The Delicious Era of Food Blogging and Food Vlogging

Food Blogging and Food Vlogging

Let’s say you are visiting a different city and want to try out famous food joints specific to that area. What is the source you rely on to give to tell you the tastiest food places around? What if I tell you there are food bloggers and vloggers that explore food from restaurants and eateries to roadside stalls and street food. There is a range of food enthusiasts for whom food is a passion and a profession. As they say, “Do what you love the most,” these food bloggers have centred their profession around the thing they love- The love for food.

Food bloggers document their experience of tasting food or even the process of making food in a textual format for their readers. There are a variety of food bloggers depending on their area of interest. Some kitchen-specific food bloggers explain their recipes in a way that the audience enjoys it. A great following is built by enriching the reader with informative and engaging content. These bloggers have one of the most active and loyal readers from all around the world. The other type of food bloggers are explorers who try out new dishes and cuisines, giving their audience an insight into the process of making food, the experience, and the rating. A lot of their audience read their blogs to get information about new cuisines and trusted reviews about new places. Food bloggers are natural explorers and travellers, which is why they love their job.

Food vlogging is a relatively new term in the dictionary of Youtube, and if you’ve kept up with the past trends, you might be familiar with some popular food vloggers. Anyone with a camera and a passion for food can jump into food vlogging, where vloggers video their food experiences and share them on popular social media websites for their audience. Since this is a dynamic form of blogging, food vlogging quickly picked up the pace and started getting popular among young audiences as well as food enthusiasts who prefer the video format rather than reading. Food vloggers video not only the food but also the making, the stories of the food places and culture that surrounds the food. Viewers also enjoy the video format, providing them infotainment, the reason why vloggers are so popular among the masses.

Food blogging and vlogging serve as a medium for the audience to get to know their food and a steady source of income if monetized. Many foodies have shared their experience of blogging and vlogging as well as ways to monetize their passion which is why many youngsters are attracted to it. Taking up blogging as a profession also serves as a great medium to travel to one’s favourite places to explore food and the origins behind the recipe. There are many stories hidden inside a dish, and food bloggers are the ones who unearth them beautifully. You get to learn a lot and showcase your experience to the world while also earning from it. Chefs and presenters get a chance to build their audience outside of mainstream TV channels, which was the case before. Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have opened new gateways for food enthusiasts who want to share their recipes, experiences and learnings to foodies worldwide through blogging and vlogging.

Let us read about some of the best food bloggers and vloggers who have made it big:

  1. Uma Raghuraman

Uma Raghuraman is a skilful chef and also a mother, which is also the reason for her name- Masterchef Mom. She has a passion for healthy and home-cooked food, prompting her to start her own blog. She includes simple, delicious recipes accompanied by yummy-looking images which are irresistible for any foodie. Using Uma’s tips and cooking tricks, you can easily prepare healthy food without compromising on the taste. Her dedication to food has made her the top food blogger in India and the number one name on this list.

  1. Deeba Rajpal

If you have a sweet tooth and crave beautifully baked treats now and then, then Deeba Rajpal has the perfect recipe. An avid writer and chef, Deeba started her blog “Passionate About Baking” to create and share amazing recipes with her ever-ready audience. She loves to use seasonal ingredients inside her dishes and make the best out of them. Deeba has not hidden her love for food in her blogs and often says cooking is like therapy for her, bringing out her creative best. She constantly shares her recipes with tempting photos to keep her content engaging and innovative.

  1. Sailus’ Kitchen

Sailu’s Kitchen was started by Sailaja Gudivada, showcasing her unique recipes through her blogs. Hailing from Andhra, she focuses on South Indian cuisines, mainly Andhra food, in her blogs which are informative and easy to make. Apart from being a blogger and a food enthusiast, she is also a passionate photographer and an organic gardener. Sailaja encourages her readers to take up organic gardening as she believes in making food from homemade produce- tasty, fresh, and healthy. She also specializes in traditional Indian food made during festivals which are rare to find. Her love for food has made her stand put among the list of the top three food bloggers in India.

Replacing B with V

Now that we have seen some of the top food bloggers in India, its time to move on to the best food vloggers in India who have taken the food vlogging niche by storm with their consistency and dedication.

  1. Priyanka Tiwari

You might have seen this popular vlogger’s ‘Surviving on a budget for 24 hours’ series on the trending list section many times. The popular YouTuber and Vlogger Priyanka Tiwari are recognized for her cuisine and travel vlogs. She began her vlogging career in 2016, having been born and raised in Jaipur. Her YouTube channel subscribers significantly increased when she started posting videos of traditional Rajasthani cuisine. She travels to cities all over the country to try out the best dishes and local delicacies. She has also collaborated with several restaurant chains and apps, making her one of the most sought-after vloggers.

  1. Karan Dua

Karan Dua started the brand ‘Dilsefoodie’, where he posted videos of travelling and exploring the food in the lanes of Delhi. He made it big by giving out quality videos where he tastes and reviews food while also giving out his opinions on the food. His different style of using leftover food items to make tasty had made him popular during the pandemic-induced lockdown. He shares recipes for many homemade dishes such as Kadhi Chawal, Mung dal, Sambar Idli and Dosa, and Chicken korma, which helps viewers enjoy restaurant-like food without the need to go out or order online. Several meetups of food bloggers and foodies have also been organized in Delhi by Team Dilsefoodie. Dilsefoodie channel’s most popular video has received 10 million views, making it one of the most popular food vlogging channels.

  1. Kanak Kathuria

Chef Kanak Kathuria is a passionate cook who enjoys cooking traditional dishes and experimenting with them. Her cuisine is a mix of various culinary methods, flavours, and dishes from the modern world. Each of her dishes is a unique culinary experience. Kanak uses her skills to give her food a unique nutritious touch. She has a thorough understanding of Ayurveda which is why she is a master at coordinating the flavours and tastes of diverse herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables with regard to health and wellness advantages. She is admired for her mouthwatering, nutrient-rich dishes, which are healthy and tasty at the same time.


New age food bloggers and food vloggers provide value-rich content for their audiences to act upon. Whether you are a viewer, blogger, or vlogger, it’s a good time to be in the food industry to leverage the massive opportunities. So enjoy these food bloggers and vloggers to relish all the dishes you crave. And if you want, you can be one too!

Happy Tasting!

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