SSA Design Studio: Amalgamating Elements of Enticing Designs

SSA Design Studio
SSA Design Studio

Interior Designers are responsive and quick in the identification of design opportunities. A good designer will never let an opportunity go by just because the brief has certain elements or material locked in. Openness towards changes and new avenues is part of the job for a worthy designer.

A designer motivates the client to encourage him to try out new things and break the conventional mold. The ultimate aim of any décor initiative is to create a space ideally suited to how you live.

They give equal importance to the details and the whole. The basis of efficient designing is considering a problem, analysing the solutions, and fine-tuning the available options to figure out the best possible solution. A good designer will never compromise on the home’s central space as that is the heart of the whole area where families come together to be social and enjoy.

They will never let this vision shift from the big picture while considering the details. Absolute perfection can only be achieved when a number of small steps are duly accomplished. SSA Design Studio – Established in the year 1995 by Ar. Sandeep Shah & Ar. Anita Shah has its credit for an array of successful projects accomplished with a dedicated team of designers and craftsmen.

The founders say, “Architecture & Interior Design are very creative fields. Our designs affect the lifestyles and efficiency of the users. We, as professionals, create sculptures…. liveable spaces to be experienced and grow in. What can be more satisfying than seeing our designed spaces being metamorphized and revered by the users?”

Value affirmation to its clients lies in understanding their perspective as the coherent architect’s aggregate knowledge, expertise and skill in the interior designing field to steer out each project from inception to successful delivery, ensuring timely completion within the allocated budget without compromising on quality and design concept.

With strategic tie-ups, the organization provides Total Design Consultancy (TDC) under one roof.

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Structural Design
  • Landscape Design
  • MEP Design
  • Green Building Design

As a TDC provider, the organization designs the project in totality. It keeps the various design parameters under check to achieve the desired objective, thus enabling its clients to realize their dreams within the allocated budget.

The founders share, “We designed one of the first “Intelligent Office Buildings” in Mumbai in 1998, which was also featured in publications. Our work has been featured in several print & on-line publications and on TV shows such as “The Interiors Show” on the Times Now Network.”

The Realm of Brilliance

Sandeep Shah graduated from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai, in 1992. He stood first in the state of Maharashtra and completed a Master of Science in Architecture (M.S. Arch.) from California Polytechnic State University, USA, in 1994. He worked with various Architects in the USA before returning to Mumbai.

On the academic front, he was also a visiting lecturer at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environmental Studies, Juhu, Mumbai. On several occasions, he has been invited to be on the “Design Jury” at Architecture Colleges to evaluate and encourage young students and speak on Architecture and Interior Designing at forums, including social forums like the “Rotary Club.”

Anita Shah completed her G.D. Arch from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai, in 1992. Apart from Architecture and Interior Design, she is also very insightful in the field of Vastu Shastra and Graphic Design. She has been on the “Design Jury” at several Architecture Colleges & Commercial forums.

Sandeep and Anita established the firm M/s SSA Design Studio (Architects, Interior Designers and Corporate Design Consultants) in 1995. Apart from their successful professional career, they are deeply involved in charity work in the field of education and healthcare.

Enticing Attributes

SSA Design strives to create enduring spaces – it should look and feel interesting even after decades. The organization does not impose any preconceived ideas on a project. Each project has specific requirements, and that’s how its designs emerge. The organization offers its clients more than they expect – which is also the philosophy of SSA.

As in every career, the young talent must be persuasive to secure an opportunity to materialise one’s creative ambitions. “Our zeal and perseverance enabled us to seek, seize and validate our organisation as a team. Procurement of consistent quality material and managing after-sales services from vendors & contractors were the most concerning challenges in the initial years,” shares Ar Sandeep and Ar Anita.

Ironically, the current challenges involve dissuading clients from incorporating the “seen this” idea. Technology provides a host of information, but clients need to be knowledgeable enough to evaluate whether it suits their space or not.

Each design idea is worthy – however, it requires an appropriate ambiance to enhance its value and look in sync.  With rising costs of material and labour, it becomes imperative to balance design and cost for maximum project efficiency.

Technological advancement in the field of Interior design has indeed opened many avenues.  Once the initial concepts are clear, a host of software is available to take the design process to the next level with realistic 3D rendering. Now, with the 4D immersive technology in the metaverse, you can actually be “within” the space and feel the “walk-throughs”.  3D printers also have made visualizing the final product very efficiently.

In terms of material variety today, one material could undergo different finishing treatments and result in multiple unique finishes. It is now easier to recreate affordable designs, too, whether they are digitally printed artworks or exclusive marble print tiles, thereby opening newer possibilities for designers to provide exclusiveness even in a budget job.

Indulging in the Pearls of Wisdom

It is a vast field with abundant opportunities to experiment with innovative ideas and materials to create and satisfy the artist in you. Your design, the ability to adapt in this ever-changing scenario, the quality of your service, and your integrity as a person shall become the trump cards of success in this field.

Embracing the Future Roadmap

By continuously embracing change – whether in mindset or technology. Adopting innovative technology to work efficiently with all stakeholders, from clients to consultants, vendors, contractors, etc., thereby reducing the project time frame and eliminating errors in this supply chain, will undoubtedly help us increase efficiency and garner new clients.