Sameer Hameed-Growing Kashmiri Businessman Expands in Other States Through his Five Startups

Sameer Hameed
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Sameer Hameed, a young and aspiring businessman from Jammu and Kashmir union territory’s Kashmir Valley, is causing quite a stir in the business community with his remarkable achievements.

Sameer, who is only 29 years old, is the proud owner of five successful startup businesses that are situated outside of the Kashmir Valley. His companies, which are mostly based in Chandigarh and Delhi, are a reflection of his inventiveness and his ability to develop talent. At a young age, Sameer is already managing five start-up businesses and making a name for himself as a prominent talent developer and job provider in five states and union territories, including Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Uttar Pradesh. His five businesses, JD Stoneis, Travkom Adventures, La-Stoniolo Minings, The Beetle Infotech, and Razor Infotech, are operational at various times.

Hameed intends to make it a pan-Indian enterprise before transforming it into an MNC. China and Italy are already clients of his mining enterprises. Rather than only looking for work for himself, Sameer’s entrepreneurial path started with his ambition to help others and create possibilities for them. His drive and creative thinking have helped him become known as a leader in the community and a source of jobs. His businesses operate in a number of industries, such as mining, tourism, technology, infrastructure, and sustainable solutions.

The youthful businessman has prioritized developing his companies while also developing the next generation of leaders. In an effort to support young professionals in growing their careers and developing their abilities, he has launched mentorship programs and training initiatives throughout his organizations.

His trip from the gorgeous Kashmir Valley to Chandigarh and Delhi is quite remarkable. Rather than looking for work, he has seized the chance to become a job creator, opening doors for several young talent. At the moment, Sameer employs between 500 and 1000 people across his five businesses. He is respected in the business world and serves as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs thanks to his creative approach and unwavering commitment.
Through his five businesses, Razor Infotech, The Beetle Infratech, La-Stoniolo Minings, Travkom Adventures, and JD Stoneis, Sameer is not only building a thriving entrepreneurial environment and empowering the next generation of leaders, but he is also attaining personal success. His endeavors include offering necessities and fostering an atmosphere that promotes innovation and teamwork.

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