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Shomish Edtech Private Limited

To become a successful business venture, every incredible idea must pass through the crucible of reality. Furthermore, it must absorb all of the necessary pragmatism infused by changing market scenarios. It is the only way that idea will survive the test of time and succeed.

Shomish‘s idea came to the mind of Susanta Shome at the beginning of 2019. At that time, idea was to start a highly effective AI-enabled mock-test portal. He puts, “Education is the backbone of every society. In this digital age, we should use technology to deliver the highest quality education to every nook and corner at an affordable price. There are so many A-Class students who can do great if a proper facility is extended to them which they can access anytime and from anywhere.”

But at the end of 2020, the idea was completely refurbished after getting a lot of input from the market. Finally, Shomish was launched at the beginning of 2022 and started getting a lot of appreciation. “Keeping that in mind, providing world-class online Education through our user-friendly and effective platform/app is our promise to society,” says Susanta.

Your Edu-Tech Teachers

Shomish is the result of the hard work of a highly experienced team in the field of Education which helps it to be one of the best EdTech/Edutech solutions in the market. In 2022, Shomish received many awards and accolades. Shomish has won two all-India level competitions of the Central Government and raised an investment. Wadhwani Foundation’s Global Jury has certified Shomish as a ‘Real Venture with very high prospects to become a big business. SilliconIndia Magazine has awarded Shomish one of the ’10 Best Virtual Tuition and Coaching Startups 2022′. Shomish is also registered with Startupindia and MSME.

At present, Shomish provides top-notch and complete preparation for Government Job Competitive Examinations. Students can get plenty of free content regularly in the App, website (, and YouTube channel in different languages.

Students can do 360-degree preparation effectively for their local as well as other Examinations in their preferred language(s) at an affordable price.

Shomish has its own strong video content, Teachers, text content, other content (like Current Affairs, Mock-tests, etc.), content developers, editing team, software development team, marketing team, etc., and ready to go to the highest gear.

The App You Will Love to Download

Shomish has got 10,000 downloads in a short period with the least possible marketing and got near to 5-stars on Facebook, Google, and Playstore which shows students’ love for Shomish. “We are positive that in the next few months, people will fall in love with Shomish more for sure,” promises Susanta.

He furthers that after doing the groundwork for years, they have launched their online learning platform in the market for the students to clear the Competitive Examination with confidence. They surveyed almost 2,000 students before launching the system so that they can be sure that their students will be benefited from this product. Their study materials, Practice Tests, Mock Tests, Current Affairs, and Video Classes are developed by multiple highly experienced teachers, “So that we can be sure that we are providing good value to the students,” states Susanta.

They focus on the best study materials, best video coaching, best live coaching, Mock-tests, and Current Affairs. Their user-friendly and smooth app helps students to learn from top teachers. “The result of our students encourages us the most to do even more every day,” he says.

Effective Coaching

He adds, “We have strict quality control for all types of services that we are providing to our beloved students. We understand very well that getting a highly effective coaching centre is not easy and we should help to solve this issue for our students.”

For now, students will be able to prepare for Competitive Government Job Examinations (Sarkari Naukri) like TPSC, TCS-TPS, SSC (SSC CHSL, GD, CGL), Tripura and Central TET (CTET, TET-1, TET-2), STGT, LDC, SI, BANKING, ARMY, TSR, RAILWAY, ARMY, Other JRBT, etc. “We try our best to provide unmatched value even in our FREE Courses. We provide Free Job/employment Notification alerts, Daily Current Affairs News, and many more regularly,” he adds.

A Powerfully Knowledgeable Vision

With the Vision to be one of the most reputed and valued EdTech players in the market, presently Shomish provides education for Govt. Job Exam Preparation by using the following features:

  • Mock-Test.
  • Current Affairs.
  • Full-Course portal (Recorded+live classes, MT, CA, Notes).
  • Study Material.
  • Live Test.
  • Free ‘Daily Current News.’
  • Free ‘Do you know.’
  • Free Job Notification.
  • Free Study contents.
  • Free blogs for Website.
  • Free Notes.

Shomish covers many courses already. Some of the courses are SSC, Banking, Railway, TPSC, TCS/TPS, and Tripura-TET. Shomish is on the verge of starting more courses soon, especially courses from other states.

Susanta expresses, “Our past experiences, high-quality content, efficient teaching, and most importantly the powerful team will surely keep us ahead of the competition.”

The core team of Shomish has a high level of Expertise. Executive Chairman and CEO, Susanta has more than 17 years of extensive experience working in various posts in various parts of India and Africa besides being Country CTO in East and West African Countries, and CEO of IT and Educational organizations. The Chief Academic Officer, Tushish Kar has around 13 years of teaching experience and he is known as a top-class teacher. Chief Operating Officer, Pradipta Biswas has a high amount of knowledge in Graphic designing, Video Editing, and overall Marketing. The combination of these three along with other great team members is a big reason behind the fast growth of Shomish.

Fostering an Immersive Learning Ecosystem

We hope, in the coming days we will grow faster than ever before as we are ready to start in a bigger way now after years of hard work,” conveys Susanta.

For Shomish AI and ML would be the strongest point in the coming days. He shares, “For now, we are implementing the data analysis capability in the platform which will help the students highly. In the future, we will start working heavily in AI and ML too which is an important thing.” AI and ML have a good possibility in the coming days. Besides too many advantages, present EdTech solutions have some disadvantages as compared to Classroom coaching. “We should reach a level where we can create something which will overcome those disadvantages. Thus our Education system will become powerful enough to be at par with global benchmarks,” feels Susanta.

Susanta reveals that two major challenges faced in the initial phase were:

  • Fund issue,
  • Unavailability of skilled employees (which is also connected to the fund directly or indirectly).

Considering the current industry scenario, if we talk about the challenge, we need more and more funds to get faster growth which is a challenge for almost all Entrepreneurs who are in this stage,” he mentions.

Foraying into a Farsighted Future

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the EdTech industry, Susanta says that this industry is of Multi-billion-dollar valuation. A lot of companies can fit here easily. But new entrepreneurs should keep in mind that nothing is so easy and nothing is impossible. He says, “I would like to welcome all the budding entrepreneurs in this Noble industry.”

On envisioning scaling Shomish’s operations and offerings in the future, Susanta shares that they started the App with four features, and presently, the app has 12 features. “We are working day and night to improve the features continuously,” he insists. Besides that, several people are working hard to create a huge amount of free content. They are also thriving heavily to create paid features. Marketing is also a key factor for such business, “As we must inform the ones who need our services. We are doing new things for this purpose too,” he reveals.

Presently we are active in Tripura and very soon we will launch all over North-East and Eastern India. We are working towards that,” he further, before concluding, “We will also foray into other Education categories next year which will also be a big game-changer for Shomish.”