Vertex Global Services: Leveraging Excellence and Providing Ace Level Services  

Gagan Deep Arora | Vertex Global Services

Leveraging media and digital technology to create a brand image and deploying artificial intelligence for an organization’s smart future, business process outsourcing solutions are critical tasks. With these wide arrays of services comes the huge responsibility of being consistent with the services a company provides. One company that is consistently providing top-notch services is Vertex Global Services. With its approach towards its work, the company is leaving a mark on the industry.

Vertex (Group) Global Services provides a diversified portfolio of critical functions, including managed service, performance marketing, artificial intelligence, and staff augmentation. Along with this, Vertex Group has three additional service verticals globally: VCosmos, Vertex Next, Vertex Academy with VCosmos Vertex Group is providing information technology-enabled services, which includes Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Call Centre as a Service (CCaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) including AI, WFA, RPA, etc., and Talent as a Service (TaaS) as key engagement constructs to enable its client’s dynamic growth plans. Vertex NEXT is a new venture of the Vertex Group, which aims at bridging the gap between buyers and sellers through exhibitions and conferences for key markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Up-Skilled Organization

With its position as a leader in the space of technological-led business solutions, Vertex truly dominates the industry. Their only goal is to produce goods and services that are distinctive, distinguished, and uphold their legacy in the technological arena by providing cutting-edge techno-powered solutions. Bootstrapped, Vertex (Group) Global Services was established in 2016. With limited resources and a firm belief in the power of technology, Vertex Group started from a small garage with a two-member team in Miami, Florida. In the initial days, constantly adapting to market transformations and technological innovations was difficult. “It was not easy at scale, but we successfully did it, year on year, achieving 100% growth,” shares Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, and CEO.

The company expanded operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Nepal, UAE, and Africa. This helped the brand skyrocket its reach and establish a global footprint in the market.

Today, Vertex Group ranks 19th amongst the most innovative companies in the world. It has so far served over 3000 clients across six countries and plans to expand its reach every year.

An Influential Man

Vertex’s market and technology-led business solutions space status and respect are exceptional, thanks to their vast array of advanced and custom-made services, which not only speak highly of their carefully selected team of industry experts and masterminds, but also of their able, efficient, allrounder, and unrivalled leader, Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder and CEO.

Mr. Arora, the three-time BEST CEO award winner, is a first-generation software entrepreneur, tenacious leader, and tech evangelist who has effectively established himself as an industry brand name.

Mr. Arora also leads the Delhi Chapter of the Foreign Investors Council, is Director-Global Education for Asia Arab Chamber of Commerce, servicing 52 countries, and is a Delegate for India – Global Chamber of Business Leaders. Gagan has spearheaded Vertex Group’s expansion into six countries in under five years, which has been recognised by the industry and garnered him several honours. It includes 40 UNDER 40 and Asia’s Youngest Entrepreneur by Asia One, which has been covered by CNBC and ET Now. Gagan has also been named one of India’s Top 100 Influencers by GMI and Forbes.

Mr. Arora, a Boston University Certified Entrepreneur, started on his business path as a torchbearer, then as an entrepreneur, and finally as a leader. He has a knack for finding possibilities and keeping ahead of the curve due to his instinctual and razor-sharp mind. “I always operate in a way that is more diversified and encourages more opportunities,” Mr. Arora explains. He founded Vertex in a small garage in Florida. In less than five years, he expanded the firm around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, the Philippines, Nepal, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mr. Arora has worked with a number of top-tier global brands throughout the course of his career of two decades. With a ‘never say never’ attitude and a strong entrepreneurial heart, he has risen to the prominence of the industry while wearing numerous hats.

Vertex Group has harnessed the power of technology by using chatbots, Smart IVRs, AI and Machine Learning, and HR Solutions, leaving no stone unturned. Vertex has deployed smart IVR for one of the major telecom providers, which resulted in saving $1Million every year. Vertex’s foundation has been strengthened by these innovative yet cost-effective solutions, which have resulted in a digital makeover for its stakeholders.

Vertex was named ‘Best Place to Work in India’ by the Best Place to Work ® Institute for its best practices, with ESAT at 94% and Global Score at 92%. Under Mr. Arora’s leadership, Vertex has been ranked 19th amongst the 50 Most Innovative Companies across the globe.

The CEO’s responsibilities change with the progression of time. Mr. Arora’s responsibilities as CEO are not restricted to the company’s profitability and growth, but it does include a broad range of functions. This encompasses risk appetite, opportunity pursuing ability, operational efficiency, including any safety concerns, and the capacity to guide in a crisis, such as a recession or the pandemic.

In addition, as a meticulous leader, he is dedicated to teamwork, motivating employees, maintaining the trust of shareholders, and engaging with stakeholders and the larger community.

He aims to put together a workforce of 100,000 within the next five years. Mr. Arora has emerged as a beacon of hope for many youngsters, equipping them with a platform on which they may contribute to a successful brand whilst remaining financially afloat. “Our clarion call is to innovate, develop, and transform in order to become malleable and susceptible to new challenges and to meet them with flair and flamboyance,” says Mr. Arora.

Exemplifying Journey

Mr. Arora’s keen interest in technology inspired him to share his ideas and views with the rest of the world. He is fascinated by how technological advances have altered the form of the globe, markets, and enterprises. His primary motivation for establishing Vertex Global Services (Vertex Group) was to provide businesses with enthusiastic and devoted services. He sought to use technology to influence the dynamics of company tactics on a larger scale. Despite the fact that his first few start-ups did not take off, he did not give up hope and eventually opted to establish Vertex Global Services.

Mr. Arora started his venture in a garage in Miami, Florida, with only a staff of two people. He quit his job, forgoing salaries and benefits, and worked from a base with only the necessities to achieve his dream, and in less than five years, he has expanded the company across the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, the Philippines, Nepal, the Middle East, and Africa.

Redefining Excellence

Vertex Global Services, headquartered in Times Square, New York, is ranked 19th among the world’s Top 50 innovation leaders. The human experience and service delivery leader has been named Best Company of the Year 2020, and it has received widespread peer recognition for its exceptional employee satisfaction metrics.

Managed Service, Events and Conferences, Performance Marketing, AI and Digital Platforms, Digital Education, Revenue and Retail Mapping Services, and a slew of cloud-tech-enabled services intended for cross-platform development comprise a diverse range of vital tasks.

Vertex (Group) Global Services includes three more service verticals: Vertex Next, Vertex Academy, and VCosmos, with its significant hub offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Nepal, the Philippines, the Middle East, and India. Vertex uses a transformation to produce value and shared success for its customers, people, shareholders, partners, and communities. Vertex has been recognised as a single-window end-to-end execution specialist for the full range of digital services, and human resource augmentation needs due to fruitful alliances with nation-building stakeholders, central and state government partnerships, investors, and clients across the industry spectrum.

Vertex (Group) Global Services is devoted to contributing to a gender-neutral environment, and it supports climate sustainability goals via its different CSR initiatives. It also continues to give to pandemic-affected social groups through skillset contributions and other fundamental support requirements.

Their experience is reflected in result-oriented services, which are a balanced combination of digital channels and PR and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Surpassing the Challenges

Vertex was bootstrapped and was incepted in 2016 and has since then has been a prime independent entity. Struggle in the broad market globe has been one of the team’s primary problems, especially competition for ‘price value of items and services.’ Several aspects might readily impact a customer’s final decision. However, the pricing component has always piqued the interest of purchasers and is largely responsible for changes in corporate strategies and models.

And it is an organization where the majority of its attention is on driving remarkable advancements in goods and services and periodically enhancing the quality of work. Vertex has always put forward impeccable services to clients with premium solutions at cost-cutting prices. “I think our pristine services and value for our clients make us unique and differentiate us from all other existing companies and is the key reason for our long-standing success,” says Mr. Arora.

Overcoming the Difficulties

The year 2020 will go down in history as a watershed year. The globe has been shaken by a worldwide pandemic and has been subjected to significant disruption. However, technology adds a layer of resilience to firms by making the abrupt change in operational patterns less disruptive.

“I feel that the new era of employment has increased opportunities for handicapped individuals,” expresses Mr. Arora. As a result of the pandemic, the Work from Home concept has seen widespread adoption in various industries. It has opened the door for organizations to create or future-proof an inclusive workplace for individuals with impairments. In contrast, disabled persons should have an equal chance to work and make a living.

Having said that, Vertex’s ‘Vertex Digital Academy’ provides a platform for such specially-abled workers to upskill themselves for the changing business world. The school also provides internship opportunities so that students may gain corporate experience before entering the workforce.

Words from the Commander

“Many people believe that to be creative, you must plan, schedule, and brainstorm. This is not my opinion. I believe that innovation cannot take place in a vacuum. Having worked in the sector for over two decades, I can attest to the fact that innovation is deeply ingrained in our DNA,” states Mr. Arora.

“Our employees are a non-obvious reason for our ongoing innovation. We hire exceptional talent that offers out-of-the-box thinking and agility, and then we establish an atmosphere that empowers them with growing space,” adds Mr. Arora.

“We have been recognised as the Best Place to Work because of our equally influential culture. It fosters a flexible environment that fosters opinions and curiosity that allows each person to drive their team as if it were their own company powering their growth, which is yet another fact to our business growth,” expresses Mr. Arora.

Thinking Ahead

Vertex Group’s catchphrase is ‘innovate, design, and transform’ in order to become pliable and vulnerable to new difficulties and then to exceed those obstacles with flair and flamboyance.

Growth is an essential component for everyone at Vertex; it entails providing constant deliverables to customers through a continual process in which both employees and employers work together to create a favourable environment. Creating a growth plan entails entering new markets and segments, which allows the company to expand to new heights. Vertex Digital Academy is Vertex’s entry into the e-learning market, the second-largest after the US and is expected to expand by 15.64 per cent and increase by $48 billion by 2020. They have extended the cores via their train and deploy agenda, which focuses on upskilling people with the particular skill set required by employers, allowing over 100,000 people to be job-ready.

Moving ahead, the organization will use its capabilities to reintroduce services that ensure the quality of human lives by reskilling specially-abled persons and creating work opportunities for them. Vertex currently has 1000+ employees across six countries and expanded to the Middle East and Africa with their new Ventures ‘Vertex Next’ and ‘Vcosmos’ by adding 1500+ employees by the end of 2021.