Savy Electric Vehicles: Realizing India’s Clean, Green, and Sustainable Electric Mobility Dream

Savy Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd
Savy Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd

Though we Indians have not invented the world’s first electric vehicle, believe me when I say that we Indians will be the first country in the world to revolutionize the entire sphere of the cleangreenaccessiblelong-lastingheavy-duty yet affordable, efficient, innovative, futuristic, and sustainable private and public transport and mobility solutions.

One of the first pioneering startups emerging in this noble cause is Savy Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd. Also known as the brandSavë stands as an emblem of innovation and sustainability in the realm of electric mobility. Dedicated to crafting a range of environmentally friendly and high-performing vehicles, Savy Electric Vehicles redefines conventional transportation with its pioneering electric alternatives. Embracing the vision of revolutionizing e-mobility solutions, battery technology, and financing accessibility, Savë is committed to providing efficient and eco-conscious vehicles that cater to diverse transportation needs.

Made in India!

Among its extensive fleet are various innovative offerings:

*CITY-POD: A newly launched e-Auto which is aesthetically superior in its segment, durable and efficient, offering a car like comfort to its passengers at the cost of regular auto-rickshaws rides. It was unveiled at the World of eMobility, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and garnered a global interest.

*TukTuk-E: A three-wheeler passenger vehicle that redefines urban commuting.

*ElecTruck®: A three-wheeler cargo vehicle designed for efficient and eco-friendly logistics solutions.

*Dump Truck®: E-Garbage Van: A purpose-built three-wheeler for waste management and disposal.

*Classic Campus Cart: A four-wheeled campus cart catering to intra-campus travel needs.

*Electric Food Truck: A bike-infused design for a mobile and eco-conscious food truck.

*Mobile Water Van: A bike-designed mobile water carrier for efficient water transportation.

*Cash Dispensing ATM Van: A mobile ATM solution designed for remote areas to facilitate financial services.

*Rural Medical Service Van: A basic first-aid amenities van designed to serve rural and remote areas.

Made for India!

Savë has garnered multiple awards and accolades, acknowledging its outstanding contributions to the electric mobility sector. Each vehicle crafted by Savë is a testament to Founder Chandan Mundhra and his professionally competent team’s commitment to excellence, offering exceptional performance while maintaining environmental sustainability. Savy Electric Vehicles emerges as a pioneering force, catalyzing the electric revolution in the transport industry with its innovative and eco-conscious solutions.

Chandan started his career by working in his family business. He has always had an inclination towards venturing into renewables and clean energy and positively impacting the environment. He says, “I believe, access to clean air is our fundamental right, and vehicular pollution is one of the major causes of degrading/poisioning the quality our breathable air.” Bearing the goal of improving air quality, improving the environment and providing eco-friendly transportation, Chandan came across Electric Three Wheelers and launched it in Gujarat.

Today, Savy EV has emerged as one of the leading brands in its niche. Sharing their guiding philosophy, Chandan says, “It took us almost three years with multiple failures to find our niche. I attribute our success to the most important philosophy: Making life easier for our customers. We don’t just make vehicles; we tailor-make them to suit the customer’s requirement.

Made by Indians!

The EV landscape is continually evolving. Thus, to ensure that it remains adaptable and ahead of industry trends, providing innovative solutions to its clients as an emerging entity, team Savy EV is agile and swift in their approach. Chandan adds, “Adaptability comes naturally when we are scaling. We believe in user-centric innovations and make sure our innovations benefit the end users positively, and it should not be just a cosmetic upgrade.”

Also, understanding user behaviour is the starting point of Chandan and his team’s product development journey and building products/services around it puts them ahead of the industry.

Chandan’s leadership style is often recognized as a driving force behind Savë’s achievements. Shedding light on his leadership and team-building approach, he says, “We are a growing organisation, and there is much more to achieve. I have realized that the most important factors in building and leading an efficient team is uniting the team members who have high teach-ability index, keen on execution and are problem solvers and giving them some free hand in their work. Micromanaging has often led us to delays and loss of productivity.

Electric Revolution on Wheels

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial aspects of the modern EV niche. To integrate these principles into its operations and contribute to a greener future, Savë takes its environmental goals very seriously and is working at various levels to achieve them. “We are switching to using recycled materials available in the market. The use of green Steel for chassis is under trial. All such steps combined will reduce our carbon footprint significantly,” informs Chandan.

In a short span, Savy EV has achieved remarkable success. Chandan highlights a transformative project showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation: “We still consider ourselves an emerging entity willing to make a mark in the e-mobility and public transport space with our EVs. One of the challenging and exciting projects we did was build Mobile ATMs for HitachiThe ATM was mounted on a vehicle, had advanced security features, and transformed Hitachi’s unit economics per ATM. The mobile ATMs were breaking even earlier than the fixed machines.”

In the realm of EVs, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency. While leveraging technology to optimize its services and stay ahead in a digital age, Chandan believes digitalization is the key. “We are digitalizing right from manufacturing and dealer management to after-sales service.” The beauty of going digital is initially, it is difficult to adapt, but once done, it enhances efficiency multifold. Every function of the organisation is measurable. Efficiency can only be improved if it can be measured.

Investing in Team Building

The workforce is the cornerstone of any successful organization. To foster a culture of growth, skill development, and empowerment among his team, Chandan, an avid learner, encourages every team member to keep learning any skills relevant to their career. “We enrol them to various industry-relevant courses, seminars, etc.,” he states.

As an emerging startup in the EV industry, Savy EV faced its share of challenges. Chandan accepts that challenges keep cropping up daily. However, one of the most satisfying events was when they delivered a customised ambulance van to Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad. “We had booked the order, but the facility where the vehicle was supposed to be used was very narrow, and our regular vehicles couldn’t fit.”

This vehicle was to be used in the Trauma centre building and should be able to enter the lift. “Later, we discovered the lift was 40 years old and had 1000mm of width. We had to entirely redesign the whole vehicle, build and run it successfully and deliver it in shortest span of time. We were short of resources and time.” 

This is where team Savë’s resilience and ingenuity triumphed over adversity. Chandan proudly says, “Due to our team, the feat was accomplished, and we got many accolades from the Government.”

An Eye Opener Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped industries globally. Chandan informs that it was an eye-opener for the entire civilization. The environmental impact of vehicular pollution become so evident that the people and the Government are inclined to EVs. “In a nutshell, COVID-19 has positively impacted our business, and we have been witnessing consistent growth.”

Today, EVs go beyond the physical realm, touching on safety, security, and well-being. Chandan and his team, Savy, make immense efforts to address these critical factors in their service offerings. “During the vehicle designing and building process, we minutely observed the Indian driving pattern, road conditions and other allied infrastructure (charging infra) which will be required to make Indian driver-compatible electric vehicles. We factored in overloading and have features that can restrict the vehicle’s motion if it exceeds the prescribed loading limit. Also, we have sensors enabled in the battery, which cuts off the power when the battery overheats. These are but a few advancements that we have given as standard features in our vehicles,” says Chandan.

Adding Environmental Positivity Impact to the Future Public Transport

Looking to the feature, Chandan aspires to continue making a significant impact on India’s electric vehicle landscape by upgrading the public transport scenario in India with their best-in-class Electric vehicles. “All the sectors in India have seen considerable advancement over the past 50 years. But when it comes to public transport vehicles, we are stuck with the same old redundant vehicles. We have attempted to break that notion and add comfort, aesthetics, dignity and environment positive impact to this space, and so far, the results are satisfying,” he concludes.

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