Wellness HUB: Launching the Lost Wellness Treasures of India

Wellness HUB
Wellness HUB

Holistic Wellness is a basic need for everybody. Feeling the same and believing in providing a HUB where people can rejuvenate their bodies, refresh their minds, and attain wholesome fitness, Shibashis Chakraborty, the Founder and Managing Director, began his noble endeavour in 2021. In a year, Wellness HUB has been recognized as one of the Most Preferred Wellness Companies in India in 2022.

Shibashis informs, “We are working with renowned brands like – Radisson, Royal Orchid, Summit group of hotels, and more big brands are in the pipeline to join hands with us to manage their wellness business. We are now present in five states: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Uttarakhand, and Tamilnadu.”

Shibashis is also the Founder and MD of ‘Wellness HUB 4me,’ ‘Career Foundation 4me,’ and Founder and CEO of ‘Ingenious Digitech Pvt Ltd.’

In his long, illustrious career, Shibashis was chief operating officer/COO and senior vice president of Indus Valley Ayurvedic Group, India. Also, he was the former Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Medicine, Moscow, and a Wellbeing consultant of Talise Wellness, Jumeirah Group, Dubai).

Shibashis’s Leadership Snapshot includes:

  • Twenty-two years of experience and nine Years of international exposure (Mauritius, Maldives, Dubai, Austria, Moscow, Portugal, USA).
  • Worked for the world’s best brands (Taj, Hyatt, Jumeirah, IVAC, PFRU).
  • Professional Learning from – Harvard Business School Boston, Indian Institute of Management (IIMBx) Bangalore, Franklin Covey US.
  • Managed national operation of 200+ teams in Wellness, Healthcare and Hospitality, Global Market.

Shibashis is a ‘Brand Builder and a Leader Producer. Here are the rewards and awards he has received so far:

  • Awarded as Inspirational leader of the year 2022 by WCRC INT.
  • In 2021, Business Connect recognized him as the Guru of People Management.
  • National Award for LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE 2020 in the AYUSH sector, by ASSOCHAM, India.
  • Was a keynote speaker at the “European Nutrition Conference” in Dublin, Ireland (June 2018).
  • His article was published in the European conference journal in 2018.
  • Was a keynote speaker at the National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, in 2017.
  • Was a speaker at the Times of India event – Health Care Pioneer of the EAST, 2015.
  • His interview was published in the Japanese health magazine DANDO, Yoga Life DUBAI, Sori o swastho Kolkata.
  • He has been interviewed by Dubai ONE TV, Physique TV, Russian TV – Moya Planeta, MBC TV of Lebanon, and NEWS TIME TV – Kolkata.
  • He is Fuelling growth and profitability through business transformation and turnaround.
  • Shubhashis’s Leadership theme is ‘Do Different to Get Different.’
  • Was invited as a guest speaker at NIT, Nagpur (2018), and International conference- Dublin, Ireland (2018).
  • Written articles in Indian, Japanese and Dubai magazines.
  • Interviewed by many TV channels in Dubai, Russia, Lebanon, and India.

Shubhashis spoke in an exclusive interview with CIOLook India on the occasion of Wellness HUB being selected as ‘India’s Most Recommended Wellness Center to Watch.’ The highlights of that candid discussion are given herein.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into this sector as a wellness firm?

Venturing into the wellness industry often stems from multifaceted inspirations, each contributing to a broader vision and purpose. For me, one such driving force is the aspiration to reform and revolutionize the wellness business within the hospitality industry. It involves a commitment to cultivating leaders and innovators within this sector, aiming to redefine standards, introduce novel approaches, and elevate the overall wellness experience for patrons.

Moreover, delving into the wellness industry often involves a profound desire to resurrect and reintroduce ancient wellness practices deeply rooted in Indian culture. I intend to rediscover and revive these time-honoured traditions that have held invaluable significance for centuries, promoting holistic well-being and nurturing both the body and the mind.

Furthermore, a compelling motivation for venturing into the wellness domain is my belief in the ethos of giving back to society. There exists a profound aspiration in me to reciprocate the positivity received from the community. This drive encompasses a commitment to contribute positively, enrich lives, and create spaces and experiences that foster well-being, benefitting individuals and communities at large.

Thus, my inspiration behind venturing into the wellness industry comprises a blend of visionary goals: to reform existing paradigms, revive ancient practices, and engender a culture of giving back to society, all geared towards creating a positive impact and fostering holistic wellness for individuals and communities alike.

What are the USPs that make you stand out as a treasured company?

At Wellness HUB, we bring forth a unique set of distinctive qualities that set us apart in the wellness industry, underpinned by a dedication to preserving and reviving ancient wellness practices, much akin to the legacy of Dr Abhijit Sinha Roy, renowned for his expertise in Homeopathy.

One of our notable USPs at Wellness HUB lies in our commitment to unearthing and introducing the lost wellness treasures deeply embedded in the rich tapestry of India’s ancient heritage. This endeavour involves meticulously exploring and reviving forgotten holistic healing practices, providing a distinct and authentic experience to the spa and wellness industry.

Furthermore, Wellness HUB stands out as a beacon for promoting wellness, embodying a profound understanding and expertise in the field. Inspired by the legacy of Dr Abhijit Sinha Roy, a hardcore wellness professional, we are committed to delivering exceptional services backed by a deep-rooted understanding of holistic healing principles.

Our USPs at Wellness HUB resonate with a commitment to rediscovering ancient wellness treasures from India, leveraging the wisdom of traditional practices while adhering to high standards of expertise and professionalism within the spa and wellness domain. This unique approach positions us as an emblem of authenticity, innovation, and holistic well-being in the industry.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the field you are in, and what are the challenges now?

The initial challenge faced by our wellness venture revolved around recruiting and training proficient therapists, a quintessential element in the industry. Identifying and nurturing skilled professionals posed a significant hurdle, compounded by the subsequent challenge of retaining them in the long run.

Over time, we’ve strategically addressed this challenge by honing our approach. We’ve delved into innovative recruitment strategies, leveraging referral sources to identify and attract adept therapists. Moreover, our commitment to providing an industry-leading compensation package and a stress-free and supportive working environment has played a pivotal role in enhancing therapist retention. By fine-tuning our recruitment methods and prioritizing the well-being of our team, we’ve effectively navigated the initial hurdles posed by staffing challenges in the wellness industry.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how technology is transforming your sector and what advancements we can expect in the future.

Technology is the cornerstone of our operations in today’s landscape, fundamentally reshaping how consumers engage with our services. The prevalence of online bookings has significantly altered our interaction with customers, necessitating an amplified online presence.

We’ve substantially bolstered our digital footprint to meet this demand, ensuring accessibility and visibility across various online platforms. Embracing software-based operations has been pivotal, not only in saving time but also in mitigating the risk of human errors. Looking ahead, the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a game-changer in our industry.

AI’s predictive capabilities hold immense promise, enabling us to analyze and comprehend customer preferences with unparalleled precision. This foresight into consumer choices will undoubtedly revolutionize our approach, fostering a more tailored and personalized experience for our clientele.

What would be your advice to aspirants willing to venture into your field?

For aspiring entrepreneurs, authenticity in your product or service is key to carving your niche in the market. However, equally important is the recognition and nurturing of the backbone of your enterprise – your ground-level colleagues. By offering fair compensation and genuinely caring for your team, you establish a harmonious work environment that echoes through your customer service.

When your employees feel valued and supported, they, in turn, extend that care to your customers, fostering a positive and enduring relationship. Therefore, prioritize cultivating a supportive and respectful workplace culture, understanding that a satisfied team is a cornerstone of successful customer service and business growth.

How do you envision scaling Wellness HUB’s scope and offerings in future?

We at Wellness HUB envision an extensive footprint in diverse wellness domains, aiming to establish a comprehensive presence across various facets of the wellness industry. From day-care urban centres catering to the needs of the bustling city populace to expansive destination wellness centres, the plan extends to incorporating wellness services within resort and hotel spas.

Furthermore, we plan the development of wellness home care products, catering to personalized wellness experiences within the comfort of one’s home. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to meeting the varied wellness needs of individuals across different settings, thereby solidifying our status as a versatile and comprehensive wellness brand.

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