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Secured Security Solutions
Secured Security Solutions

In unreliable contemporary times, ‘Security’ in advance is an essential aspect of living and safeguarding lives and things necessary is a crucial part of life. As stated astutely by Secured Security Solutions’ Director Randeep Sharma, we live in a world full of uncertainties where we cannot imagine any entity without a security backup.

Security has come to mean different things to different people. Everyone needs to be secure in every aspect of life and property. With the alarming rise in crime rate, the term security has taken a different dimension altogether. All this has created a new arena of opportunities and avenues, coupled with added responsibilities.

Changing climatic pattern, erratic rainfall, and floods in unexpected areas are a few examples of today’s uncertainties, which leads to risks and requires effective risk management. Thus, the role of security comes to play.

The security concept has undergone a radical change in the past few years. It’s not only a task of watching and warding mechanized gates and boundary walls. Still, it requires deep studies in Risk Analysis, Business Impact Analysis, Loss Prevention Management Systems, Disaster Management Plans, Information Security, and many more systematic approaches to security solutions. Keeping the broad concept of Security in mind, Secured Security Solutions Pvt Ltd was established in 1988.

A Commitment to Ultimate Security

Secured Security Solutions has the proud privilege to employ more than 8000+ personnel providing security services to Corporate, Industrial Houses and government organizations throughout India. Some of SSSPL’s esteemed clients are Bharti Tele-net, Birla Group of Companies, Larsen and Turbo, Ultra-tech cement, Monnet Ispat ltd., Bank of Karnataka, State bank of India, State Bank of Indore, Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and many important institutions like hospitals, educational institutions, and newspapers.

What We Do

Secure Solutions: SSSPL has a solid reputation for quality and reliability, providing a wide array of services to individuals, businesses, and government organizations in most areas of India.

Housekeeping and Pest Control: SSSPL is keen to clean everything and anything dirty, dusty, and stained. The team believes that a clean place is a healthy place. Whether it is your home or office, they ensure a healthy environment for you and your family.

Cash Transit Protection: SSSPL is the unanimous choice for CIT services in various commercial houses. With unsurpassed security and safety, advanced technology, nationwide coverage, and comprehensive protection.

SSSPL offers cash-in-transit services for the safety and security of transporting valuables and protecting the business from the risk of handling cash. The firm patronize many Government and Private sector Banks for their ATM operations.

Specialized Training: SSSPL provides security training to guards deployed at various clients’ locations. The firm allows guards and clients to refresh and learn new modules about multiple security aspects.

Life Security

SSSPL has a solid reputation for quality and reliability, providing services to individuals, businesses, and government organizations in most areas of India. The team does it with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

SSSPL provides standard security solutions for individuals, businesses, and government organizations. Please see the list below to understand where your personal security requirements may reside.

  • Body Guards
  • Executive Protection
  • Surveillance

Property Security

SSSPL delivers strong, resilient and enduring solutions to the more demanding requests of both public and private sector property management.

SSSPL is perfectly placed to provide specialist teams to deliver innovative solutions to match your needs with various operation centres across India.

SSSPL is the professional quality leader in specialist property services, delivering unrivalled levels of customer service to the public and private sectors for over three decades.

Security Training

The trainings covered are Effective Security, Fire Drill and Security Drill, including evacuation during the emergency and First AID. Training is delivered during the day and at night to suit the client’s requirements.

Highlights of the Training

  • Managed by Ex Defence Service Personnel.
  • Training Methodology includes classroom lectures and outdoor activities.
  • The syllabus is as recommended by Private Security Regulation Act 2005.
  • SSSPL also offer cost-effective security training, as required under the PSAR Act 2005.

According to Randeep not only do they train their guards in classrooms, but more so at the sites, apt to the specific requirement of each site. The strength of this training makes their guards meet the growing expectations of every customer.

Crisis Management

SSSPL offers Crisis Management Services designed to enhance clients’ planning success and survival against any crisis.

Randeep explains that their first step is assessing clients’ emergency preparation. “Secondly, we determine the impact during the worst conditions and what exactly clients need to do to close the gap between their current position and the positions which need to optimize recoverability and smooth running of a business. Our service area includes:”

*Analysis – What are the things that should be known?

*Strategy – What options are feasible to prevent, mitigate and recover from an unforeseen critical incident?

*Design – What to do and how to do it?

*Implementation – How does one achieve measurable results quickly for the Crisis Management program?

Security Consultancy

SSSPL offers Security Consultancy Services to provide clients with a safe and secure environment for their people, property and profits. It uses modern security management techniques for an Integrated Security Solution with cost-effective options.

SSSPL’s Consultants have vast experience designing a Total Integrated Security Solution to meet all requirements or address any issue relevant to the assignment.

Security Equipments

SSSPL provides state-of-art electronic security equipment like CCTV, DVR, IP cameras, Speed domes, Network surveillance equipment, Proximity Card, Fingerprint Reader based Time Attendance systems and Access control, Burglar Alarm Systems, Remote Surveillance systems, EAS products, RFID Solutions and other security equipment to its clients on their specific request.

Security Audit

SSSPL offers a security audit service, a specified process designed to assess the security risk any business faces. The process also includes the controls and countermeasures the business should adopt to handle those risks.

It is typically a process managed by a team of ‘auditors’ with technical and business knowledge of the company’s assets and business processes. As a part of any audit, these teams will interview key personnel, conduct vulnerability assessments, catalogue existing security policies and controls, and examine assets covered by the scope of the audit.

Your Indestructible Shield

Randeep is one of the Directors of the Secured Group of Companies (SSS). He has always been a man of intellect, excellence, and commitment. He has managed to transform the company environment and help it progress to the pinnacle of success since joining the Secured Group of Companies (SSS).

What distinguishes Randeep from others is his extremely talented and eccentric personality, a one-of-a-kind blend of dedication, innovation, and creativity to complete the tasks that are most important to him and the company.

Randeep is a laureate in the company’s pool of dedicated employees, shining brightly in the armour of success of the Secured Group of companies (SSS). His tremendous and dynamic efforts have streamlined the company processes and opened new gateways towards innovation, sustainability, and success for every company member.

Secured Group of companies (SSS) is in the Top 10 Most Trusted Security Companies listed by the Insight Success Magazine.