Tuskmelon: Data-Driven Digital Intelligence for Purpose and Profitability


In the evolutionary story of branding, modern-era psychology associates it with a mark of superiority. True to its essence, we all get associated with people, entities, or things based on interpersonal connection and feelings of trustworthiness.

This deep bonding is the reason we choose someone or something over everyone and everything else. The world wide web is swamped with misleading data routes and misinformation mirages in the technologically advanced urban jungle. The forest is vast, and the competition to survive and succeed is fierce.

In this digital wilderness, to get out of the darkness of minimal to no online traffic and downgrading sales, brand building is your only chance to find your way to the brighter side of digital marketing, and Tuskmelon is your only guide.

Established by Shriram Swaminathan, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer; Balaji Perumal, Co-founder, and Chief Operating Officer; and Ashok Mohan, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, team Tuskmelon are brand marketing experts equipped with deep knowledge of data analytics to clear the red ocean for you and drive purpose and profitability for your business.

Bringing Your Vision to Reality

Data-driven by digital, social, and marketing strategies, Tuskmelon manages the digital advertising campaigns for top BFSI companies, Real Estate, Ecommerce, and B2B startups.  Shriram shares, “Our clients include multiple publicly traded companies and firms with multibillion-dollar market caps. From expert Google Ads management to omnichannel optimisation and testing, we’re focused on profitability, cost per acquisition, and delivering your expected business outcomes.”

Tuskmelon moves ahead with a data-driven approach to serve digital India. “We blend our creativity and technology to develop a purpose-led, people-centric approach to bring a positive difference to businesses and the community around them,” he adds.

According to him, today, the buzzword for any customer to buy a product is ‘brand.’ In a fast-paced world, where most brands outdo themselves by using online channels to reach out to their target audience, it is very easy to get lost in a red ocean market if you walk in without data. On the flip side, when you understand your niche and the market you need to target, the red ocean suddenly seems to clear the way for you.

The young CEO believes that branding is an art, and only the experts can bring the clients’ vision to fruition. He mentions that strategies and company morale can make or break a brand, so every marketing decision must be executed positively and perfectly. Tuskmelon was born with a firm conviction in enabling the purposeful use of data for people and businesses for the collective good. While Balaji takes care of the company’s day-to-day operations, Ashok oversees the planning, development, and execution of marketing and advertising initiatives at Tuskmelon.

Harnessing the digital world for you

Speaking about their plethora of services and solutions that make them stand out in the cutthroat competition, Shriram says that Thoughtful Disruption, Transparency, and Problem Solving are their fundamental principles. The brand will talk about the power of People and the Internet when it comes together for the larger good.

Whether you are keen on branding, or product/service promotion, Tuskmelon has a solution for them all. Their corporate services include brand identity, positioning, analytics, content strategy, performance marketing, and anything inclusive in the digital space. Backed up by a team of talented market strategists, data analysts, and content creators, Tuskmelon offers customized solutions for all your marketing needs.

The palette of inclusive services includes

  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Production and Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Programmatic Solutions
  • SEO Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multilingual Marketing
  • Digital Transformation and Training
  • Market Research and Consumer Insights
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Website and App Development
  • Blending Creativity and Technology

Revealing brand Tuskmelon’s many USPs, he says that they help brands meet their people at a common point for a conversation to listen and share their true story, influencing a purposeful relationship. He says, “We blend our creativity and technology to develop a purpose-led people-centric approach to bring a positive difference to businesses.”

Listing their USPs, he says they are,

  • Data-driven Market Research
  • Building a strong sales funnel
  • Strengthening your online presence
  • Helping develop an edge against the market competition
  • Reducing spillover costs in marketing
  • Promise of Performance

All their creatives, content, blogs, and campaigns are carefully curated after extensive data analysis on the target market. He mentions, “We ensure that the strategies and campaigns we create, act as a makeshift AI that can understand and convert leads for the business. We do it with data-driven market research by helping you build a strong sales funnel with promising tangible results and an increase in sales.”

Elevating Your Brand Value

An experienced leader, Shriram shares that adopting modern technologies like AI and ML positively impacts the startup space, and Tuskmelon always looks forward and works with a futuristic mindset.

As the team is always aligned with a data-driven approach, they understand each end consumer of the businesses daily. They work on personalization rather than targeting groups. The AI-based approach helps them identify the market segmentation and the persona bucketing. He says that running a business in such a scenario is not a cakewalk; what they do is, instead of challenges, “We are more focused on our vision which drives us to move exponentially.”

The focused process of Tuskmelon is first understanding clients’ brand goals. Then strategizing an effective plan according to the client’s targeted audience. The third step is creating content and brand communications understanding the audience’s pulse and the brand’s ethos. Next, using all the latest digital marketing strategies and tools for the best result. And lastly, optimizing clients’ brand performance by using data analytics.

Shriram states, “It shows in our results.” The team Tuskmelon effectively provides cost-effective lead generation, data-driven well-informed decision-making, and elevated brand value.

His advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the digital marketing niche is also focused. He says that the first step to victory is being confident. Always be a learner. “Focus on your goal to solve your customers’ problems. Never think about earning money as this will be a natural by-product of how sincere you are towards your customers,” he proposes, adding that consistency and perseverance will yield the richest dividend, so be patient. Talking about the future of Tuskmelon, he concludes by saying, “Our Vision is to help businesses make the best use of digital technology to create value for money.”