Simply Interiors: A Brand That Delivers Quality Work at Affordable Price

Bhutesh Niroula Director Simply Interiors
Bhutesh Niroula | Director | Simply Interiors

The Interior industry is a sector where many national and local players compete, and several small-town carpenters rely on it to make a living. However, the sector is also duped in terms of cost and materials.

Most of us face the situation when we buy a spacious flat in a nice neighbourhood from a reputable builder at a greater price, we are suddenly left with less funds for the inside. When we buy a budget apartment, we have a lot of money to spend on the inside.

As a result, a homeowner may find himself in a scenario where he has a limited budget for the interior. This is where Simply Interior enters as a solution serving the clients as a one-stop shop for anything and everything a homeowner would require.

The firm provides interior design services at a cost that is within the homeowners’ budget. It also provides a seven-year warranty on any manufacturing-related defects for all their work and has experience in more than 750 projects.

Under the leadership of Bhutesh Niroula, Director, the firm has thousands of completed projects with all the happy customers referring Simply Interiors to their friends and family.

The Legacy

A renowned brand with a multi-city presence, Simply Interiors is into the home interior design solution, which strives to provide the best solution with an excellent finish at affordable rates.

Simply Interiors feels proud of itself of its offerings which include woodwork (Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Dressing, etc.), furniture (Bed, Sofa, Dining, etc.), lighting, painting, wall decoration, false ceiling, tiles, and masonry/civil works along with decorations and complete home automation of the house. It offers complete one-stop, end-to-end interior solutions.

Simply Interiors has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit where machines do pasting, cutting, edge banding, and grooving. Factory finish provides a durable and clean aesthetics to your interior.

The firm is also adept at interiors with a complex structure that requires site work. Skilled carpenters and craftsmen, and certified painters do wonders at site work.

Be it laminate finish or some other premium finishes like Veneer, Liquid Acrylic, PU, Lacquered Glass, or Polyester; Simply Interior does it all by itself. It has a team of highly trained and certified workers. The firm calls itself a modern interior designing company with smart design and home automation solutions.

A Visionary Leader

Bhutesh, who hails from Rhenock, Khamdong, a remote border village of Sikkim, has spent his childhood and done his schooling from Rhenock itself. Coming from a non-business family, things were not easy, and access to knowledge and information was very limited.

It was a sin to dream big of starting a business, especially when your family When your family is not financially well off.  The only way to get out of this vicious circle was education which he focused on.

Discarding the social norms, he focused on studies and did his B.Tech from NIT Surat, Gujarat. Although his entrepreneurial spirit was high right from childhood, he decided to continue his education. He did his MBA in Marketing from XIMB, one of the reputed management colleges of India.

Before venturing into his own business, he worked for an Indian MNC Feedback Infra at Gurgaon as an infra consultant for around two years, closely working with the government authorities and private firms.

It was 2019 when he came to know about his alum and college senior, Mr Nishant Gupta, who worked in the interiors industry for the last decade and founded Simply Interiors in 2017.

Mr Bhutesh joined Simply Interiors as a Co-founder in 2019. He primarily looked after the sales, which is the pinpoint to the success of any firm. Simply Interiors got a new spirit, and since then, despite the COVID pandemic, the company has performed well.

The duo alum of XIMB, Mr Nishant and Mr Bhutesh, scaled Simply Interiors to a new height. Now, Mr Bhutesh is director and one of the shareholders in the company, which has been converted to Pvt ltd company and goes by the name of Crimsone Interior Design Pvt Ltd with Simply Interiors as its registered trademark brand.

While Mr Nishant puts his expertise on branding, marketing, and growth of the company, Mr Bhutesh looks after sales, operation, and overall management of the company.

The motivation behind Simply Interiors

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the interior designing industry, Bhutesh stated, “Interior Industry is cluttered with many national and local players. It is also the livelihood of many small-town carpenters. But the industry is also swindled around the cost and materials being used.”

“Interior is one of the highest ticket-sized industries where homeowners may spend their fortune buying a flat and doing its interior. There is a trade-off between a good, spacious flat or a premium interior.”

The situation is such that, when you buy a spacious flat at a good locality from a reputed builder at a higher cost, you are now left with less budget for the interior. When you buy a budget flat, you have a substantial budget for the interior.

The majority of the homeowner decide on the former. Therefore, a situation is created where a homeowner is left with a limited budget for the interior. This is where Simply Interior stands out. The firm came up with the solution to provide interior at affordable rates that fit within the limited budget of homeowners.

The firm came up with the motto of transparent pricing, (you pay what you ask them to make), long-lasting durability and quality materials at an affordable price. They have some fantastic design concepts that make your home look beautiful with the least investment possible.

Till date,

Highlighting the USPs of Simply Interiors, Bhutesh shared, “Simply Interior, as the name goes by, is known across the cities in India. It’s a one-stop, end-to-end interior designing firm at affordable rates.”

Dynamic Offerings

Stating facts about the immersive benefits of Simply Interiors’ services to the clients, he said, “The price point at which Simply Interior operates is amazing. This doesn’t mean compromising on the quality. Simply Interiors not only does the work but also offers a warranty for seven years.”

“The core material plywood comes with an amazing 25 years of warranty. As a one-line saying, go Simply and be assured for 20 years,” he added.

Overcoming the Hardships

Sharing the initial challenges after venturing into the field of interior designing, Mr Bhutesh stated, “When the firm first ventured into the industry; a major challenge was to gain the trust of the customer that they can do the interior at the price point committed.

With no prior projects to showcase, things were tough. Gradually, from references and known contacts, a few projects were done, which was then the testimonial of the work and commitments.

As the company started growing, proper process, quality checks, and timely project delivery became another challenge that was resolved by introducing the technology in their processes.”

With all the process set and tech support in the present scenario, the firm is now ready for expansion beyond the three cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. The current focus is to streamline the marketing and reach out to the masses for further growth.

Opinion that matters

Technology is something that both the founders of Simply Interiors are well aware of. The firm is using the basic technology of machines in the factory and their automation to achieve excellent finishes and smooth panels.

Project processes, timeline, procurement, and workflow monitored by the support of technology are already in practice in the firm. Founders are well aware of major technological advancements of virtual reality where designing is possible. Customers can get a realistic view of their homes even before the actual work is done.

That brings a new revolution in the industry. Many free and paid tools are available in the market through which, such designing can be achieved. But technology has its limits.

The technology alone cannot achieve any premium work with outstanding designs. Skilled manpower and freehand work are required for such customers. Many competitors and reputed industry leaders struggle here at this point.

Most of the competitors focus on only machine-assisted modular work, which cannot achieve all the aspects of designing a brilliant house. Hence, the firm strategies its operation with a mix of technology and freehand manpower skills, both of which are essential for a house to be beautifully constructed.

The firm is also working on the virtual reality and complete home automation solution, which is foreseen as the future of the interior designing industry.

Enlightening Budding Aspirants

Sharing his advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of interior designing, Bhutesh stated, “Interior designing as a career is a promising field. Where thousands of flats are being sold every month in each city, designing of the house is required.”

“However, the majority of owners approach carpenters directly where designing of woodwork is done by the paper-pen method. Such design knowledge comes from experience.”

But they also lag on other aspects of design like a modern trend, colour combination, wall decorations, furniture selections, and highlight area of the house where designing is not done by wood but by colours, natural stones, glass, and other materials which will shape the overall beauty of the house.

Aspirants of interior designing should focus on such areas where your skills bring value to the beauty of the house. Aspirants should develop their skills with a holistic approach to all the aspects of designing.

“Aspirants, from the very beginning of their course, should learn not only designing on software but also how the designs are implemented actually at sites. The key to success is the knowledge of all the aspects of designing and its practicality,” he concluded.