RipenApps: Delivering Sheer Excellence with its Tech-savvy Solutions

Ishan gupta | RipenApps

IT industry is constantly dealing with the alterations and still turned out as a booming industry. The continual revolutions and changes in the IT industry offer technical experts and business owners opportunities to perform the various transformations in their skills and businesses.

Considering the revolutions in the particular industry, RipenApps planned to walk with the latest trends and revolutionize our business process with the latest trends.

RipenApps possess strong business leadership to successfully implement and manage change and encourage its team to move forward and keep learning. While being IT professionals, RipenApps is more open to technological advancements and being business leaders. It is ready to mitigate the risk that change can pose around the employees. The company is prepared to break habits, lead by example, and build a culture of innovation at RipenApps.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Look India, Ishan Gupta, CEO of Ripen Apps, shares insights into the tech industry and how RipenApps is handling its operations. Below are the highlights of the interview.

Describe to us about RipenApps in detail.

RipenApps is more than an IT company, as it is a journey that began to bring the revolution in the technical world with the power of innovative digital solutions and has counted thousands of success milestones in developing and delivering excellent digital products in the form of mobile apps, web solutions, and other software requirements.

Established in 2017, we aim to assist small, medium-sized, and large industries by providing relevant, robust, and optimal digital solutions. We have a team of 150+ industry’s top experts in every domain, i.e., in designing, programming, and business analysis, and the end goal is our client’s success and their customer’s satisfaction.

We comprehend the agile-led methodology and customer-centric approach in crafting mobile and web app solutions (iOS, Android, Cross-platforms, IoT, Wearable & other latest technologies) that is not only intended to solve the problem with technology but also help brands and start-ups acquire new customers as well as nurturing existing customers.

What made you venture into the industry you are catering to?

The IT sector has been embracing changes through innovative technologies, and it assists companies in adopting advanced technology. Innovation, technology, and changes-these three things are interrelated and work as per the need of industries.

Coming up with a strong belief that the inclusion of mobile technology and digitalization of processes for any individual or a business will help them ease their life so that they can be more focused on their core business functions aligned me to establish a venture. The intent and winning technical experience drive me to make a growing venture – RipenApps Technologies.

RipenApps aims to streamline the path that businesses pursue to float their services to their targeted audience with the power of digital solutions so that they can notice an impressive rise in their business at the IT edge.

What kind of offerings do you provide to your clients?

To streamline the business process with the help of efficient and innovative digital solutions, RipenApps provide multiple suites of software development services that carry mobile app development, web app and website development, IT consultations, quality analysis services, UI/UX design, and software required services. We are dedicated to providing technical solutions to the world; we assist EdTech, Healthcare, Social Networking, On-demand, logistics, software, and many other sectors in achieving their business objectives and goals.

La carte of services line:

  • Native App Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • UI/UX App Design
  • Web Development
  • Node JS Development
  • PHP Development
  • Laravel Development
  • Zend Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Beacon App Development

Our app and web development services and developed solutions have been truly prolific by far. We endeavour to synchronize our services and solutions with the latest app development trends and technologies to get a holistic view of demands.

What kind of challenges have you faced while entering the industry you are catering to?

Incorporated in 2017 with four experts under a tiny roof and now delivering excellence with more than 150 experts in 2021 under 12000 sq. ft. workspace! RipenApps got this much success in a couple of years, and success never comes without challenges!

There have been many! Before the inception of RipenApps in 2017, we’ve spent a couple of years working in a big corporation like Times of India and a few big IT companies. We’ve had almost no experience when it comes to running a business, so initially, we had to learn all the procedures.

The company was established under the supervision of only four people. We have started running RipenApps with four minds under one small roof. We’ve started by doing our first sales by ourselves only. On the day of inception, there is only one thing that we have had in our minds. How brilliantly we can serve the best of digital products to the world solves the hurdles businesses face while serving their services to their users digitally. Then we’ve been hiring employees and afterwards.

The challenges never end, and now they are just on a different scale and affect different areas of our operations. One of the most significant changes we went through was our evolution from developers to business/process managers. And hopefully, we’ve achieved that with great numbers. Now our primary goal is to grow the company, employees even further.

How was RipenApps affected in these pandemic times, and what were the steps you took to curb the damages while helping your clients and maintaining the safety of your employees?

Pandemic has brought very tough time for the people across the globe. Everyone, every process, and almost all the businesses and their entire processes have been affected badly during the pandemic. Like most businesses were forced to shut down, and many are still struggling to re-establish themselves. Pandemic has arrived as a challenging one but arrived to check our strength and capabilities of what and how we can overcome the situation.

At RipenApps, we have always considered our employees as important as our customers. Being stuck on the motto to serve our clients efficiently, we never compromised with the safety of our employees. We conducted a remote working process and operated effectively.

We have streamlined our working process in a productive manner because there is nothing that keeps Ripeners up at night more than thinking how the company shall deliver enormous value to their customers who are willing to go digital with their business even during this painful coronavirus pandemic.

The company has followed the ‘5-step Pandemic Business Continuity Plan,’ where they were devoted to serving even better services that they were catering while sitting inside our office walls in this remotely working zone.

  1. Review sales, operational and administrative processes, and activities remotely via various chatting and calling mediums.
  2. They have carefully transferred the right structure of the project and made the project analysis effectively done via Skype call or another source of meets.
  3. Prepared a Business Continuity and Remote Work plan, and the company had developed clear actions required to implement the app development phase.
  4. The company had implemented all the required coding plans by reducing work-place specific dependencies and allocation of responsibilities.
  5. The company channelized a smooth communication process where every team member communicated outstandingly. Each of the Ripeners was trained with a clear, unambiguous pathway to work during the pandemic & committed to delivering the best.

No matter what happens but “We deliver confidence, We deliver trust, and We deliver marvellous mobile app solutions.”

What would you like to advise the young generation of entrepreneurs?

From the shelve of my experience, I would like to convey to all the young entrepreneurs that they are serving customer experience and best results to the users. They must have a master plan with them and the excellence in their core. That is why they have adopted the most responsible job role of providing customers ‘satisfaction,’ but going the extra mile is always mandatory. For those in the technical domain, i.e., app development service provider, just technical expertise is not enough to be successful. Having an extensive command over the market trend and the users’ needs is also essential.

Today, folks are looking for the most comfortable and reliable solutions to enhance their experience and cut the long process into short but swift ones. Keeping knowledge of the existing competitor and their approaches is also important.

At last, I would say that, when you build it right, success will be at your side. With this belief, RipenApps have added many success feathers in their cap and proved that RipenApps is a synonym of Excellence.

Where do you envision RipenApps in the long run, and what are your future goals?

RipenApps is standing at the prestigious place with 500+ delivered apps, 20+ Awards of Best App Development Company, 500+ Million User-interaction + Counting, 150+ clients worldwide, 95% Completion Project Success, and On-Time Delivery, and 150+ Experts Architecting Next-Gen Apps.

Since its inception, we have been providing excellent services to its customers. It’s been four years of serving excellence; nothing could stop us on the way to providing innovative solutions to the world. We delivered projects on time and met the expectation of the clients. Whether it was pandemic or before the pandemic, we never compromised with the quality while delivering the projects to our clients. Our dedication and determination paid well, and we recorded success while being under pandemic stress.

For the future, we are dedicated and keen on serving the optimum digital solutions, and we hope to serve many more clients in the coming years and ornate this globe with the best and innovative digital products.

What is the current industrial scenario of the industry you are catering to?

RipenApps is the global leader at providing the best mobile and web app development services to a wide range of industries. We have had deployed 500+ digital solutions to multiple industries, including EdTech, e-commerce, Healthcare, Social Networking, Dating, On-demand Food Delivery, Travel and Tourism, and many more. Currently, these industries are moving digital and spreading their wings on the broader market. These industries are continually confronted with new demands and desires as users become keener to have comfort and a better experience while using services.

These industries have faced various disruptions in just a couple of years. The world witnessed a vast loss due to the pandemic, and the business and industries have faced various challenges. But, being global digital solution providers, it’s our responsibility to take this disruption into the first gear and provide the digital channels so that they can continue their process of serving their goods and services to the world via the most approachable medium, i.e., mobile apps.

Successful Technopreneur

Not every engineer becomes a company leader. And not every company leader understands how to write code. Ishan is a ‘Successful Technopreneur’ who possesses sharp technical insights along with prolific leadership ethics. He is acute at writing codes to lead a globally renowned mobile app development company. He marvellously unlocks employees’ potential and empowers them to perform their best while driving and monitoring business outcomes; he has formulated an inspiratory success story that every emerging start-up can uncover to mark success into the tech world.