Take A Break Consulting: Crafting Perpetual Betterments

Take A Break Consulting

The crucial factor that ensures enhanced productivity with a greater outcome is a result of a primary element that inculcates a healthy work environment. It also creates and impacts an approach towards developing a positive mindset by enhancing the psychological state of the workforce. Focusing on the physical aspect of a workplace can only do so much and giving importance to the psychosocial well-being of employees can provide better positive results when it comes to productivity, motivation, engagement, and loyalty.

Having programs, activities, and policies in place that promote community building while protecting workers from work toxicity help in improving the mental health state of employees. Cultivating open communication between co-workers can encourage employees to be more engaging and collaborative, increasing satisfaction in the workplace. Thus, the primary element is creating a healthy work environment.  

Comprehending these fundamentals and a vision of enabling betterments with engaging experiences, Take A Break Consulting was founded in 2008 with the aim of offering interactive team-building sessions and employee engagement solutions. The proficient team of TAB believes that fun is no enemy to engagement sessions and to provide a memorable experience constantly. It takes a steadfast approach to innovate regularly.

Combining Fundamentals, Ensuring Furtherance

TAB consulting primarily focuses on strengthen relationships and deepen the understanding of individual skill sets. You can count on us to deliver a fun, memorable event with lasting results. “Our Mission is to always provide extraordinary and innovative engagement solutions to every client with excellent execution and phenomenal service. It is important to us that we stay focused on the core values that guide us to our vision, thereby helping the Client’s organization achieve greater success,” says TAB’s coherent CEO, Abhimanyu Khanna.

He expresses, “While being a part of the corporate industry myself, I understood the pulse of the employees and knew that Employee Engagement was lacking and much needed in the corporate sector. Workplace monotony, improved employee productivity, and a better

Retention rates were the top reason to enter into the corporate sector.”

Advancing with A Bequest

In a decade, TAB consulting has upped its growth and is constantly committed to creating advanced models to help provide a fun-filled energizing environment. Its team believes that “Employee Engagement is more than just a pat on the back.”

It is all about a holistic approach to cultivating a better employee connection by using diverse medium to ensure an engaged workforce. TAB consulting is consistent in its approach to comprehending the need, creating tailor-made programs, and executing the agreed deliverables with a high-quality service. “We live up to our vision of engaging experiences for all our clients at all levels,” shares Abhimanyu.

Exhibiting Brilliance 

TAB Consulting has been in the industry for 14 years now, and with this experience comes a fair share of challenges. TAB handles its challenges through trust and teamwork.

Training a multitude of teams in the world has made our team strong and inseparable.

A strong team leads to teamwork and functional synergy. This functional synergy is the secret to overcoming every challenge that crosses its path. TAB Consulting delivers premium sessions in team building and employee engagement. It has a multitude of activities with several debrief points. Some of its leading activities in current times are technology fueled engagements and Outdoor Game Shows.

Each activity envisions a different level of learning that amalgamates with its fun-filled concepts, leading to a perfect teambuilding experience. TAB is also flexible in providing tailor-made experiences for its clients.

TAB has been an innovative company since its foundation was laid. We have constantly come up with new and exciting challenges for our clients. We have devised an internal session for our team that focuses on the planning and execution of several new activities.

We are thinking along the lines of Virtual Reality and Drones these days. Who knows what we might have in store for the future corporate world. 

Word to the Wise 

Sharing a piece of advice to the budding aspirants, Abhimanyu shares, “Everyone needs customization as per their own needs. Offering innovative solutions and executing what is committed to your clients would give results. Working at the ground level, along with your team, always works for the betterment of any project.”

The journey towards New Horizons 

TAB has been an innovative company since its foundation was laid. It has constantly come up with new and exciting challenges for its clients. Abhimanyu opines, “We keep thinking of new ideas to engage our clients, innovation is the key to success of any organization.” “Who knows what we might have in store for the future corporate world,” adds Abhimanyu—while shedding light on the bright future of Take A Break Consulting.

Symbolizing Ceaseless Distinction

This is what the esteemed clients shared about the proficiency of Take A Break Consulting:

“TAB will not only give you a break, but it will also take your team bonding experience to the next level! Priyanka is a true professional and highly flexible in her approach. Will surely look forward to repeating sessions and long-term association with TAB.”

  • Madhur Kaushik, Associate manager, Carlsberg India.

“Thank you, Team TAB, for giving us some fabulous experiences, be it our Teambuilding Events or Family Day Events. What you give in terms of experiences is always Power Excellence; how you put it all together, the freshness that you bring in every subsequent event is really well appreciated. Thank you and keep doing your excellent work. Congratulations.”

  • American Express, Travel & Lifestyle Services, Mr. Apul Chowdhary.

“You have always delivered the best, be it for a small team of 25 people or a larger group of 400 people. Keep up the good work, and continue with the same innovation in your programs. You always come up with unique ideas, and I always trust your team. All the best for the coming years.”

  • Manager HR, TERI, Mr. Rehan Ahmad Khan.
  • TAB exhibits 14 years of expertise in delivering employee engagement solutions and organizing teambuilding activities.
  • So far, TAB has 210 + events annually, 125 + game shows, CSR activities, and 200 + esteemed clients.
  • It has been Awarded as the Best Employee Engagement Solutions Provider (World) by the corporate excellence Awards in 2021
  • During the crucial time of the outbreak of COVID-19, TAB provided 1200 + virtual sessions during the pandemic.