Web 3.0 India: Unrolling Revolutionary Virtual Height of Indian Industry 4.0

Web 3.0

Artificial Intelligence is the reflection of human ingenious. Machine Learning is the expression of our smartness. And Blockchain is the vision of our collective zeal for decentralized ingenuity.

The future is a fabric of intricately woven present moments that we transform through our evolving neurons. We are the universal power of the oceanic current of energy flowing through the mesh of our bodily network of cells, veins, and arteries connected chemically.

Replicating this model with the digital technologies we have unleashed upon the industries, we are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution with Industry 4.0. Though the pandemic might have accelerated the pace of global digitalization, it was Web 3.0 Indiaa unit of Virtual Height IT Services Pvt Ltd–which began unrolling the Industry 4.0 saga way back in 2010 by equipping industries with revolutionary methods leveraging the web, mobile, game, and all the other web 3.0 technologies.

Emerging Leaps for Success     

Championed by Himanshu Jaiswal, the CEO, a CMMi Level3 certified Web 3.0 India is the most trustworthy organization empowering experts in various emerging technologies. Himanshu shares, “Being in the market since 2010, we have delivered our technological solutions in 34+ countries and have successfully completed 1000+ developmental projects to date. We are a peerless team of 170+ fully dedicated in-house employees, and long-term relationships with our clients are always our primary goal.”

In 2021, Web 3.0 India was recognized and awarded the best mobile app development company in India. Moreover, the firm creates real value through a digital transformation thanks to its industry expertise and technical capabilities. “As leaders in emerging technologies, we help companies navigate the most critical leaps for success,” says Himanshu.

Walking on a Different Path

Elaborating on his journey, Himanshu conveys that his family has always placed values and principles before everything else. To ensure he received the best education possible, his father worked hard and fulfilled the same. Even though his mother is a very family-oriented lady, she has always inspired him.

Although Himanshu’s father wanted him to apply for Civil Services and dreamed that Himanshu would become an IAS officer, Himanshu began working for an IT company after graduating. However, after working for different companies, Himanshu struggled to find an environment that would enable him to deliver the best and enhance his skills to match the advancing technologies.

Self-Belief Empowered Self-Worth

At that point, he decided to start his own business and build a platform to showcase several deserving candidates like him. Rather than taking advantage of other options or opportunities, he chose to become an entrepreneur due to his self-belief. “Whenever I proved my worth and delivered my best, I knew I could go to any length to prove my worth. My desire to be an entrepreneur led me to establish Virtual Height IT Services Pvt Ltd,” reveals Himanshu.

Renting 200 sq. ft of office space and borrowing ₹40K, initially, he rented computers and hired one employee. Further, they expanded their journey to a larger space of 1000 sq. ft with about 50 employees, and now they stand at a whopping 12000 sq. ft area with over 170+ employees and counting.

Fruits of Hard Work and Patience

Himanshu faced many challenges, including financial crises, team building, and a lonely vision. He began working on very small-priced projects to overcome the financial crisis by earning in small figures but in quantity. To build his team, Himanshu took interns and trained them. “My wife–one of my closest friends–has always been by my side to give me confidence and motivation to succeed,” says Himanshu.

An Array of Solutions for the Global Market

Himanshu adds, “With our array of services, we have already penetrated the global market.” It is always important to believe in yourself if you want to succeed. Among all the people in the world, you are the best and one of the most unique. You can only be defeated by yourself. Take charge and win! You can fulfil the dreams of many people by making your dream a reality. Working with some of the most renowned government organizations, working with clients from more than 22 countries, and being the backbone for some of the best start-ups worldwide have been significant milestones in this journey.

Himanshu states, “Becoming a world-leading provider of IT Blockchain services is the vision of my business.”

Inspirational Success Achievements

Himanshu appeals, “Those who find inspiration in my achievements should never back down from the challenges they face.” The more challenges you face, the stronger you become. Be patient with time and have faith in God. You will surely taste SUCCESS one day if you have a strong vision and a firm determination to fulfil it!

Himanshu shares his inspiration behind venturing into the Blockchain niche: ” Furnishing enterprises with authoritative and modern Web 3.0 solutions to hold back a powerful place for our customers when the future unrolls. Having said this, we had envisioned Blockchain/Web 3.0 way back in 2010, and since then, we have registered this domain www.web30india.com, and now we have www.web30uk.com.”

They work with cutting-edge technologies to provide interactive solutions to our clients and excel in the Web 3.0 industry. Their developmental solutions help to ease the interaction between humans and devices by enabling them to interact with the web seamlessly.

Blockchain Development: Swiftly handling complex projects on web3 blockchain development technology.

According to Himanshu

  • Features of Web 3.0:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connectivity
  • Edge Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Ubiquity
  • Decentralized
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Smart Contract
  • Metaverse
  • NFT Marketplace

are the USPs that highlight the brand Web 3.0 India as a leading name in Blockchain Solutions Industry.

Breaking the Chain of Challenges Blocks

Speaking about the initial challenges after venturing into the field of Blockchain and the present challenges they have to overcome, Himanshu puts that finding customers that could venture into solutions created by Blockchain and providing the same at a reasonable cost (as those services come with a price-tag that is not easy to shell out,) was their primary challenges in the initial days. To overcome it, “We have now made it available at just incorporating initial 20% of the total cost and thereafter paying the rest in different milestones,” says Himanshu adding some key benefits offered by Web 3.0 India:

  • Businesses will gain the utmost benefits by incorporating Web 3.0 technologies.
  • Reduction in the infrastructural cost
  • Easy to store information using blockchain development
  • Access customer data on a real-time basis
  • And much more…

Expanding Web 3.0 India on a Global Platform

Regarding their future goals and aligning them with the changes happening in the industry, Himanshu says, “We envision to have our office expand on a global platform, wherein we already have incorporated one office in the UK and process of opening one in Canada and Dubai is underway.”

He furthers, “We believe all our employees will be given a chance to upgrade themselves in their respective fields of technology so that they can walk along with the changing trends in technology.”

Before concluding, “Moreover, we also plan to have our own corporate house that will have all our 170+ employees under one roof, and we envision to have about 500 by the year-end 2024.”