a WOWKIDS franchise, the most important thing required is the Passion to make a difference in the lives of the little ones and never to stop learning.

Other Requirements are:

  • Their Franchisee is required to get a minimum of 900-2000 sq. ft carpet area in a residential location in the city. An independent villa (Preferably on the ground floor) with a separate boundary wall and an outdoor play area.
  • Should be located in a residential area with good population density
  • They render special assistance in identifying the right locations
  • Presence of preschools around will be an added advantage to WOW KIDS as they are a NO ROYALTY model, and Franchise decides the fee.

Government Permission

  • Though most states don’t have rules applicable to Upper Kindergarten schools, “We would like our franchise to have required government permissions (if applicable in your city/state) to open a franchise,” mentions Atul.
  • Converting electricity to commercial at a very low cost (Only if required)

Creating Educator Entrepreneurs

Preeti adds, “We encourage WOMEN entrepreneurs not just from Metro cities but also from small cities across India to become independent and generate employment simultaneously. We are proud to share that 95% of our Franchise partners are Women. Our Core Values are centred on keeping young children in mind, their holistic development and partnering with parents throughout their child’s preschool journey.”

Eliminating Obstacles with Grit and Confidence

Regarding the challenges they face and overcome, Preeti says that challenges help them innovate and learn, and that is what they also experience every now and then since they started in 2014. It isn’t easy to list the challenges because they range from handling day-to-day operations to parents to managing 200+ franchise partners.

The most challenging time for them was what everyone experienced in the year 2020, and today, when they look back, they feel immensely proud of every teacher and support staff that stood by them and the extraordinary cooperation and trust that parents continued throughout the most difficult two years in the history of preschool education.

Preeti recollects, “We feel those two years taught us to do the unthinkable–WE conducted online sessions for children aged 2-6years for 30-40minutes every day continuously for two years and ensured that children did not miss the connect with their teachers, friends and the joy of learning.”

They also made sure that their sessions were not more than 45minutes on any given day, and they made it fun by including music, games, puzzles, crafts, and stories that teachers will enact, and celebrating every festival and birthdays’.

Preeti shares that they were the first preschool in their vicinity to start 1.5hours of playtime during 2021 when things started getting a little better, and soon it was back to the normal days in the beginning of 2022.

“We at WOWKIDS have always believed in one thing- If YOU believe in yourself, your team will support you wholeheartedly, and we continue to face any challenge with the same grit and confidence,” expresses Atul.

A Wisdom-Full Appeal

Preeti and Atul’s advice to aspiring edupreneurs willing to establish their preschool and daycare centres is full of eight years of experience and wisdom. It is always a pleasure to know someone who believes in themselves. Someone who is a risk-taker and would not allow people around them to doubt their capabilities or potential.

If you are one of those–You must take the lead and take the first step by choosing the right brand. Talk to the right person managing or running the brand to know their thought process, values and if they match yours. “As we mentioned earlier, taking a preschool franchise is easy, but Choosing the RIGHT Preschool Franchise is important. It is your hard-earned money, and you must choose wisely,” appeals Preeti.

Ensuring the Best Future for the Kids

Envisioning the future of WOWKIDS going forward into the new normal, Atul says that the age of a child, from the time of birth till 6-7years is the most crucial age for growth, building basics, inculcating values and developing good healthy habits, and so much more.

He says, “We at WOWKIDS have and will continue to ensure that children get the best learning environment in our preschool classrooms and playgrounds. We believe Nothing can and will replace the effectiveness of in-person teaching or learning in school classrooms. We also believe that technology has enabled our existing classrooms and teaching techniques to be highly creative and exciting, and it should be incorporated into day-to-day classroom routines.”

WOWKIDS believes in learning from the best and executing the best practices. Its Facebook Group called Early Education Global Mastermind has taken its teaching practices to a new level as it is directly or indirectly associated with more than 15,000+ Early childhood educators across the globe. Happy children, caring teachers, engaging programs, and exceptional facilities create an extraordinary place, ‘WOW KIDS’, for young children to learn and grow.

Preeti concludes, “We wish to revolutionize this space by incorporating the learnings, experimenting with different approaches to ensuring children grow in a Happy, joyful and safe environment.”