Infinity Architects & Interior Designers: Crafting Enchanting Spaces in Eternity

Sanam Dhumal | Ajinkya Dhumal | Infinity Architects & Interior Designers
Sanam Dhumal | Ajinkya Dhumal | Infinity Architects & Interior Designers

The infinity of the space-time continuum defines our universe. Although created from a moment in singularity, the duality of mind and matter reflects in the mirror of the human brain.

Through our magnificent buildings, we are uplifting the mother earth to project our universe into the skies, the brain of the universe. It is a timeless craft of dreaming and then realizing magical spaces in our past, present, and future times. Welcome to Infinity Architects & Interior Designers, the crafters of truly universal and eternal structures.

Infinity is led by the dynamo couple, Sanam and Ajinkya Dhumal. Together they aspire to do meaningful and lasting work that exemplifies boundless creativity to make timeless spaces.

Sanam, the Principal Designer, conveys, “At Infinity, our primary focus is on designing and building truly singular spaces that echo unmatched and unforgettable experiences.

Starting in July 2002, our work still emits the same exuberance and ideology for more than two decades.

Our brand embodies a vision of eternal design which is teamed with love for what we do that translates into timeless iconic spaces.”

A Vision of Eternal Magic

Infinity caters to the high-end market and has worked with both residential and corporate clients. The brand is a market leader and recognized domestically as well as internationally for its exclusivity and finesse.

Sanam adds, “A testament to our dedication towards a seamless process of work, be it design, development or deliverability, is our esteemed clients!”

Sanam has established herself working with top people since 2007 and finally chose Infinity to do her creative work. With an eye for varied textures, exotic materials, and the smallest of details, she expresses her vision through a massive body of work.

Sanam is a spiritual mind with a relentless passion for design; she brings joy, love, and an eclectic perspective to everything she puts her hands on. Building purposeful relationships with clients is at the heart of what she does.

Ajinkya is a powerhouse in himself and inspires team Infinity with his unmediated approach.

Sanam elaborates, “At Infinity, we are eternally committed to innovative designs combined with artistic sensibilities.

We focus on intricate details, finest quality, and uncompromised craftsmanship. These values lead our way and help us create spectacularly luxurious spaces.

Putting timelessness at the forefront of our work, we aspire to create magical spaces epitomizing varied and cheerful luxury.”

The Dream Team Infinity

Its Creative Head, Sanam Dhumal, masterfully leads team Infinity. Sanam states, “The team comprises a group of individuals who like to express their visions via drawings and create a symphony of work that gives our clients joy.”

Sanam and the team apply themselves to create bespoke work from bare walls down to the last accessory with all the intricate details. Sanam says, “We fully manage an entire project from concept to completion.

This rare ability to envision luxury and execute projects is an attestation to our visionary design team and site management capabilities.”

Infinity’s seamless vision from start to end is a result of the process developed by Sanam and Ajinkya, which combines designs with quality products, new construction techniques and the artistry of highly skilled artisans.

Challenging the Challenges

The avant-garde design of Sanam and Ajinkya is highly published and sorted after now. In the initial years, though, they had to fight many challenges to ensure their designs were uncompromising on aesthetics and quality.

They are responsible for creating a benchmark of meticulous attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship, resulting in flawless and ingenious spaces.

Sanam puts, “The challenges for Infinity still remain the same; we like to work with clientele that appreciates design and our passion for telling visual stories. Choosing the right client is an art we constantly work towards.”

Sanam and her team work consciously with new materials and techniques to evolve a visual language that is a solid statement of beauty, opulence, and finesse. The seamless integration of contemporary design, plush finishes, and unique color palettes bring to view impeccable spaces.

Sanam’s Wisdom

As an established industry leader, Sanam’s advice to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the industry is unique.

She welcomes everyone by saying, “The design and interiors industry is wide open, and we invite more and more people to bring their visions and tell their stores via designs and works.

Anything you do, do it with passion and complete exuberance of unique design.

Make sure to have your own singular approach to design that best helps you execute the projects.

Many new designers suffer a disconnect between design and execution; make sure you follow your own process, which helps you deliver the best for your client.”

Future Infinitum

Team Infinity always quotes a beautiful line that their beloved creative head and principal designer, Ms Sanam Dhumal, likes to tell, “Everyone in our team works in sync like clockwork – design team, execution team and site team. So, it is always and forever the right time for Infinity!”