Vani Sathvik: SDG GLOBE’s Fast Tracker Technopreneur Transforming HR to SmartH2R

Vani Sathvik
Vani Sathvik

While running an enterprising entity successfully in a competitive environment means possessing the highest degree of business intelligence. The acumen comes when all your business subsets are integrated like a single unit of a living, breathing entity. A company of human beings on a common mission devised by its leader regarding information technology, business processes, and human resource policies.

In this regard, these leaders need more than an IT consultant, Business advisor, and HRMS partner. They need the SmartH2R solution provided by Vani Sathvik founded SDL GLOBE Technologies Pvt Ltd.

SDL” is one of the leading Software Development Companies founded in 2009, providing Enterprise Solutions and Consulting Services. SDL is differentiated by its tradition of unsurpassed technology expertise, its strong track record of delivery and its experienced, enthusiastic people. SDL leadership in client and employee satisfaction has been recognized nationwide today. SDL was started to provide state-of-the-art IT solutions to various industries in the region that will enable them to grow and compete in a global environment.

Vani reveals, “SDL specialization is for providing the smart and intelligent solutions to our technology savvy clients worldwide, from startup companies to corporate giants. We have a resource pool of top-notch IT specialists to provide intelligent solutions to our clients and partners. SDL people’s solutions continuously upgrade its knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry to research, develop, and integrate.”

Before you read further the exclusive interview of the Founder and CEOVani, with our team of CIOLOOK INDIA, you must be ready to meet an exceptional innovator with a revolutionary solution for all your HRMS needs from Hire2Retire (H2R) in the futuristically Smartest way possible. If you are, here is that candid discussion for your delight.

Please tell us about the saga of your entrepreneurship from the beginning and how you have made SDL GLOBE excel in its niche.

My first career was with Unilever Group. There I was mentored by Global leaders. There I got my first touch with the HRMS technology tool HURIS. I also worked as a core group member for BPL Telecom Business Group. My experience, including three transcontinental experiences – USA, UK and Singapore has given me tremendous exposure to FMCG, Electronics, Manufacturing, Consulting and cutting-edge technology industries. I have always been passionate about supporting startup organizations in defining business processes and work culture to create a stimulating environment to achieve business goals. I was recognized as a FAST TRACKER throughout my career. I had an exceptional opportunity to interface with stakeholders in the leadership role.

This experience gave me an insight into the industries and showed me the gaps and issues faced by the companies while using the HRMS/ERP Application. My journey as a Technopreneur began with a passion for bridging the gap. I met Mahesh Kumar, employed with a competitor, at a NASCOM meet and realised we shared the same passion. He brought technological expertise, and I brought domain expertise, resulting in a revolutionary product SmartH2R. With the experience of Smart H2R, we brought forth several other ERP products. Collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to manage complex projects has resulted in SDL’s fast growth towards Products, Projects and customised solutions quickly.

As a part of the expansion, we have moved to our office premises and rebranded from SmartDrive Labs to SDL GLOBE, synonymous with a global presence. And we are now officially SDL GLOBE.

What leadership skills, values and qualities do your clients admire most in you and your company?

Accessibility. Transparency in letting them know what is possible. 

Best Support and Services with a Positive Approach.

Please brief our audience about your firm, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the best service/solution providers. 

Our flagship product has always been SmartH2R with built-in AI and ML. We are the first company to offer the same architecture in license and cloud versions. SmartH2R is a revolutionary system that promises to take the pain out of HR Management all the way from Hire to Retire (H2R). The employees can access their information anywhere and anytime through SmartH2R mobile app or laptops. The employers get holistic data about their knowledge force, wage bills etc., at their fingertips which aids them in fast decision-making.

We have clients across all industries, including automobile, hospitality, education, food, fashion, manufacturing, technology, e-commerce, real estate etc. Our tool is at par with leading global payroll soft wares and is the most sought-after in India and outside India, with geographically customizable options.

SDL ERP, our recent gem, is being used by many multinational manufacturing companies across the globe. It improves efficiency in a unit. Our product includes customer relationship management, accounting, core HR, invoicing, sales, purchase and supply chain management features, but companies may also find custom module combinations to fit their needs. It is creating its foothold across the industry and giving the competitors a run for their money. SDL ERP yields a higher ROI for the clients at a very affordable cost.

SDL EDUPRO is our latest addition to the range of products. It is being used by many Schools and Colleges/Universities across India. SDL EDUPRO is one stop destination for complete Campus Automation needs. This software helps Schools and Colleges to manage daily tasks, fee management, library, transport, student admissions and management, courses, curriculum, exams and results, teaching and non-teaching staff management, and more.

Tell us more about your firm’s offering and what makes it stand out in today’s knowledge economy.

Besides HRMS and ERP projects, we offer customizable solutions in high-end technologies, Customised APIs, and E-commerce Portals. Our products are differentiated from the price point, integration with APIs, Support service and accessibility to clients when they face critical issues.

Our products are unique with the following features:

  • Access Anywhere Anytime Any Device – Cloud ready.
  • Highly customisable to suit Organisational requirements.
  • API Integration.
  • Best Integrator Partner for Legacy/different ERP systems.
  • Easy on pocket CAPEX to OPEX/Hardware investment – ZERO/Hosting charges – ZERO/Maintenance charges – ZERO.
  • Fit for all industry sizes/types.
  • Flexible to Use on premise with minimum hardware set up.
  • Best Domain Centric/ Industry specific – Industry Specific: Foods and Beverages, Pharma, manufacturing, Automotive, IT and ITES, Biotechnology, Ecommerce, Education, Construction, Chemicals etc.
  • Enhanced support on phone/mail/online conferencing/ticket.
  • Best Integrator Partner for Legacy/different ERP systems.

As an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts your industry and how your firm adapts to the change.

It is a simple yet universal truth. If you don’t run with the flow, you are left behind. Want to be in the business and excel, embrace modern technologies and ensure your offerings compass them. We keep ourselves adept at the latest technologies and plan well ahead so we are not late entrants.

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive your firm to overcome them?

In current and future scenarios, there could be plenty of challenges like Uncertainty, Government Regulations etc. They are not in our hands. But we can overcome challenges like Innovation, Technology, Diversity etc., by being proactive in our well-crafted yet achievable plans.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into your space?

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur – it is an addiction. It is like a bug. Once it bites, it remains. My advice to young entrepreneurs is; Do work you are passionate about. Be ready to challenge yourself. Find common mindset people you want to work with. Conserve much energy. Keep a structured financial plan. Be prepared to receive negative feedback. More importantly, TWO UNDERLINES – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER NOT TO OVERCOMMIT AND UNDERDELIVER.

How do you envision scaling SDL GLOBE’s operations and offerings in the future?

Scaling is the strategic growth of any business to keep up with market demands and increase profit margins without compromising efficiency. It’s blatant truth that without scaling appropriately, any company might not meet its objective, even worse, fail altogether. As an Organization, we strongly believe in and Adopt evolutionary architecture when building the product. Create a well-defined product architecture. Ensure that our team understands the product architecture to ensure our delivery meets the client’s requirements, including any changes within the scope of the product vision.

SDL GLOBE Hall of Fame:

  • CEO and Founder awarded as One of ‘TOP 10 Women Entrepreneurs in IT Sector – 2020 by Women Entrepreneur India.
  • Awarded ‘Customer Choice’ from Software Suggest in the HRMS Category for 2019.
  • HR Outlook Awarded Smart H2R as First Indian Product to get Listed in the TOP 10 Payroll and HRMS Solution Providers across Globe in 2018.
  • Awarded ‘Expert’s Choice’ and ‘Budget Friendly’ to Smart H2R from Software Suggest in the HRMS category for the year 2018.
  • Smart H2R received the ‘Customer Support Excellence’ Award from Software Suggest in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Rated as one of The Best, Cost Effective, Robust and User-Friendly Products by Silicon Review in 2017.
  • Achieved the Young Product Achievers Award by India Achievers Forum in 2016.