With Its Initial Outlets, Apple Hopes to Capture More of India’s Expanding Market


Apple is making its entry into the Indian market with the opening of its first retail stores this week, aiming to tap into the immense growth potential of the country’s retail sector and its emerging manufacturing base. As Apple faces global economic challenges impacting its device sales worldwide, experts believe the company’s focus on India’s rapidly expanding economy is a logical move. India’s unique economic story, characterized by a burgeoning middle class and a vast population, positions it as a promising market for Apple’s growth. Despite a decline in Apple’s global revenue and personal computer shipments, the company has recognized India’s potential, achieving strong double-digit growth and setting a quarterly revenue record there.

While Apple’s sales have risen in India in recent years, the company still holds a relatively small share of the market in terms of sales volumes. However, experts forecast Apple’s market share to increase as the company opens its own retail stores in the country. The move is expected to accelerate Apple’s growth in India, as its stores historically have a positive impact on customer conversion. Furthermore, the retail expansion aligns with Apple’s strategy of expanding its manufacturing base in India, known as a “China plus one” approach to mitigate risk and diversify sourcing.

India’s large and youthful workforce, coupled with government incentives to promote manufacturing, makes it an appealing destination for Apple’s supply chain diversification away from China. Challenges, including a complex regulatory environment, local sourcing rules, and logistical hurdles, may pose obstacles to Apple’s expansion plans in India. However, the company has shown innovative strategies to navigate the market’s challenges, including partnering with local ‘buy now, pay later’ firms and offering trade-in discounts. Despite the investment required, experts believe that India will become a crucial geography for Apple’s growth outside the US, potentially rivaling the importance of China in the coming years.

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