SMC Realty: Offering You Your Best Suited and Customized Dream Real Estate Solutions  

SMC Investments and Advisors  Limited

The foundational principles of the realty industry are grounded in the evolutionary rhythm of modernistic times. Similar to the contemporary moments progressing on the cross-section of the past and future, the real estate sector found its forward momentum in the transformed realities of post-pandemic periods.

In these changed veracities, those with the long-term vision of offering their clients everything they desire in a dream real-estate project are very few. Among these few advisors, SMC Realty stands out as a shining beckon because it is committed, devoted, and dedicated to offering the best of everything to its clients.

Under the astounding guidance of Ms. Anshika Aggarwal, the whole time Director, SMC Realty is a professionally managed real estate advisory that offers a fully integrated platform of perfectly devised real estate solutions to investors, corporate, and property owners throughout the country.

Your Trust Means Everything to Us

Stating their vision, Anshika says it is ‘To be a highly admired and respected real estate advisory in terms of its professional workforce, robust processes, sound systems, and extensive and innovative product range backed by above-average investment performance and trusted advice.’ “And our mission is to provide customized real estate solutions to our valued clients best suited to their needs and requirements,” she adds.

SMC Realty is India’s leading real estate advisors with a strong presence in the residential, commercial, and retail sectors. The company’s unique selling propositions (USPs) include the following:

  • A customer-centric approach.
  • Adhering to previously established deadlines.
  • Partnering with only reputed developers.
  • Using innovative technologies.
  • Focusing on sustainability.

The company has a well-built reputation for offering luxurious living spaces with high-quality amenities with a major focus on value for money. With a strong track record of selling quality projects of reputed developers, SMC Realty is a trusted name in the Indian real estate market.

SMC Realty has established itself as the most trusted brand in the modern business arena through various factors. One of the key reasons is the company’s reputation for working with only the best people, who have a proven track record of excellence. It, in turn, has helped build strong partnerships with major stakeholders within the industry. The company’s commitment to quality control at every stage of the process has also contributed to its success. As a result, SMC Realty enjoys a loyal customer base, with many recurring customers and referrals from friends and family members of existing clients.

Your Faith in Us is Our Reality

SMC Real Estate Advisors Pvt. Ltd is a leading real estate advisory firm that provides a wide range of services to clients. It includes investment, asset management, and transaction advisory. The primary focus is on offering a range of residential and commercial properties to customers in the real estate market. According to Anshika, what makes SMC Realty stand out in the cutthroat competition is its ability to gain trust and establish long-lasting relationships with its stakeholders and customers.

While many other companies may offer similar projects and deals, SMC Realty has built a strong reputation of trust and reliability – by just keeping up with every word being ever said to the customers. In addition to this, SMC Realty also maintains transparency in all its deals. SMC Realty strives to ensure that its clients are informed every step of the way, from project details to pricing and payment options.

Our Commitment to Your Delight

She furthers that they understand that some clients may need assistance obtaining loans or upgrading their properties. Hence, they offer in-house loan assistance presented by another vertical (- India Ka to make the process smoother and more accessible for those in need. They believe in providing a personalized experience for every client. Therefore, they have assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to assist with all aspects of the project, from initial consultation to post-sale support.

RMs are trained to provide excellent customer service. They are always available to address any concerns or questions the clients may have. Due to such practices in place, SMC Realty has a customer base of 15,000+ loyal and recurring clients. It is a testament to exceptional customer service and commitment to quality. The aim is to build long-term relationships with clients and provide them with the best possible experience throughout their journey.

SMC Realty has exclusive tie-ups with over 350+ trusted developers. It enables the company to offer a wide range of properties to clients. “Additionally, the preferential inventory allocation with the developers helps our clients access the best properties available,” says Anshika, a highly accomplished professional who has made a significant impact in the niche of real estate and mortgage advisory.

A Leader with You Forever

Anshika, a qualified Chartered Accountant by profession has worked with renowned firms such as Ernst & Young, where she honed her financial management, risk assessment, and corporate governance skills. After gaining valuable experience, she joined the SMC Group as the Director of Real Estate Advisory and Loan/Mortgage Advisory verticals. Since then, she has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth. She was recently bestowed with the title ‘Most Promising Women Leader 2021’ by Economic Times along with many other feathers in her cap.

She is actively contributing towards positioning SMC Realty as a dominant player in the Real Estate Advisory space. She is effectively streamlining and strengthening the processes and systems across the different functions of the company, right from initiation of a transaction till its completion Ms. Aggarwal is also ensuring enterprise wide automation and optimal use of digital technology, comprehensively.

Under her leadership,  the Real Estate Advisory and Loan/Mortgage Advisory verticals have witnessed significant expansion, with a strong focus on providing innovative solutions to clients. Her expertise in business expansion and corporate strategy has helped the company tap into new markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities, leading to a strong growth trajectory.

Anshika’s leadership style is centered on empowering her team and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Her dedication to building a strong team has resulted in a highly motivated and talented workforce committed to delivering exceptional services to clients.

Her journey in the real estate and mortgage advisory niche has been nothing short of remarkable. She has been instrumental in driving the growth of the SMC Group’s Real Estate Advisory and Loan/Mortgage Advisory verticals. She is a valuable asset to the company. Her dedication, expertise, and leadership skills have made her a role model for aspiring professionals in the industry.

Our Aim Your Comfort

Anshika is also ensuring enterprise-wide automation and optimal use of digital technology comprehensively. As an early adopter of technology, SMC Realty has streamlined operations with increased efficiency and reduced costs. Putting modern technologies such as AI and ML to the best use has significantly impacted the industry it caters to. The dynamic and adaptive approach has helped leverage these technologies to the company’s advantage. During the pandemic, SMC Realty achieved targets smoothly while other companies struggled to survive. It became possible because of existing access to up-to-date daily technological operations. The growth was enabled by incorporating new technologies over the last three years.

AI and ML have been particularly useful in analyzing large amounts of data to identify trends and patterns, enabling the company to make more informed decisions about the properties offered and the markets served. An impactful change is also being noticed with the implementation of advanced chatbots and virtual tour technologies. It allows  customers to browse and view properties remotely, providing a convenient and safe experience during the pandemic. Hence, increased sales within a lesser timeframe. Overall, SMC Realty’s adoption of modern technologies has positively impacted the industry. It allowed the company to stay ahead of the curve and offer its customers the best possible experience.

According to Anshika, real estate advisory firms face several challenges including market volatility and competition from other firms. The estate industry has become more volatile in the past decade, with increased uncertainty and risk for investors and developers. Additionally, the industry is highly competitive. To overcome these challenges, SMC Realty focuses on innovation and using advanced technologies and data analytics to give clients real-time insights into market trends and conditions. The company invests heavily in talent development and training, ensuring employees have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Realty Wise Real Advice

For those aspiring to venture into the real estate niche, Anshika advises budding entrepreneurs to focus on creating value and solving problems for their customers, stay persistent, and be open to learning and adapting as they go. She adds, “I would like to see more women in leadership roles in this industry. So, for women who aspire to venture into the real estate niche, my advice is to believe in yourself, seek out mentors and allies, and not be afraid to speak up and assert yourself in an androcentric industry. Remember that your unique perspective and skills can be valuable assets in this field.”

Your Prosperity Our Future

On envisioning scaling SMC Realty’s operations and offerings in the future, Anshika divulges that SMC Realty is committed to expanding the real estate business and elevating the industry by reaching new heights in 2023. This ambitious goal will be achieved through a three-pronged approach. It will be focused on building strategic partnerships, improving customer commitment, and leveraging technology to the fullest extent.

Firstly, the focus is on forging alliances with efficient developers renowned for their excellence and innovative products. By partnering with such entities, SMC Realty will bring game-changing projects to market, driving growth and thus reiterating the company’s reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Secondly, a targeted strategy to improve customer retention, engagement, and satisfaction through a range of intriguing initiatives, including tailored communications, personalized marketing, and targeted customer service, which will help to create and recognize the loyal and engaged customer base.

Finally, technology will play a central role in realizing SMC Realty’s sky-high aspirations. Leveraging the latest technological tools and systems to streamline operations and improve efficiency. It allows the company to respond nimbly to changing market demands and stay ahead of the curve. Using data-driven insights to optimize decision-making and generate a competitive advantage, positioning SMC Realty as a trailblazer in the real estate space.

SMC Realty’s Hall of Fame:

  • Women in Real Estate awarded by Vilas Javdekar, 2022
  • Best Performance & Highest Sales in Pune awarded by Vilas Javdekar, 2022.
  • Most Promising Women Leader of the Year 2021 by Economic Times
  • North India Best Employer Brand Award for the Year 2022
  • Exceptional Performer of the Year, 2021 by Joyville.
  • Excellent Performer of the Year, 2021
  • Emerging Superstar Channel Partner, 2021 by Kohinoor.
  • Outstanding Performer, 2021.
  • North India’s Women Leader of the Year 2021
  • 30 Dynamic Business Women To Watch in 2020 by CEO Magazine
  • Excellent Performerof the Year 2020 by Joyville.
  • The Stalwartof the Year 2020 by VTP.
  • Emerging Superstar Channel Partnerof the Year 2020.
  • Best Performerof the Year 2019 by Godrej Properties.
  • Sales AchievementAward, 2019.
  • Corporate Brokerof the Year (National), 2019.
  • HomeKraft Excellence Award
  • Making India Affordable Award, 2019.
  • One Thousand Crore Club, 2018
  • India’s Best Real Estate Brokerof the Year, 2017-18.