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Siam Computing
Siam Computing

The current challenge for businesses revolves around the decision of whether to embrace AI and ML technologies or not. This dilemma arises from the dual nature of these technologies, which are highly advanced and possess advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand, AI and ML have become indispensable for businesses aiming to establish consistent client interaction and communication channels. On the other hand, integrating these innovative technologies into core business operations is a complex and resource-intensive endeavor.

Therefore, when companies seek cost-effective and engaging generative AI and Chatbot solutions that can address all their concerns and provide reassurance, Siam Computing is readily available to assist them at every stage of their journey.

With Murugesapandian as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Siam Computing operates as an end-to-end product development studio. It offers product strategy and consulting services along with large-scale software development.

“But we are not ‘code pushers’ like typical IT services companies,” says Murugesapandian.

The Innovation Kingdom

Team Siam’s USP is that they dive deep to understand the end users’ problems and build products by balancing the needs and wants of both the clients and the users of their products.

With this approach, we can build ‘sticky’ products with excellent user adoption, leading to better revenue for our clients.”

When implementing AI or ML solutions, it is essential to know the use cases where these technologies are required.

Murugesapandian says, “More importantly, we must know where they are NOT required. AI and ML adoption should be driven by genuine necessity and not be used as a marketing gimmick. Siam Computing understands the use cases deeply.”

With this profound understanding, Siam Computing is well-equipped to guide its clients in implementing AI and ML solutions, effectively addressing user issues, and propelling user adoption and retention to unparalleled heights.

A Confident Techno-Leader

Murugesapandian has more than eight years of experience in the tech sector, where he has held diverse positions spanning software development for education, healthcare, retail, travel, and finance. One of his noteworthy achievements includes pioneering AI-driven solutions to revolutionize the online shopping experience.

These innovations encompass a smart system that engages with customers, offering product recommendations and a customer support tool that leverages sentiment analysis.

As the CTO at Siam Computing, he oversees how to drive tech innovation, particularly in AI and machine learning. “We are focused on expanding the use of AI on multiple platforms to improve online interactions, with an emphasis on Conversational AI and Sentiment analysis,” he says.

Murugesapandian’s core strengths include deep technical knowledge, agile methodology, leadership, and communication skills. His fascination with technology’s potential has driven him to excel in the AI and ML domain.

He mentions, “I’m proud to share that we won the Best AI/ML Solution award at the MIT Grand Hack 2023, a prestigious event focusing on healthcare innovation. My winning solution, DiaQR, addresses the critical issue of diabetic foot ulcers using AI and innovative monitoring devices.”

Murugesapandian’s journey in the AI Tech industry and his leadership capabilities have contributed significantly to the company’s excellence within its niche.

Our focus on innovation, efficient solutions, and team upskilling has led to valuable client outcomes,” says Murugesapandian.

Learning Together 

He adds that at Siam Computing, the team collaboratively prioritizes two fundamental principles: nurturing the personal development of every individual and their specialized skills, while consistently prioritizing their client’s requirements above all else.

With this growth mindset, they believe in learning new things and asking themselves if they can use technology to solve problems better. “We don’t ignore challenges; instead, we approach them positively to learn and improve.”

They make sure to find practical ways to grow and improve.

“Our team members always ask, ‘Can we make this even better?’ We find the best solutions for the problem by answering this question.”

He adds that they prioritize innovation and quality in their software development process. By pushing the boundaries of technology while maintaining rigorous quality standards, they create products that are not only cutting-edge but also deliver exceptional user experiences.

A Growth Mindset

Team Siam’s user-centric approach is complemented by ethical decision-making in developing their software. Also, it’s not just about ethics. It’s a problem-first, user-first approach. By putting users at the heart of their design and ensuring that their decisions align with ethical standards, the team creates a product that meets user needs and upholds principles of fairness, transparency, and responsible use of technology.

Murugesapandian states, “We are committed to constant enhancement, ensuring both the quality of our software and the security of user data. Our continuous improvement efforts include implementing robust measures to protect sensitive information and demonstrating our dedication to maintaining a safe and valuable user experience. We carefully assess the costs and potential risks by conducting periodic validations.”

As a leader, Murugesapandian is happy to share his perspective on adopting modern technologies. At Siam, they choose the tools and technologies for adaptation by completing the research and development before adapting to production.

In the Empire of Technology

They believe adopting modern technologies has fundamentally transformed how they operate and their organizations function. It has brought about opportunities and challenges they must navigate effectively to drive success in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world.

Opportunities: Modern technologies such as automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) enable Siam to streamline processes, make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, and optimize resource allocation. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Technology accelerates innovation by providing experimentation, prototyping, and rapid iteration tools. Siam Computing encourages a culture of innovation by utilizing technology to brainstorm, test, and develop new products or services by leveraging modern technologies.

Challenges: The skill gap is one of the major challenges and a global problem. Rapid technological advancements can create a skills gap. Siam Computing continuously invests its time and effort in training and upskilling programs to bridge this gap and ensure employees can effectively utilize new technologies and their benefits.

Another critical challenge is Digital Transformation Complexity: Implementing modern technologies like AI often involves complex processes and potential employee resistance to change.

Murugesapandian says, “We need a completely new plan and workflow for them to start adapting to and must carefully manage the transition and communicate the benefits of technological changes to ensure buy-in from every stakeholder.”

That includes Product Owners, Project Managers, to Freshers. The testing and support team should also be trained to adapt to new technologies.

“We can’t speed up the single wheels in our vehicle. So we continuously monitor and maintain the transition speed to every wheel (stakeholder) in Siam Computing.”

As a company, Murugesapandian and his team were able to overcome these challenges through experiments and practices.

Our DNA consists of two major elements – A Growth mindset and Continuous improvement by Learning and Adapting. We do Learning and Development activities every week, and a Lead Development Program for all the Tech leads to collaborate and share their knowledge.”

Opportunities for AI in Healthcare

At present, there are two major AIs that Siam is focusing on. That’s Generative AI and Explainable AI (XAI). They are collaborating closely with the healthcare industry to integrate XAI into healthcare. This integration will enhance the diagnosis of diseases, the creation of personalized fitness and treatment plans, and the management of patient data, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes.

At Siam, they value that how XAI is used in healthcare will be important in the coming years. The business of AI healthcare software is growing fast. XAI refers to creating and using artificial intelligence systems that can explain their decision-making process in a way humans can grasp.

Traditional AI models, like deep neural networks, can perform well in tasks like recognizing images or understanding language. However, they can be hard to understand due to their complex inner workings, often called “black boxes.”

Diagnosing Diseases: XAI can help healthcare professionals by providing clear and understandable explanations for the decisions made by AI models in diagnosing diseases. This transparency allows doctors to understand better how a diagnosis was reached and helps build trust in AI-driven diagnostic systems. Patients and healthcare providers can have confidence in the accuracy of the diagnoses, leading to more informed and effective treatment decisions.

Personalized Fitness and Treatment Plans: XAI can help create personalized fitness and treatment plans by explaining the rationale behind the recommendations. For example, suppose an AI system suggests a specific exercise routine or treatment approach. In that case, XAI can explain why those choices were made based on the individual’s health data, medical history, and preferences. This empowers patients to actively participate in their care and make informed choices aligned with their unique needs.

Additionally, with the help of AI, team Siam was able to enable the development of new products, services, and business models that were previously not possible. With the LLM, Generative AI, and Conversation AI, they can provide solutions to several use cases for their customers, which can be easier to understand, like how they have a conversation with humans. This allows them to create a viable solution and automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency.

Reshaping the Present

In his advice for budding entrepreneurs, Murugesapandian says that the path to success in AI Solutioning involves prioritizing foundational data analytics, establishing reliable data pipelines, and progressively integrating advanced AI technologies. Such an approach ensures that AI endeavors are built upon a stable base, leading to innovative breakthroughs and enduring success in the AI Solution domain.

For the future, he adds, “We’ve recognized the potential of AI to reshape the way we operate as a company completely. One significant area where AI is making a big impact is our product development process. We’ve started implementing AI-driven automation for tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. Think of it as having a virtual assistant that handles these routine jobs, freeing up our talented human resources to focus on our products’ creative and complex aspects. This not only speeds up our development timeline but also ensures a higher level of consistency in the quality of our work.”

“Another remarkable aspect is how AI is becoming our ‘quality control’ partner. As our developers create code, AI algorithms analyze it in real time, checking if it aligns with industry standards and best practices. This is like having a super-smart code reviewer that flags potential issues before they become big problems. By catching these issues early, we avoid what’s known as technical debt, which can accumulate if we don’t maintain high code quality. Technical debt can slow us down and lead to complications down the line, so this AI-driven quality check is a game-changer.”

When you put all of this together, Siam is fundamentally transforming. It is becoming more efficient, maintaining a higher quality standard, and fostering better collaboration. This positions Siam to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape and be a leader in driving the changes, setting the stage for substantial growth and continued success.

Transitioning Times

Soon, Siam’s development and operations teams will focus more on the business side, while AI takes care of repetitive tasks and checks the quality of its work. “We’ll track this progress through our automation process, making improvements based on the data we collect.”

They’re also using AI to help them communicate better within the company, making it easier to share information and make decisions quickly. Their automation bot, powered by a sophisticated ML engine, excels at reading and summarizing all production logs, providing comprehensive details, and promptly triggering alerts based on their severity. “This proactive approach enables us to continuously enhance product quality, guaranteeing a seamless, zero-downtime experience that benefits our valued customers and business owners.”

“But it’s important to remember that using AI requires careful planning, especially regarding ethics, data privacy, and preventing unfair treatment. We’ll need to keep up with the latest AI technologies and best practices to stay competitive in this changing landscape,” concludes Murugesapandian.

Murugesapandian’s Awards and Recognitions:

  • Winner of the Best AI/ML Solution award at MIT Hacking Medicine – Grand Hack 2023, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Judge of Hack Against COVID (HAC – 2020) A Virtual Global Hackathon – 2020
  • He presented an Episode on AI Chain on Feature Engineering – Towards Data Science, powered by Singularity University, Chennai Chapter.

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