Ram Medury & Manoj Trivedi: Enriching Businesses with the Finest Financial Solutions

Jama Wealth

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals strive to increase business efficiency through process improvements, resource optimization, technological advancements, and effective financial management. Finance is one of the most important functions that must be managed with proper care, planning, arrangement, and investment provisions. Because the business load is vast, ever-increasing, and demanding, in-house finance teams have limitations.

There is a need for professional financial advisors and wealth managers who can handle portfolio planning, management, tax consultation, stock portfolios, wealth management, asset management, and equity on their own. Addressing financial concerns and empowering businesspeople is Jama Wealth Advisory.

The Firm has been offering best of the financial services in diverse verticals. Its two dynamic leaders are Steering its business operations— Ram MeduryFounder and CEO, and Manoj TrivediCo-founder and Director. They lead a diverse and multi-talented team of experienced finance experts in providing clients with the best finance solutions.

The CioLook India team’s interesting interview with Ram and Manoj provided valuable insights given ahead.

Please describe Jama Wealth in detail.

*Who we are

Jama Wealth Advisory creates long-term investment portfolios of high-quality stocks and funds for wealth creation and personal goals. We follow a simple Investment Philosophy called Roots and Wings. A team of industry experts with 60+ years of experience carefully selects stock portfolios. They are aided by machine learning algorithms and operate with a transparent model without any hidden brokerages or commissions.

*Investment Philosophy in Brief: Roots aims to preserve wealth by selecting companies with low debt, consistent ROE/ROCE and promoter integrity. Wings aim to increase prosperity by identifying growing companies (sales/profit/cash flows) that are resilient and have pricing and staying power in their markets.

*Why We Do This

We started Jama Wealth to make investing transparent and free of conflict of interest. As investors, we found that the wrong products were being pushed with high indirect costs. To make investing safer, avoiding untrustworthy promoters and removing emotion using technology from the investing process was important. It helps preserve wealth by reducing drawdowns when markets are choppy. Prosperity happens when people are confident of staying invested in good equities over longer time frames. Our best financial advisory and Wealth management services are designed to help clients make informed investment decisions based on their long-term financial goals. Our models have been geared for this over the years.

*Our Vision

To be India’s most trusted and client-centric wealth advisory, helping people achieve financial independence and wellbeing to grow and preserve wealth.

*Our Mission

Enable better investing advised by industry experts and unbiased research powered by machine learning algorithms, operating on a transparent and fee-based model free of hidden costs.

*Our Investment Philosophy

Jamā Wealth Equity Advisory follows a simple Investment Philosophy called Roots and Wings. A team of industry experts having 30+ years of experience in advisory and research carefully selects stock portfolios. They are aided by machine learning algorithms and operate with a transparent model without any hidden brokerages or commissions.


Roots aim to preserve wealth by selecting companies with low debt, consistent ROE/ROCE and promoting integrity. We prefer to invest in businesses that carry very low debt. Their growth is fuelled by their customers and through internal accruals.

We like companies that consistently reward their shareholders through high levels of Return on Equity, Return on Capital Employed and Return on Assets. It signals not only an efficient business but also one that is shareholder friendly.

We like promoters who demonstrate both skin-in-the-game and soul-in-the-game. Such promoters retain significant business ownership, preventing the ‘agency problem’.


Wings aim to increase prosperity by identifying growing companies (sales/profit/cash flows) that are resilient and have pricing and staying power in their markets. We like companies that have a huge runway of growth ahead of them. Usually, they tend to grow 1.5 to 3 x times that of the GDP Growth.

Brief us about yourself and shed some light on your professional tenure.

Introducing himself, Ram said: I’m the Founder and CEO. My previous experience included Ex CIO at ICICI-L, Poonawalla Fincorp. I have been a fintech leader offering various solutions in Infosys. Completed my MBA from the prestigious IIM Bangalore after my BS in Comp Science.

My 25 years of rich industry experience includes my tenure as Ex CXO at BFSI Majors, Finance Services Leader at Infosys, Ex Consultant, and Global Fortune 100 Firm in Financial Services and Investment Advisory.

Manoj introduced himself: I am an MBA from IIM Bangalore with CA, ICFAI, and an ICWAI Ranker. I am the Director and Co-founder of Jama Wealth and a FinTech Leader and author with 30 years of experience. I am a Certified Equity Research Analyst and Ex Consultant for Global Top 10 IB and Wealth Management Firm. I have gained expertise in Enterprise Valuation, Capital Structure and Project Finance.

What USPs make you stand out as a leading Financial Advisory Firm?

We leverage the power of data science and algorithms to select companies without any bias. We are a team of industry practitioners who have led business operations in leading companies and bring the real-world view of assessing good business to invest in. Offer an investment advisory model that does not include taking custody of clients’ money or stocks.

Our operating model eliminates incentives to create brokerage or transaction-based fees.

What are the immersive benefits of your services to your clients?

  • Long-term wealth creation
  • Complete alignment with client interest
  • Portfolios that are neither highly concentrated nor over diversified and think ‘outside the index’ stocks.
  • Dynamic Rebalancing with timely churn strictly on merit

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the Financial Advisory field, and what are the challenges now?

Initial challenges included 

  • Educating clients on the benefits of the advisory model
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Collaboration with channel partners took time

Current challenges comprise of

  • Balancing the competing demands of clients
  • Managing regulatory compliance

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how technology is transforming the Financial advisory sector and what advancements we can expect in the future.

Technology is transforming the financial advisory sector in many ways. Artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements are making it easier to create algorithms that can analyse data and make investment decisions. It can enable lower fees and a more personalized investment approach. It can be complemented by creating a tailored financial plan for the investors. Technology has also made it easier for financial advisors to communicate with their clients through Online chat, video conferencing, and other digital tools by providing real-time advice and support.

In the future, we can expect even more advancements in the financial advisory sector. As algorithms become more advanced, they can analyse data more accurately and provide personalized investment advice. Blockchain technology has the potential to improve security, increase transparency, and streamline transactions. Virtual reality could be used to enhance the client experience. Clients could use virtual reality to visualize their financial plans and investments. Also, as more and more data becomes available, financial advisors can use Big Data to identify trends and provide insights into market behaviour.

Technology is transforming the financial advisory sector and will continue to do so in the future. As technology advances, financial advisors can offer their clients more personalized and efficient services.

What would be your advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of Financial Advisory Niche?

We would advise an advisor to focus on the following:

Never, ever stop learning. Learning assists us in understanding new and diverse market requirements, as well as current and upcoming trends.

Maintain constant contact with clients. Client interactions provide the best opportunities for professional development and learning. Recognize and respond to the client’s needs as soon as possible. With dedication, focus on client service.

Invest in technology because communication and multitasking are essential in today’s highly competitive and demanding world. Modern applications will give you the confidence and efficiency to use effective solutions.

Build a strong network of professionals from banking, insurance, leasing, finance, and other fields, as any contact or connection can help you with your service.

How do you envision scaling Jama Wealth’s scope and offerings in future?

We see a huge demand for our services. Based on our client feedback, we are registering for a Portfolio Management Service (PMS). It will help our HNI clients who are very busy and do not want the hassle of execution. It will also aid those savvy clients looking for performance-linked fee structures. The other offering we will launch is a sachet-based advisory for clients with smaller ticket sizes.


  • Awarded Best Financial Planning Platforms 2019 (SI)
  • Top 2022 Wellbeing Partners (TW)
  • Best BFSI Brand 2023 (ET)


Mr Ravi S Rao, MD and Member, Board of Directors – “Jama Wealth Equity Investment goes through various backtesting and performance. I do get a sense of comfort and confidence while investing.”

Mr Hirilal Neelakantan, Business Leader – “I found Jama Wealth Equity Investment Advisory very fascinating because of the value it is delivering. Jama wealth is helping me to beat the markets and get more returns.”

Mr Nageshwara Rao Vaisreddy, Sales Leader, Pharma Industry – “I was impressed with the Jama wealth product mainly because of no-hidden cost, no entry or exit loads, not taking custody of my money or stocks. I feel this is a very transparent ad simple model. I am happy with the returns; I recommend this to any investor planning to invest their funds in long-term growth.”

Mr Ramesh Menon, SVP & CFO – Asia, Synchrony – “I have been impressed with Jama wealth performance, rebalancing, the diligence in picking up the stocks and identifying the right bias is very critical, and also I love the model where there are no exit-loads it gives you the flexibility to draw the money at any point of time.”

Mr Suman Sasmal, Ambassador, Coach, Consultant Open EXO – “You should not be working for money. Money should work for you. I trust Jama wealth because it gives me good returns, service, and personal attention. I am very satisfied and happy with the Jama wealth Equity model.”

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