Whistleblower Aids in the Exposure of Tata Consultancy Services’ Rs 100 Crore ‘Bribe for Job’ Sca

Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT firm, is currently entangled in a scandal involving allegations of bribery by some of its senior executives who had connections with staffing firms. The specific details of the scandal are not yet fully clear, but it came to light following a report from a whistleblower who reportedly contacted TCS’s CEO and COO, accusing E.S. Chakravarthy, the global head of TCS’s resource management group (RMG), which oversees recruitment, of accepting illicit commissions from staffing firms over an extended period.

In response to this complaint, TCS promptly launched an internal investigation, assembling a team to delve into the allegations. After a thorough examination, TCS placed the head of recruitment on leave, terminated the employment of four RMG executives, and blacklisted three staffing firms implicated in the affair. While the complete extent of the irregularities is still under evaluation, initial estimations suggest that those involved may have accumulated commissions totaling at least ₹100 crore, which is approximately $13.5 million.

Chakravarthy, who holds the position of vice president at TCS and has been associated with the company since 1997, reported to the chief operating officer before being barred from entering the office premises. It’s worth noting that his email account remains active.

This scandal has raised eyebrows, particularly due to TCS’s esteemed reputation in the IT industry, and has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the company’s internal oversight mechanisms. Investigations are currently ongoing to determine the full scope and duration of this alleged misconduct.

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