Dax Bamania: Fostering Ultimate Human Resources Leadership Acumen

Dax Bamania
Dax Bamania | Founder and CEO

If guided by visionary, adept and exemplary leadership, Human Resources (HR) is the function which can transform any business entity from average to the zenith of success. Possessing this extraordinary quality of dynamism, Dax Bamaniaa Highly Successful Young Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Growth Partner, Founder and CEO–has completely redefined the role of HRM with TIGI HR, one of India’s most trusted hiring brands.

Dax, along with Kashyap Dave, incepted this transformational saga in October 2016. TIGI HR is a technical recruiting brand rather than merely a conventional employment agency. The company’s principal focus is to spread joy via employment to improve society since they wish to fulfil that goal.

The firm is helping businesses and startups to fulfil their talent needs by providing top-quality talent from the global market. The top leaders of India presented TIGI HR with an award, and organizations like Business Connect, VyaparJagat, and many more named it the Most Trusted and Most Preferred Recruitment Agency/Brand in India. Today, it is serving 700+ quality clients globally.

Dax is also the Founder and CEO of ‘The Famous’–A creative digital marketing and media agency. The Famous is dedicated to providing content marketing and digital reputation management services. It helps businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to grow their digital networks, which improves the authenticity of professional and personal branding. The Famous is associated with many renowned brands in India and provides services helping them to leap from ordinary to highly authentic digital transformation.

In an exclusive interview with CIOLook India, Dax spoke briefly on the secrets behind his transcendental leadership charisma. Highlights of the eloquent discussion are given herein.

Sir, what was your inspiration behind venturing into the business arena?

I believe in the joy of giving; I don’t just want to make money, I want to contribute to society, and that’s the reason I found a gap in the talent search. I found that many entrepreneurs face too many sleepless nights due to their hiring needs. In the same way, many professionals are struggling to find the right job for their career development needs. To fill the gap, we established our own recruitment and employment agency, TIGI HR.

While running my own business, I found that, as we live in the digital era, traditional marketing will not work for us and many other businesses. I started searching for a good, result-oriented and affordable digital and social media marketing agency, and I came across disappointment. Again, we found a huge future scope and marketing need similar to ours, so I started “The Famous” to provide trusted digital and social media marketing services.

What initial challenges you had to surmount to ensure your enterprise’s success rate reached greater heights?

While starting a new business, most people have problems getting new clients, but I can say that we were good at finding clients. There is also a huge network, a positive approach, and the market needs help to get the client. Then the actual challenges arise of providing quality and value-added services. So, without any experience in a similar industry, we were challenged to meet clients’ expectations, failing to generate our USP.

The second biggest challenge was hiring a quality internal team for our own company. Who can help us grow together but as a recruitment company, we were failing to hire good team members for our own. We roamed around many strategies and started providing high perks and rewards, too many paid-to-hire advertisements, camping, and many more, but still, we could not fulfil our hiring needs.

It was a positive signal for our business that if we have this many problems hiring on our own after providing five days of working culture, an attractive salary structure, good perks, rewards, and many more, along with a positive environment. And many other challenges to managing data in the right way that we could use in the future, keeping an eye on the performance and training of internal teams, shortage of funds and attracting potential talent via multiple channels, etc.

What leadership skills, values, and qualities do you think your clients admire most in you and your company?

We love to take on challenges and fulfil them in the right way to prove our expertise. We work with the highest transparency and empathy, which allows us to understand our clients’ needs faster.

We also schedule and feedback – feed-forward meets with clients on a regular time interval. Most of our clients like to work with us because they get results in min. TAT with customized but classy services that they are looking forward to.

In this context, we would want to make it clear that, yes, we do charge somewhat more than the traditional recruiting market since we incur additional costs to offer the highest quality services.

Our clients and internal team benefit from our AI and automation-based technical approach, which makes it easier than ever before to find and interview qualified candidates.

What USPs highlight TIGI HR’s uniqueness in the industry you are catering to?

Here are some of the solutions to the challenges we were facing, and these are also our USPs, which make us different from the competitors.

Own job portal: A useful organic reach employment portal that is interactive and SEO friendly.

As previously mentioned, we use our own application tracking, data management, and applicant interaction systems (TMS: TIGI Management System).

TLMS: The TIGI Learning Management System enables our internal staff to remain abreast of industry developments and hiring practices.

Extensive network: TIGI HR has a substantial network of franchises and employees committed to providing consistently high-quality services.

Social media recruitment specialist: We are in the era of creators, and social media is a big part of that right now. We are using it effectively to achieve the greatest amount of work possible.

Internet recruiting expert: We use it extremely successfully to satisfy our clients’ expectations of the best possible match. Internet recruiting is also a significant component of the contemporary recruitment strategy.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

Go beyond your myths: Most business owners hold onto several myths and believe they are correct in their beliefs.

Pay attention to your financial structure: In order to keep things moving in the proper direction, attention to finance is required. It can support budgeting efforts and more sensible choices.

Develop a data-driven mindset to increase accountability and transparency. Additionally, it will highlight reality over illusion.

You are not always correct: After experiencing some financial success or during the course of their entrepreneurial journey, many business owners begin to believe that their method is the only right one and cease to pay attention to or ignore reality.

Use social media effectively: Since we are now in the era of content creators and social media, it is simple to connect with customers and promote your company’s offerings, so make the most of it by using it as a lead-generating tool.

Know your audience: It’s important to understand your audience well. Learn more about their likes, purchasing power, age, behaviour, and demographics. It will give you the power to serve them more effectively.

How do you envision TIGI HR’s operations with emerging technologies and automated tools revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations?

In any industry, staying up to date on cutting-edge technology is essential. Automation and technology have caused a significant change in dynamics across every business, and this is also true for the human resources sector.

Between 2011 and 2018, more than $50 billion was invested in companies using artificial intelligence. Additionally, $62.4 billion will be spent alone in 2020 to complete the technology revolution.

Complete internal ERP, ATS, and data analytics system: TMS (TIGI Management System). It enables us to communicate more effectively and offer services more quickly.

An application and web dashboard for internal learning and development is the TLMS (TIGI Learning Management System). It aids in the knowledge transfer and growth of our workforce on a global scale.

There are many recruiting firms on the market, and most use third-party technology either as is or with white labelling. In fact, this raises their fixed OPEX (operating expenditure). It prevents them from buying legitimately relevant datasets off the market, eventually lowering income.