Turnhere: Delivering Masterpieces with Creativity

Nilesh Picha | Founder | Turnhere

They say, “Communication is the key for everything”. There are several ways to communicate, but when it comes to business, the trendiest way of communication nowadays is advertising. May it be designing or writing, the world is witnessing the amazing power of advertising.

How did advertising become so important to businesses? How did the business arena take a big leap and shift its attention to advertising and marketing? The simple answer to these questions is communication and creativity.

The way digital advertising was affecting the audience was mesmerizing and surprising. Creatively advertising your brand leaves a mark on the world. Having said that, Creativity and advertising surely go hand in hand. Believing in creativity and providing cutting-edge solutions for advertising brands, Turnhere gives its clients an array of services.

TURNHERE – The Brand Development Company (TBDC) is a Pune-based design firm that lives according to the aforementioned motto. The company has always been at the front of developing and implementing advertising strategies that can actually benefit organisations. TBDC has secured its position in the branding arena as one of the top companies that operate as an extremely professional partner for designing, communication, and branding solutions with a presence in the industry of more than 12 years (founded in 2008). The firm takes a strategic, transparent, and results-oriented approach to branding and promotion, which blends well with creative ideas and concepts of branding and promotion, making it simpler for businesses to obtain a grip in the market and become market leaders.

A Platter full of Services

Turnhere has been the front-runner in world-class branding and communication services since its inception. The organisation uses the greatest technology in the industry to produce miracles in the form of advertisement, backed by an extraordinarily brilliant staff of nine experts that are responsible for the development of innovative and fantastic yet readily-acceptable communication concepts. The company, on the other hand, mostly relies on its grey matter, in which each member of the team contributes their thoughts, original ideas, and conceptualising capacity to create a product that successfully communicates.

“With dedication, we go forward to make a significant impact in anything we do for our clients in order to enlarge their return on investment,” states Nilesh Picha, Founder of Turnhere-TBDC.

With such dedicated methodologies, Turnhere aims to create a positive image that stays longer in customers’ minds through its branding services. Besides, the firm is renowned for its best-in-class 360-degree communication services that include advertising, designing, print media solutions, digital marketing & social media exposure, along with the best packaging solution that stands out.

Turnhere produces short term, medium-, and long-term advertising strategies. Turnhere works out concepts and carries out a campaign for image advertising, product advertising, sales promotion, public relation, marketing consulting surveys. Turnhere provides design, print of posters, calendars, brochures, leaflets, labels, stickers, business cards, invitations, and a lot more. The firm performs media planning and media buying of space in the press, outdoor locations, and airing time in radio and advertises in many other unconventional unused forms of advertising.

Uniquely Different

Turnhere works to derive bottom-line results with a fact-based approach. They explore their wild imaginations and let them flow out into their design’s forms.

Most branding service providers nowadays (both unknown and well-known companies in the market) add far too many irrelevant information for the spectator to maintain a cohesive picture of what the advertisement is about. They use this to draw in the audience, but they are not aware that it causes word congestion and confusion for the viewer. Turnhere, on the other hand, works hard to maintain the message as clear as possible, which distinguishes the company from the competition. “From a visual and content standpoint, we believe in concise and to-the-point advertising. This is also what enables us to make a significant contribution to make our client’s company grow,” Nilesh adds.

Turnhere aspires to be the greatest brand management firm with the largest number of clients by providing a variety of focused services. Nonetheless, since its beginning, Sengee Biochem Exim, Maharashtra Tea Supply, GKG Ventures, Ranawat Group, DG Patel Group, and others have been among the firm’s renowned clientele. In the next years, the company intends to keep up the good work while also expanding into other industrial sectors.