Wholistic Interiors: Connecting Mind, Body, and Space to Your Lifetime

Wholistic Interiors
Wholistic Interiors 

Life becomes harmony, if you are surrounded by a space designed resonating your innate personality’s demands. That is how Wholistic Interiors harmonize your living spaces. By connecting your mind-body experience in the space of constantly changing dynamics of your lifetimes. “We undertake projects in Pune and Mumbai,” says the Founder, Principal Architect, and Interior DesignerAr Vijayshree Abhyankar.

Wholistic Interiors is a boutique Interior designing company in Pune established in the Year 2013 with a passion for providing Wholistically designed space solutions creating a wholesome fusion of comfort, beauty, and utility.

The Seamless Link

The firm’s array of services includes, • Interior designing consultation, •Architectural planning and designing, •Renovation solutions, and •Execution and complete project management.

Vijayshree informs, “We execute projects in residential and commercial projects. We have also entered in hospitality sector recently.”

After graduating with B.ARCH., she worked with many renowned architects in various metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. This has enriched her experience with diversified cultures and lifestyles in the different parts of the country. This has also allowed her to have increased openness and approach towards design. With over 15 years of experience, Vijayshree firmly believes in creative design solutions that are client-centric and concurrent with today’s lifestyle.

The Wholesome Fusion

She shares her inspiration behind venturing into interior design space and says that interior design is all about space. She puts, “We believe that the surroundings have a great impact on mind and body.” It influences the health and efficiency of the occupant. In today’s scenario, where space is a luxury and lifestyle is stressful, thoughtful utilization of space and appropriate use of finishes and colour schemes becomes a necessity. “Achieving this requirement with innovative designs became our vision and foundation for the venture.”

According to her, Wholistic’s client-centric and innovative approach is its most significant USP. Further, they are flexible in their work models, including pure consultancy and turnkey projects. They are also versatile and always provide value-add and absolute transparency in expenditure and financial dealings in their work. While emphasising on timely completion of the project, they also ensure that the client enjoys this design journey at every stage. “This three-point work pattern is our firm’s signature,” says Vijayshree.

Changing Dimensions

Initially, she and team Wholistic faced various challenges as part of the journey. It was essential to make the client aware and break free from the old lifestyle. Sometimes meeting the budgetary restrictions without compromising the quality of work was a challenge.

The current situation poses a new set of challenges. Due to social media exposure, people have high expectations regarding material finishes and designs. The market is flooded with new finishes with a variety of price ranges. Every client comes with new and unique requirements. They look for smart homes and modern trends, including highly luxurious lifestyles. “As a consultant, we need to elaborate on requirements versus cost, requirements versus space to meet the client expectations,” she says.

Tech Dynamics

Sharing her opinions on tech advancements, Vijayshree says that technology plays a great role in the industry. Various tools and software packages are used for creating realistic 3D views and walkthroughs to communicate ideas to clients. Technology of Virtual Reality will further enhance the understanding and visualization of space to client, before execution.

They see considerable growth in customized modular furniture manufacturing companies. The clients are already preferring ready-to-install but customized modular furniture. Introduction of 3D printing technology will also add more options in furniture designs and also save the time considerably. They are also finding a complete shift in the mindset of their clients, with comfort, safety, and luxury defining the lifestyle. She adds, “We will see more use of Smart Homes with home automation, mobile apps and voice/sensors based products.” This will benefit the lives of patients, specially-abled and senior citizens.

Into the Wholistic Future

In her advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the interior design field, Vijayshree says that creativity and innovation are keys to success in this industry. “Embrace the change with client centricity.”

On envisioning scaling the Wholistic Interiors’ scope and offerings in future, she reveals that they see future scope in luxury interior projects. “We are also looking forward to expanding in the hospitality sector,” she states.

Finally, in conclusion, Vijayshree shares Wholistic Interiors’ and her most significant accomplishments.

  • Articles about Wholistic Interiors were published in TOI and Pudhari (Marathi newspaper).
  • Vijayshree was interviewed by the Business Mantra platform in 2020.
  • A residential project was published in TOI in 2016.

For more details, you can visit the website – https://www.wholisticinteriors.com/ Or the Instagram link https://instagram.com/wholistic_interiors?igshid=NmQ2ZmYxZjA=                Or the YouTube link – https://youtube.com/@Wholistic-interiors