YoCharge: Empowering Global Sustainability Ecosystem by Electrifying India’s EV Future


One of the biggest obstacles to the widespread adoption of sustainable transport by embracing electric vehicles is the unavailability of charging infrastructure across the geographies. Entrepreneurial spirits keen to solve the problem face another major issue: how to approach it and where to start.

All these hurdles are going to be things of the past, as here comes YoCharge, https://yocharge.com/. The digital platform for enabling Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles.

Imagine a world where charging your electric vehicle is as seamless as filling up your petrol tank. That’s the vision behind YoCharge. They recognize that the biggest barrier to India’s widespread EV adoption is the lack of charging infrastructure. But instead of just building stations themselves, they’re empowering entrepreneurs and enterprises to become the driving force.

The Founder and Chief Executive OfficerJaideep Singh Shaktawat’s mind is revolutionary. “Our platform enables Entrepreneurs and Enterprises to Launch, Operate and Scale their EV Charging Station business. As a trusted partner of electric vehicle charging technology, our goal is to make charging of electric vehicles green, easy, safe, reliable, and cost-effective.”

Forget the range anxiety and say goodbye to the hunt for elusive charging stations – India’s electric vehicle revolution is on the fast track, and YoCharge is paving the way. Launched in 2022, this innovative platform isn’t just another EV company; it is…

A Game-Changer for Sustainable Transport

Think of YoCharge as the ultimate EV charging springboard. Their digital platform provides everything you need to launch, operate, and scale your own EV charging station business. From finding the perfect location to managing charging, payments, and even energy optimization, YoCharge offers a comprehensive suite of tools and support.

And it’s not just about India. This innovative platform is already making waves across ten countries, helping businesses deploy charging networks and fueling the global EV revolution.

But the YoCharge story is more than just technology. It’s about a mission: to make EV charging green, easy, safe, reliable, and cost-effective. The team led by Jaideep is passionate about sustainability and understands that affordable, accessible charging is key to unlocking the full potential of electric vehicles.

So, the next time you hear the buzz about India’s EV boom, remember YoCharge. They’re not just one of the most promising companies in the space; they’re the digital backbone shaping a cleaner, greener future for transportation. This is where the EV revolution starts. This is YoCharge.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the story of YoCharge’s inception and discover how they’re empowering everyday heroes to become charging station pioneers?

The Journey Begins Right Here!

At the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26), over 30 countries, six major vehicle manufacturers and other actors, like cities, set out their determination for all new car and van sales to be zero-emission vehicles by 2040 globally and 2035 in leading markets, accelerating the de-carbonization of road transport, which currently accounts for about ten per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric vehicles help to tackle climate change as they have zero tailpipe emissions. Team YoCharge aims to accelerate this transition to EVs by enabling entrepreneurs and enterprises to access technology to build charging infrastructure and provide Seamless to electric vehicle users.

YoCharge Inception

Before starting YoCharge, Jaideep worked on energy transition for bulk electricity consumers, advising and implementing projects to transition electricity consumption from power grid to distributed, cleaner generation like Solar. He recalls, “Our interest and business allowed us to keep a tab on the consumption pattern and energy demand across geographies.”

With the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles, electricity demand data has also started entering the public domain. Jaideep and his team could identify some early trends as to how the increase in electric vehicles, coupled with energy transition and net-zero movement, could lead to a complicated and interesting problem to solve.

YoCharge’s Green Mobility Missions:

  • Democratise the development of EV Charging Station Infrastructure.
  • Deliver a hassle-free, easy, cost-effective, reliable and joyful Charging Experience.
  • Provide enabling technology support to accelerate the transition to e-mobility.
  • Create a ‘From India for the World Solution.
  • Go beyond zero emissions and ensure not just e-mobility but green mobility by using electricity from renewable sources.

Values and Philosophy

Jaideep says, “We promote and propagate SELECT value system as part of our DNA. SELECT is the driving force behind how we work within our organization, community and with our business partners. Through SELECT, we aspire to create a vibrant company culture where creativity can blossom, people can grow, and success can flourish.” SELECT includes:

~Safety and Sustainability:

  • Ensure the highest personnel and equipment safety standards are followed at all times.
  • Ensure executed work is sustainable and minimize any negative implications for the environment.


  • Facilitate initiatives by individuals and foster ownership of tasks.
  • Provide individuals with the opportunity to improve skills, make decisions, lead and grow.


  • Pursue creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
  • Continuously develop and deepen our knowledge of business and skills.


  • Ensure honesty, fairness and accountability in all aspects of work.
  • Conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics.

~Customer First:

  • Respect customers, listen to their requests, understand their requirements, and exceed expectations.

~Team Work:

  • Respect and embrace diversity in culture, approach and ideas.

YoCharge DNA

According to Jaideep, one of the major challenges to the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles is the lack of Charging Infrastructure. Many entrepreneurs and enterprises want to tap this opportunity and launch an electric vehicle charging business, but they do not know where to start.

“At YoCharge, we took this problem statement itself as the first mandate and started developing a platform that could enable interested parties to launch their charging network,” says Jaideep.

The fundamental thesis of YoCharge is that the team is an ecosystem enabler. “We do not aspire to be a major player in the Indian EV Charging Industry. Instead, we aspire to create a platform enabling anyone to be a player in the Indian EV Charging Industry.”

Consequently, as they enable more and more players to be stakeholders in the Indian EV ecosystem, the impact grows exponentially.

Evolution in Charging

The Charging Industry sits at the crossroads of the Power Sector and Electric Vehicle manufacturers and needs to evolve with development in both these sectors. “At YoCharge, we bring the expertise of both these worlds together.”

The YoCharge team is a careful mix of experts from power, electric vehicles, and software, working closely on market requirements and anticipating needs. “Rather than working on a problem, our approach is to anticipate problems and proactively build solutions for it.”

Leadership and Working in YoCharge

Sharing his leadership approach, Jaideep says he does not believe in empowerment and ownership. Externally, YoCharge empowers its clients to do business better, but internally, YoCharge empowers its employees, partners, and vendors to own the process.

The key driving force is always the desire to excel and set benchmarks, first trying to achieve them and then improving. Jaideep states, “We believe that success is not a destination but a journey, with each day being a successful day with respect to the past but a failure when compared to the future.” The key is to keep on delivering and improving.

The Product Development

Jaideep claims that building a great product is a continuous process. This requires a direct connection with end-users, understanding not just their scaler requirement of charging but the vectors like state of mind, anxiety triggers and many other factors that can directly or indirectly impact their experience.

Achieving a delicate equilibrium between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction. “Our approach centres on a holistic strategy involving several key elements such as an agile framework, a customer-centric feature development process, and data-driven decision-making. Also, our technology stack is designed to handle increasing demand seamlessly, maintaining optimal performance even during periods of rapid expansion.”

Tackling Challenges, the YoCharge Way

Jaideep shares that as a bootstrapped business, they faced challenges from the word go. In their earlier days, they did not have electric vehicles for testing and had to borrow them. Consequently, the team developed virtual chargers and a virtual electric vehicle payload to streamline their software development and simulate real-time behaviour.

Building a Sustainable Future

The electric vehicle industry, in general, and India, in particular, have a long way to go. “Our vision is based on our value philosophy to use technology as a tool to build a more sustainable, equitable and robust electric vehicle ecosystem,” states Jaideep.

YoCharge aspires to be a long-term stakeholder in Journey, starting early and working as a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India and globally.

He concludes, “We are dedicated to the success of our clients in improving the quality of life and building a sustainable future.”