Vinayak: Legacy Since 1987


It is a heartily desire of every one of us to live in our dream home that would create a long-lasting memory for our lifetimes. That dream home is now very simple to find and easy to realize in a rapidly urbanizing landscape if you will come across any or all of the monumental masterpieces and legendary panoramas conceived and crafted by the artistically architectonic brilliance of Vinayak Group.

In an ever-changing city skyline and crowded places of uninspiring square boxes straining your eyesight, the moment you see the spaces that inspire you, you will feel that the most far-sighted and innovative engineering minds must have envisioned these dream homes led by Balkrishan Kyal, Co-founder, Umesh Kyal, Co-founder, and Rahul Kyal, Anurag Kyal and Rishi Kyal as Managing Directors.

The Vinayak Universe

Vinayak Group’s Legacy has been developing real estate throughout Kolkata since 1987. Creating projects adhering to global standards with trust, transparency, and experience. The prelude of a successful endeavour in the real estate domain started way back in 1987 when two visionary brothers, Balkrishan and Umesh, laid the foundation of Vinayak Group in Kolkata. Since then, the Group relentlessly kept on delivering quality realty projects either as a sole proprietor or in partnership in residential, commercial, and retail segments across Kolkata and Vizag.

Commitment, expertise, transparency, and timeliness have remained the pillars of Vinayak’s glory story. The Group has always aspired to stand by its reputation earned over the last three decades by constantly upgrading with time and the changing preference patterns of esteemed customers.

Vinayak Group has a clear aim of adhering to international standards through a strategy of greater openness and improved quality. The Group has put in a lot of effort into ensuring that the clients comprehend the value of a quick response, on-time delivery, and transparency.

By spreading its roots to neighbouring places, Vinayak, along with other completed projects throughout northern Kolkata, enabled the construction of the first airconditioned shopping complex in Vizag in 1993. When Vinayak finished its 23rd project in 2000, it established itself as a dominant force in the industry thanks to the company’s philosophy and values. Rahul, a member of the following generation, joined the business soon after earning his MBA in 2007. In the same year, Vinayak was one of the top nine businesses to form a sector-assisted firm with the West Bengal Housing Board. Vinayak Group established its main headquarters in the south of Kolkata in the ensuing years, demonstrating its expansion.

As of 2023, Vinayak Group has completed 35 years in business and has completed and delivered 45+ landmark projects. The company now has approximately 53 lac square feet of real estate under construction, with another 35-40 lac square feet to be launched in the next 12 months.

This has made life happier for more than 10,000 homeowners who are or will be living in the transformed lifestyle of their dream. Vinayak Group’s central leadership group led by the Cofounder of the organization, Balkrishan, who is credited with overseeing the company’s current financial situation and predicting financial steps to assure its future. He is in charge of overseeing corporate issues and legal compliance for the group entities. He currently works as an advisor and takes part in significant decisions.

Umesh Kyal has 35 years of experience in the real estate sector and is in charge of business development and project acquisition. He makes several excellent connections with other professionals in his field and top bureaucrats. With the addition of Rahul Kyal in 2007, the success graph for Vinayak exhibited a sharply rising trajectory. With him taking over the Group’s daily operations, Vinayak has scaled newer heights. In the last five years, the group has finished around three million square feet of real estate, and another 5.3 million square feet are currently being built.

Reshaping the Urban Skyline

In Kolkata, Vinayak Group has finished a number of residential and commercial projects, including The 102, White Meadows, Nautical, Citrus Cove, Raintree, Blossom County, and others, counting to 45 plus. Vinayak’s innovative efforts in the real estate industry have been recognized and honoured. They were named the Residential Builder of the Year by CEO Magazine in 2018.

The most recent has been the Emerging Developer of the Year by Economic Times in 2022. Another major achievement was the Brand-Edge Award of Excellence for Best Traditional Outdoor for the Navyom project in 2022. According to the Realty Plus Excellence Awards, Navyom is the most popular project in the East for the year 2021.

The 12th Estate Awards declared Navyom the most environmentally friendly project of the year 2020. The prestigious Economic Times Real Estate Awards 2021 also selected Navyom as an eco-friendly residential development.

In the 13th Estate Awards and Realty Plus Excellence Awards in 2021, Vinayak Vista was recognized as the Luxury Project of the Year (East), along with another project named Raintree as the Best Luxury Residential Project (East) by the CNBC Awaaz Award.

Vinayak is strongly dedicated to diversity, which is why its most affordable project, “The 102,” got the greatest recognition continuously in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Golden Brick Awards named it the best amenities project of Eastern India in 2019, and Credai Bengal Real Estate Awards named it the upcoming budget residential project in 2018. In 2019, SDF International Real Estate Excellence Awards recognized the Affordable Housing Project of the Year, and PMAY Awards granted a Certificate of Merit. But most importantly, been awarded by Realty Plus Excellence Awards for Affordable Housing Project of the Year 2020 and in 2021 by The Economic Times Real Estate Awards as the best Residential Project in the Affordable Housing category.

The company’s success can largely be attributed to its team, as well as its stable and consistent performance in the real estate sector over the previous three decades. The Vinayak Group’s team has placed a strong emphasis on having people with experience who are continually updated to match global standards in terms of service and product contribution, with proper work finished by the deadline. It should go without saying that the Vinayak Group’s current degree of success can be attributed to the steadfastness of past customers and its adherence to high standards of transparency and following international standards.