T-XIS: Offering 100% Unconditional Success Guarantee and Freedom of ‘Choose Your Product, Choose Your Price’ to SMEs/MSMEs


A technologically ever-advancing future has many parallel streams creating empty banks of the vast digital divide. Since the invention of computers, enterprises worldwide are finding it a catch-and-miss-race to embrace the most cutting-edge technologies that are precisely suitable for them, especially regarding Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP.

To bridge this gap between companies wishing to automate and how to do it easily, affordably, and swiftly, T-XIS (Technology Xpress Info Solutions Pvt Ltd) was formed by Rajan Kumar, in the year 2009, with a view that customers should be given the best of the services in the ERP space as employees be prepared where they become loyal to the customers’ project.

Since this journey began, TXIS, an ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI – Maturity Level 3 certified company, has worked with 70+ Indian and worldwide customers, delivering guaranteed success. With time, the Founder and DirectorRajan Kumar, also saw that the global brands could not cater to the midsize customers whose turnovers were below ₹100 Cr. Either due to the high cost of the product and services or the midsize customers not being able to manage the product on the go.

A Tech Leader Committed to Your Biz-Success

A new journey began where, under Rajan Kumar’s guidance, a set of developers started working to develop an ERP product – MII ERP+, which can be installed and implemented at midsize organizations and is robust and scalable.

MII ERP+ is an integrated suite of business applications. MII ERP+ shares a common process and data model covering end-to-end operational processes in Finance, HR, Distribution, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Projects, Service and the Supply Chain. MII ERP+ is a Complete ERP Product built on World Secured Database, ORACLE. ORACLE is the base behind the product, which makes it very reliable. Oracle WebLogic is used to construct the Web Layer Structure.

MII ERP+ ensures the organization’s all functions are seamlessly integrated into each other, thus reducing user entry efforts and, on the other hand, easing the Decision Makers in getting Online Reporting. MII ERP+ Helps reduce the Financial Leakages of the organization through each function, be it Payable, Receivables, Inventory, Purchasing or Production. It also ensures that Statutory Compliances are met on the go as the users do the day-to-day transactions.

MII ERP+ is a web-based application where users can connect to the application from anywhere in the world. The application server can reside on the premise or in the cloud. Users can access the application as per the roles and responsibilities defined.

Automation is the Key

T-XIS is now marketing the product across the country so that midsize customers take the real benefit of an ERP and grow their business by automating their process, not depending on the manual and cumbersome process.

Rajan Kumar believes that success comes to those disciplined and consistent in their thoughts and work. He is a good mentor who keeps guiding the young ones on how they can grow and succeed in their career.

At the age of 17, I decided that I would be into the business,” recalls Rajan Kumar, who, after completing his studies, worked for six years in the Murugappa Group of Companies, where he grew up and learnt the professional side of his life.

Rajan Kumar also worked in GTL Ltd. for around three years in the ERP Division, where he implemented Oracle EBS for Customers Like Cholayil Group, Indian Card Clothing, and Dempo Group, to name a few. He also worked as Head of India Operations in Systems Plus Private Limited, where he built the India business.

T-XIS’s Ultimate Guarantee

Rajan Kumar’s clients, colleagues, and employees admire numerous professional qualities and values in him the most. These include

  • More than two decades of experience, which Rajan Kumar Carries, and the will to share the same with anyone and everyone.
  • Politeness and humble nature.
  • Ever smiling face.
  • Discipline and Consistency in the work.
  • The confidence that customer gets for their work to be done on time.

According to Rajan Kumar, T-XIS’s USPs enable it to position itself as one of the best tech solution providers. These unique selling prepositions include

~T-XIS is the only firm which gives its customers a 100% unconditional success Guarantee. “We also give the freedom of choice to SMEs and MSMEsChoose your Product; Choose your Price on our Applications,” says Rajan Kumar.

~ “We are the one who delivers to our customer, which no other vendors can deliver at times,” adds Rajan Kumar. This is not because others cannot deliver, but because it is not profitable to them, they probably fail to provide.

~ “We are the ones who make any unsuccessful project a success with customer satisfaction,” he furthers.

Goal-Oriented Thinking

An Indian Information Technology corporation headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, T-XIS is an Oracle Gold Partner and a Value Added Reseller for Oracle EBS Implementation, Support Services, Custom Development and Process Consulting.

T-XIS’s Key Strengths are:

  • Sound Domain Knowledge of Various Business Segments.
  • Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reliability and Fast Turnaround.
  • “We take pride in Building Strategic Long-Term Client Relationships,” states Rajan Kumar.

Out-of-the-Box Approach

TXIS’s Oracle Applications Implementation and Maintenance service includes the following activities:

  • Business Requirement Study.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Application Set up and Configuration.
  • Data Conversion.
  • Application module implementation.
  • Database Administration.
  • Application maintenance and Database support.
  • Version Migration and Upgrade.

Solving Challenges Flexibly and Creatively

However, there are challenges, reveals Rajan Kumar. And considering the current industry scenario, he says the biggest challenge is retaining the workforce. The second one is the knowledge acquired by the youth. “Customers evaluation based on the price and not the experience and values which we bring to them is our final challenge,” he adds.

To overcome these, the best workforce is offered the best market rates. Self-rating and self-defining of their remuneration are what T-XIS gives to the performers. T-XIS keeps transferring knowledge about the product and what customers expect from the team. “We keep educating customers and their representatives about what we deliver so that they get the best,” says Rajan Kumar.

Think Yes––Think T-XIS

His advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the tech space is wise. He says to do your homework right before you start any venture. The market is so competitive that even if you carry immense knowledge and will to deliver, this would not be recognized by all. Find your best-fit customers. And work with those who believe in you.

On envisioning scaling his firm’s operations and offerings in future, Rajan Kumar reveals that T-XIS is branding its business through social media marketing and trying to reach the maximum number of prospects. He adds, “Irrespective of whether they buy our product or services, we keep educating them on what is good for their organization. We also plan to rent the product in future which can be as low as ₹25K per month for five users.”

The product – MII ERP+ is the future of T-XIS and is working on having JV with local partners in African Countries, Canada and Europe. “We foresee ourselves a reputed brand globally in the next five years,” he closes.

T-XIS Hall of Fame

  • Awarded as Asia’s Emerging Brands 2019in Maharashtra by Image Planet.
  • 10 Best Oracle Solution Providers2019.’
  • 10 Most Recommended Technology Partners2018.’

For more information, please click https://www.techxis.com/index.html or Email rajan.kumar@techxis.com or Call @+91 80879 66202 / 9420481118.

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