Xenon Labs: Fostering Boundless Digital Solutions via No Code Web 3.0

Xenon Labs

Xenon LabsFounder, Sagar Pratap Joisar, an engineer from the Mumbai branch of K.J. Somaiya University, began his career as a content writer and digital marketer for an adventure travel firm. He finally decided to start his own digital marketing firm when the sector boomed in India. He established Boundless Digital Solutions in 2017, which has since been rebranded as Xenon Group. It provides a one-stop solution for brands and businesses as they expand digitally into the internet world.

The company has worked incessantly to assist firms in expanding their business for the past two years. It has come a long way since then. It is now a collection of companies working in multiple fields, ranging from India to abroad. Their newest venture is Web 3.0Xenon Labs is a No Code Web 3.0 startup, that helps new-age businesses and startups. Xenon Labs has customers and clients in four countries and is growing daily.

Sagar’s journey has surely been inspiring for everyone, and it shows that you cannot be stopped if your goal is to assist others. The following companies are now part of Xenon groups: Xenon Labs, Xenon Technologies, Xenon Media, Xenon Digital, Xenon Distributions, and Xenon Finance

Sagar’s exclusive interview with CIOLOOKINDIA is highlighted here.

Sir, please describe Xenon Labs in detail.

Xenon Labs Multi-Chain Web 3.0 platform allows users to create Web 3.0 products in just three steps and in three minutes that too without writing a single line of code. Users of Xenon Labs products can create Web 3.0 applications without writing a single line of code, thanks to their no-code approach.

Everyone can access the Web 3.0 ecosystem and it can reach up to a huge number of people if it can be created without code. Therefore, Xenon Labs creates products that make it possible for people to create Web 3.0 applications without writing a single line of code. The company’s goal is to build a more secure, user-friendly, and accessible ecosystem. As of now, Xenon labs have the following products and supports eight Blockchains. Users can therefore select the product they want to build, as well as the blockchain on which they want it to develop.

Xenon Labs Launchpad – makes it simple for companies to develop their own NFT assortment. Every project can produce its own collection in just three steps and in just three minutes using Xenon Labs Launchpad. Users do not even need to write a single line of code to create a mint page using the Launchpad. With just three minutes, you can create NFT Projects with Xenon Labs Launchpad.

Xenon Labs Marketplace – Brands and individuals can create their own NFT marketplaces using Xenon Labs’ Marketplace platform. With this plug-and-play solution, they don’t have to write code to create an NFT marketplace. Brands can even create their own NFT marketplaces like Opensea or Magic Eden. They can even create their own Phygital e-commerce store, where they can convert their physical goods into digital ones.

Xenon Labs Staking – Projects and brands can establish a staking platform for their NFT holders by using Xenon Labs Staking Platforms so that their users can earn rewards in addition to staking their NFTs. The users can be rewarded in the form of the project’s or brand’s native token to create an ecosystem of utility around the token that will consequently boost its value.

Greyfell – is a platform product that has a lot of things in it. As of today, Greyfell Cryptocoin Creator, Greyfell Swap, and Greyfell Analytica are included in Greyfell. Each of the subclasses of tools has its own function and can be used by almost anyone.

Trinity Secure – is the world’s first two-factor authentication (2FA) system for custodial wallets. It provides an additional layer of safety for people across the world who do not have cold storage or hardware wallets.

Helium by Xenon Labs – The Helium toolset from Xenon Labs helps brands and initiatives automate day-to-day community management and pre- and post-marketing activities. Community managers do not need to check proofs to confirm that a user belongs to a certain DAO or not with the DAO Proof Verification tool.

Supermint API – All developers can make their own products using Supermint API. Supermint provides the infrastructure required by projects to create any type of solution. This not only gives developers freedom from handling all blockchain technological interactions but also enables them to be creative in their approach. Supermint API is a great tool for developers in a variety of circumstances, including creating NFT tickets, creating phygital items, and managing them.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the Blockchain niche?

It’s always been one of the most fascinating topics to discuss with everyone. Blockchain has the ability to create a more transparent world where we don’t rely on Big Tech companies. We are all fascinated by Blockchain when we discuss it.

With Web 3.0, users are able to own a piece of the internet in a unique way. Users have the power to become shareholders, which makes the company’s duty to customers more serious. A company’s ability to create a community of dedicated brand advocates and believers is also enabled.

Users not only act as customers but also as advocates, investors, and decision-makers about the future of the company in this new era. Everyone around the world should be able to understand their target audience and customers a little better and provide products that their community wants rather than coming up with something very different from it.

The community can not only contribute to the development, but it can also help reach a very wide audience base and supplement your marketing efforts. Web 3.0 has the capabilities that we want to give to every company. 

What are the USPs that highlight Xenon Labs as a leading name in Blockchain Solutions Industry?

Our aim at Xenon Labs is to enable the ecosystem to reach a diverse range of audiences through our efforts. We hope to provide our users with complex products. Web 3.0 is our mission to make it secure, user-friendly, and accessible to everyone. We follow a three-step philosophy to accomplish this: Web 3.0 in three minutes without coding for free with every product we create. It’s easy. 

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the field of Blockchain and what are the challenges now? How do you overcome them?

Prior to our ICO, we faced two primary dilemmas: finding experts in the blockchain field who could assist us and finding resources. We hired outside consultants and started a basic training course for the existing teams. Now, there are some excellent individuals in India and the number is growing rapidly. It’s because of our philosophy of developing no-code applications for the end user that making the entire framework where only three steps are required in a no-code approach was a significant challenge for us. From day one, our workforce has been committed to bringing web 3.0 to the masses.

Where do you envision Xenon Labs eventually, and what are your future goals?

Our goal at Xenon Labs is to create diverse products for every type of user, from Individuals to Brands to Developers to Investors. Web 3.0 will be accessible to everyone with no coding skills by creating identical products. We already have a number of products such as Launchpad, Marketplace, Staking, Helium, and Greyfell Crypto coin creator. Brands can plug and play, starting their Web 3.0 journey right away.

We provide a range of products such as Trinity secure, Helium, and Greyfell Analytica. Trinity secure protects cryptocurrency wallets such as phantom by providing an extra barrier of security as well as 2FA authentication levels. We want to build an ecosystem in which investors may examine new and cutting-edge Web 3.0 ventures and have a chance to invest in them during their early phases. Developers may also get a better understanding of the crypto and NFT world using GreyFell Analytica, our tool. At present, developers may use SuperMint API and develop their Web 3.0 products immediately. 

How do you plan to embrace the changes happening in your industry?

We must adapt to changes as we journey because the industry is constantly evolving. We must remain committed to our missions and not panic when we see things happening around us. It is not that we do nothing about them or ignore them, but we continuously monitor the world and learn from the mistakes of others while expanding our technology with new solutions and enhanced products, we strive to make them more trustworthy and effective. 

What would be your advice to the aspirants who are willing to venture into the field of Blockchain?

Rather than focusing on theoretical knowledge, we advise all those seeking to enter the blockchain space to concentrate on practical applications. We recommend that they build their own application or deploy a simple smart contract to mint tokens or something else. Because blockchain provides complete transparency, it’s easy to observe an applicant’s on-chain activities, and most firms will consider them when hiring. The internet of builders is what this will be, so build Dapps, build onchain activities, and experiment as much as you can rather than just reading about them.