Sumeet Katariya: Transforming Business with Innovative IT solutions

Sumeet Katariya
Sumeet Katariya | Founder and CEO

The customer has always been the king. To connect with the king, you must ensure that the king knows about your brand. And although everybody knows the king, the king knows only a handful of brands personally.

That means, if you want your brand to be the king’s personal favourite, then you must make sure to let the king feel about you deeply, and in present times, digitally. In today’s marketplace, it is your ultimate business goal–reaching your customer digitally and making them feel your presence at each digital touch point.

Thus, nowadays, digital has become the kingly customer’s modern counsellor. And if this counsellor recommends your brand to the king, the king is yours forever. Now, this digital counsellor is very App-Tech sensitive, and the king is very fond of the counsellor, the advanced technologies, and apps or, for that matter, everything digital and screen-touchy.

Furthermore, the king’s majesty craves everything to be utterly comfortable, lavish, opulent, and grand. Similarly, the king likes to deal with innovative, trustworthy, tech-adept, and exemplary leaders like Sumeet Katariya, Founder and CEO of Accucia Softwares Pvt Ltdleading global digital solutions providing company whose foundational principles are based on IT, Innovation, and Trust. Accucia has steadily been growing and earning the trust of hundreds of businesses by providing them with enterprise-grade software solutions and turning their ideas into reality.

Tech-Creative Human Centric Philosophy

Sumeet shares, “We are visionaries, idealists, engineers, designers, and leaders. We are not just coders; but people whom you want to discuss your ideas with. The essence of Accucia is a mix of technical skills, creative thinking, and a human-centric approach. We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge, and technology expertise of skilled software professionals to deliver high-quality solutions.”

Today, Accucia has a highly dedicated, satisfied team, independent analyst recognition, and an ever-growing list of delighted clients who work with it repeatedly. Guided by Sumeet, the stalwart, the team Accucia has launched hundreds of Apps, Websites, and bots for its global clients.

Accucia–An Amazing League of Exceptionally Adept Professionals

Sumeet and the team are driven by a simple goal: ‘Amaze clients by delivering high-quality software and ensuring projects run smoothly, strategically, and predictably.’

Speaking about his team, Sumeet says, “Our people make us stand out–whether you need a top-notch expert, with niche knowledge, or a team with diverse technology skills and domain expertise, Accucia has a pool of exceptionally talented IT professionals.”

An Enthralling Entrepreneurial Tale

The saga of Sumeet’s entrepreneurship began in his childhood. When in the sixth standard, he started selling products (Plastic Bags) to shopkeepers in ‘Sabji Mandi and nearby shops. He learned to sell all by himself and started earning to feed his family owing to the economically weak conditions.

As he grew and became an engineer, Sumeet started capturing customers from various domains and sold them digital products like Websites, Apps, etc.

While working for an MNC in IT, he started working on a Product for SMBs with his Techie Friends and started selling that product by going shop to shop. “Left my Job and started doing it full time. Sold around 600 Licences alone without any marketing, single-handedly,” remembers Sumeet.

It gave him the confidence to start independently, and he did. He started growing the Team and have built a very powerful team today. “The initial days were quite tough since I was doing it all alone, but my talented team gave me the strength to deliver quality services and make a rapport in the market,” says Sumeet proudly, adding, “Providing innovative solutions, delivering quality products, and always staying ahead of technological advancements are the key areas in which we always kept our primary focus.”

Surmounting Challenges with People Innovations

Revealing his inspiration behind venturing into the business arena, Sumeet states that being a Marwari guy, business was in his blood and his struggle in his childhood helped him understand the market in the very initial days. He always wanted to use his Engineering knowledge to make others’ life easy with innovative IT solutions, and to achieve that, “We started with IT services. Build our first Product of Desktop based Invoicing solution when GST came into the market, and our venture took off after that,” reflects Sumeet.

Revealing the initial challenges he had to surmount to ensure Accucia’s success rate reached greater heights, Sumeet says that bringing in the right people (Development Team) and retaining them was the major hurdle in the initial days. “It took more time to get the right people in the team who understood our Values and culture, but to reach heights and the rapport in a competitive market; they are still helping us,” mentions Sumeet.

Admirable Traits of Transparency and Quality

According to Sumeet, “Transparency in whatever we do, and whatever we propose, is always appreciated by our clients,” are some of the leadership skills admired by his colleagues and clients.

And their values and qualities like, “Being in the IT market, suggesting appropriate Tech which will help our clients for years and always being transparent to the same, delivering Best Quality and scalable products in time and quick after sales support are the factors which again gets appreciated by our clients,” conveys Sumeet.

Brand Accucia’s Ultimate Solutions Phenomenon

Stating the USPs that highlight Accucia’s uniqueness in the industry, Sumeet says they include,

Hassle-Free Collaboration: Our philosophy is to approach each project as a potential game changer in the market. Thus we form a hassle-free relationship with our clients. We then guide them to success by challenging them until their good ideas get turned into something awesome.

Project Transparency: Depending on specific requirements, our experts take clients through each phase of solution development step by step, providing sound advice on technology and application design options.

End-to-end Timely Delivery: From requirements definition and specification, architecture design, UXD, coding, testing, and validation to product maintenance and support, we offer timely end-to-end delivery.

Latest technical expertise: Our exceptionally talented team leverages a vast array of development and operating technologies to deliver solutions that will indeed surpass your needs and expectations.”

Best Friend’s Smartest Advice

As an experienced professional, Sumeet’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is smart and sharp. He says: Stay focused. It takes time to build an empire. Keep innovating. Even a small idea can change the way things work; if you are passionate about something, go for it. Have the courage to struggle because good things take time.

Acquiring Tech-Knowledge, Innovating Modern Age

When probed about how he envisions Accucia’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Sumeet expresses that with multiple emerging tech and tools, operations are being carried out effectively in the least time. They keep adapting new tools and technologies and helping their team to upscale their knowledge to stay ahead in this innovative world.

He adds, “To date, we have delivered more than 250 mobile apps and 100+ web-based solutions.” Many of their apps are being used by millions of users across India and worldwide. Top clients are from India and US in Pharma, Social, Automobile, Marketing, and E-commerce domains.

“We have two offices in Pune and around 40 full-time, in-house developers. Recently with one of the partners, we acquired one product-based company for which the entire tech was handled by team Accucia,” concludes Sumeet.