Tesla Team to meet Commerce Minister, as China Unhappy on rejection of BYD Facility


Tesla Team to meet Commerce Minister, as China Unhappy on rejection of BYD Facility

As China rages at New Delhi for rejecting BYD Group’s plan to develop a $1 billion facility, Tesla is allegedly slated to visit Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal as early as this month to map out a facility to make Rs 20 lakh electric cars.

The meeting with Goyal will be the highest-level one since Musk met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the US last month and declared his intention to bring Tesla to India as soon as humanly feasible, according to a report that cited sources.

Tesla, a US-based manufacturer of electric vehicles, has suggested building a factory in India to make electric vehicles for both domestic and international markets.

As the government prepares to accept Musk’s Tesla, BYD Motors’ intention to establish a $1 billion four-wheeler manufacturing facility in the nation has reportedly been rejected by the Centre.

If India treats Tesla and BYD differently, “won’t it be utter discrimination against China,” claims the official Chinese newspaper Global Times.

The publication expressed optimism in an opinion piece, saying that “India will not be politically biased against Chinese investment, refrain from setting invisible entry barriers for Chinese manufacturers under the guise of protecting economic security.”

Indian attacks on Chinese businesses have been worse in recent years, according to analysts, who dubbed it “blatant bullying” and “the theft of Chinese companies’ achievements under the disguise of so-called posing security threats.”

According to the article, India’s efforts to create a favourable business environment for foreign investment and to consistently draw in multinational corporations “will be an empty promise.”

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