Sanam & Ajinkya Dhumal: Epitomizing Timelessness of Infinity with Cheerful Luxury

sanam dhumal
Ajinkya Dhumal Founding Director and Sanam Dhumal Principal Designer

Can Inspiration be crafted? Yes. When you use the brush of your imagination, you can paint the canvas of time with your vibrant emotional colours, flowing through your innate creativity, and your inspiration comes picturesque on the blank sheets.

How does a caged thought find a window? By becoming the ever-flowing wind of ideas, flying on the wings of curios birds. It is the unravelling of your experiences shaping themselves in wavelengths of your thinking and erupting out of your vision’s current.

Is unlocking imagination an art too? Yes, of course. However, it is hard to lock the transcendental stream of eternally artistic imagination charging through the volcanic lava of passion, always on the verge of bursting out through a creative heart and truly inspired mind.

When you speak with the duo of Sanam and Ajinkya Dhumal, Principal Designers, of Infinity Architect & Interior Designers, they have their own voice of exciting ideology.

Ajinkya says, “I prefer DRAWING to Talking. It is all about being creative, original, honest and life-touching.”

An Honestly Life-Touching Art

Under the leadership of Sanam & Ajinkya, Infinity’s portfolio entails some of the most prestigious projects. Their leadership is draped in inspiration, and people identify Passion as their other name.

Since its inception, Infinity has successfully designed over a thousand projects. All of them designed and executed with a holistic approach. Ajinkya shares, “One look at any of our projects, and you can feel the passion touching you.”

A powerhouse of creative talent, a skilled workforce, a dedicated team, and a reliable source of vendors is Infinity’s key to accomplishing challenges of any magnitude.

Sanam says, “For us, a Client is actually a Client-Partner. This way, it becomes easy for us to step into his shoes. When we get a requirement to furnish, we never come up with solutions to only these requirements; we would look at it from a 360° perspective and beyond. That is precisely why we are ‘Infinity.’ We are all about the three ‘Is’ of the word ‘Infinity’- Ideate, Integrate, and Implement.”

An Embodiment of Eternal Designs

At Infinity, Sanam Ajinkya and their team’s primary focus is on designing and building genuinely singular spaces that echo unmatched and unforgettable experiences. Commencing in July 2002, their work still emits the same exuberance and ideology for over two decades. The brand Infinity embodies a vision of eternal design, which is teamed with love for what we do that translates into timeless iconic spaces.

Infinity caters to the high-end market and has worked with both residential and corporate clients. The brand is a market leader and recognised domestically as well as internationally for its exclusivity and finesse.

Infinity is led by the dynamo couple, Sanam and Ajinkya Dhumal. Together they aspire to do meaningful and lasting work that exemplifies boundless creativity to make timeless spaces. A testament to Sanam and Ajinkya’s dedication towards a seamless process of creation–be it design, development, or deliverability–are Infinity’s esteemed clients!

Aspiring to Create Magically Enchanting Spaces

Sanam has established herself working with top people since 2007 and finally chose Infinity to do her creative work. She expresses her vision through a massive body of work with an eye for varied textures, exotic materials and the smallest of detailing. Sanam is a spiritual mind with a relentless passion for design; she brings joy, love and an eclectic perspective to everything she puts her hands on. Building purposeful relationships with clients is at the heart of what she does. Ajinkya is a powerhouse in himself and inspires Team Infinity with his unmediated approach.

Speaking about his own inspiration behind venturing into the business arena, Ajinkya says that at Infinity, they are eternally committed to innovative designs which combine with artistic sensibilities. They focus on intricate details, finest quality and uncompromised craftsmanship. These values lead their way and help them create spectacularly luxurious spaces. Ajinkya states, “Putting timelessness at the forefront of our work, we aspire to create magical spaces epitomizing varied and cheerful luxury.”

Visionary Stream of Seamlessness

The avant-garde design of Sanam and Ajinkya is highly published and sort after now. In the initial years, though, they had to fight a lot of challenges to make sure of their designs being uncompromising on aesthetics and quality. They are responsible for creating a benchmark of meticulous attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship, resulting in flawless and ingenious spaces. Sanam says, “The challenges for Infinity still remain the same; we like to work with clientele that appreciates design and our passion for telling visual stories. Choosing the right client is an art we constantly work towards.”

Team Infinity is masterfully led by its Creative Head, Sanam Dhumal. The team comprises a group of individuals who like to express their visions via drawings and create a symphony of work that gives its clients joy. Sanam and the team apply themselves to create bespoke work from bare walls down to the last accessory with all the intricate details. Ajinkya puts, “We fully manage an entire project from concept to completion. This rare ability to envision luxury and execute projects is an attestation to our visionary design team and site management capabilities.”

Team Infinity’s seamless vision from start to end is a result of the process developed by Sanam and Ajinkya, which combines designs with quality products, new construction techniques and the artistry of highly skilled craftsmen.

Integrating People into their Dream Spaces

Regarding the USPs, that highlight the brand Infinity’s uniqueness in the industry, Infinity caters to the high-end market and has worked with both residential and corporate clients. The brand is a market leader and recognised domestically as well as internationally for its exclusivity and finesse. The seamless integration of contemporary design, plush finishes, and unique colour palettes bring to view impeccable spaces.

Infinity is strengthened by happy customers. Sanam feels, “We strongly believe in ‘WOM’, which is Word of Mouth, which is also the vital key to our business reaching its favourable positive outcome. Making clients buoyant is about building great involvement with them, creating memories worth sharing.

Our customers and their feedback about their projects are of utmost priority, and a sense of responsibility to build on their trust. We value our customers, and our uttermost duty is to fulfil their needs and keep them satisfied. Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement which further help our family to grow.”

A Fervently Cheerful Wisdom

As an experienced professional, Sanam and Ajinkya’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is passionately exuberant. He says the industry of Design and Interiors is wide open, and “We invite more and more people to bring their visions and tell their stories via designs and works.”

Anything you do, do it with passion and complete exuberance of unique design. Make sure to have your own and singular approach towards design that best helps you execute the projects. Many new designers suffer a disconnect between design and execution; make sure you follow your process, which enables you to deliver the best for your client.