Tecstaq: Ensuring the Safest Digital Space for Your Business


There are numerous reasons why, in a crowded IT and Cloud Solutions provider marketplace, companies like Tecstaq gain the trust of global enterprise clients.

One happy customer, VK Marathe of Kokuyo Camlin Ltd, says, “This company doesn’t just sell the product or box. First, they study the actual requirement, then suggest for best suitable solutions. They also give a comparison between the solutions. They don’t even mind if they don’t get the order, but they give the right solution. Also, once they accept the job, they complete their work at the given time. They provide advice on any technical front. Sometimes they support the work that is not even assigned to them. We are happy to work with them.”

Another happy customer, Mr Amit Samani, says, “Excellent Team to deal with, my entire office they took to the cloud, and in spite of lockdown, we had the seamless experience of our business operations. Without the support of Green Aims (brand Tecstaq’s parent company), we cannot think of it. We are proud to say that they are technology partners for SGK Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.”

For the company under the visionary leadership guidance of Randeep Ramchandra Pawar, Tech Director, another happy customer Shrenik Jain of Trend Vision LLP, says, “Randeep is a True Technocrat. He is blessed and backed up by an efficient team. Especially the Backup Solution that TECSTAQ provide is elaborate and simple to use. All my data is secure and safe.”

Globally Premium Partners

Randeep assures that TECSTAQ is a one-stop solution to all your Information Technology requirements of Cloud Solutions and On-Premises Solutions. “Our objective is to cater to our customers with the best possible solutions available that are robust, scalable, and cost-effective. With our highly talented team having 20+ years of experience, we shall ensure that we architect the best suitable plan and deployment for your organization.

We are currently partnered with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, DUO, Thales, Zoom, GoTo, and Microsoft Azure, our technical team members are certified with most of the product which we work on so we know the product in such a way that 50% of the work is done before going to OEM’s so the customer doesn’t need to go to the OEM,” explains Randeep.

He adds that for the Solution part, what they (team Tecstaq) can talk those seven years back, they were a basic partner, but today, after seven years, “We are a Globally Platinum partner with Acronis where we have a customer not only from India but countries like USA, Germany, Canada, and various part of the world. These multinational companies are with us only because of the support we provide. And the support which we provide is recommended by the OEM. Our main USPs are strong support and better solutions. Hence, we are currently positioned as one of the best Services/Solutions providers.”

Green Aims Infotech

Sharing about his journey in the global technology industry and how he made the brand Tecstaq excel in its niche, Randeep says that his drive in this Industry started almost 25 years back when he began just as L1 Engineer, then started working with companies like Pidilite, Bombay Dyeing, IBM. After setting up one call center in Mumbai, Randeep got an opportunity to go to the USA, where he joined McKesson Corporation (Healthcare Industry) almost for one and half years, where he worked as a System Administrator. Then shifted from there to New York in UBS, where he worked as System Administrator for Citrix and VMware. “I used to have a lot of communication with OEMs like Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix and learned the processes as well as the infrastructure implementation; I lead the team where we had set up data centers worldwide, and the whole Citrix and VMware solution was deployed,” he recalls.

After those five years, Randeep shifted to Singapore as Technical Director for UBS and then moved back to India. “As I was traveling a lot in my previous job so started a new company in India called Green Aims Infotech Private Limited, as a consulting firm with one person. today, we have almost 15+ employees working only on solutions and support.” They are partners for Backup Solutions with Acronis and AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, DUO, Thales, Zoom, GoTO, Cisco, etc.

“I’m certified with most of the OEMs, and hence we have a policy for every employee to do two certifications every year to keep up with the technology. Today, we are working not only in India but globally on various Projects. To cater to the international clientele, we need to have a better name and brand to be a leader with reputation and with our best support USP, understand the customers’ pain points before deciding on the product or solution, and once the solution is deployed we provide never-ending support as well,” elaborates Randeep.

International Tech Experience

Revealing his inspiration to venture into the corporate arena, Randeep says that they started giving solutions and understanding the customer needs from day one. “As I came from an International Working Background, doing consulting with UBS in New York so more inclined towards solutions.”

Randeep had been doing it for more than 15+ years, so when he started Tecstaq, he and his team were very focused on catering to the corporate world and enterprise customers because there was a need for an IT consultant who will provide a solution for their companies. “We as a team evaluate problems, understand the requirement, and provide solutions based on that. We are very focused from the start to cater to the Global Market,” he informs.

Telling more about Tecstaq’s offering, Randeep says the brands that they have been working with are Microsoft, Google Workspace, and Cloud Solution, where they help customer to deploy cloud-based solutions and hybrid solutions. “But our most selling product is Acronis, where we have been working with OEM for more than seven years.” They started as a basic partner, but today they are one of the largest partners for Acronis across the world.

Around the world, they have customers from various segments, including Pharma, Architect, Construction, Chemical and petrochemicals, FMCG, Automobiles, Financial Services, Textiles, Food, etc.

“We do have competition in commercial, but it’s not about the cost which we offer to the customer but the support which we provide. And hence we stand out in the cutthroat competition as we are Platinum Partners for Acronis. We provide 24/7 after-sales service. We provide cybersecurity solutions, DR VMC and MFA to secure the customers’ IT infrastructures,” he adds.

The Most Affordable Effective Mechanism

Being an experienced leader and sharing his view on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts their industry and how Tecstaq adapts to the change, Randeep opines that today everybody talks about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), the new technologies, new features of Modern technologies. “We are a consulting firm where AI comes into the picture at the analytics part, like what is happening in the environment/data processing/increasing day-by-day storage. So, AI helps to evaluate what all data has been collected/what all data is been processed/how we control the growth and so we are able to provide a lot of cost-effective mechanism for the customer.”

He furthers that as they are into consulting and resale of the product, in a certain situation where the customer has lots of data, whether they need to take backup of all the data, “There we can only be able to understand because of the analytics shows what kind of data needs to be stored on the storage and how we grow the storage if required,” he explains.

When asked, considering the current industry scenario, what kind of challenges he faced, and how he drives Tecstaq to overcome them, Randeep said that presently, every company has challenges where competition comes into the picture, and new technologies come into existence daily. And with a plus, there is a minus. “Today, whatever solution you provide, someone is going to get compromised due to the cyberattack as everything is going digital. Digitalization brings a lot of challenges in keeping the data safe, so today, everybody thinks of getting security, but even well-known firms are getting cyberattacks. So in my last 25 years of experience, I have learned one thing; no matter what, provide as much security as you can, but no one can guarantee 100% security. There is always a 0.0001% chance of data getting compromised.”

Advanced Tech Solutions Providers

To overcome such issues of protecting the data, one can think of backing up the data to keep it secure as DR (Disaster Recovery). “Because disaster never warns and comes, we as IT heads get questions like ‘Why is this data not there for backup? Why is this data not kept as a DR? Why is this data not able to Recover? The learning from this is that no matter how secure your data is, your data can be compromised. We must have a backup DR solution; it is a kind of saving. We recommend people keeping one copy of their data away from the live data center or primary data center so that we can secure the digital asset of the company if any Disaster occurs.”

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the whole digital services and solutions niche, Randeep says that if anyone wishes to enter this industry, they must make sure whatever solutions/products they are going to offer to their customers have to be used and tested by their team first. “When you evaluate the product, you will understand the pros and cons of the product, and if the product satisfies you, then you should sell the product to the customers with confidence. As you have evaluated, tested, and implemented so, you know all the aspects of the product. Also, while deciding the margin for the product, you should think of the customer, understand the requirement, and provide the solution. You and your team have to have good teamwork; if any problem comes, you need to help the customer to get out of it. You need to be certified for the product as with it you can provide a better impression while selling it.”

On envisioning scaling Tecstaq’s operations and offerings in the future, Randeep says that with their team of 15+ currently delivering different solutions, now they are going to further expand globally as the brand Tecstaq. “In the next one or two years, we plan to scale up with a team of 25-30 members with OEM or product certification who can provide solutions and support and educate our customers globally. Which will keep us in a better position for our after-sales service,” he concludes.